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  1. Hi Ben.That is what I was aiming at. Because, from a photo I've seen the tube is there but has an octo / 8 side shape. Going digital late Eighties this would probably be the shape. I'm not sure, but maybe contact a German member could / will bring some light in this case. About the Airscale sets, I've been reading about them on Aeroscale, while ago. Very positive comments and looks the part. Will post them in the thread when I start with the F-4F build. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  2. Hi all. I received the Avionix Cockpit set for F-4E. This one probably came from another planet, what a beautiful piece of Art, comparing to my purchased F-4C/D version, which was a drama. Now I can start with a study on what has to be corrected / removed / added. From the photos / drawings that I got after some it is still not all clear. This is what I'm looking at, the Radar Scope in particular. Looks like a panel with screen this way, no console anymore? But when I compare this to a photo from a real cockpit I see a somewhat changed Radar Scope, but it's a console, li
  3. Hi. I've been following this marvellous build from the back row, but with your choice of MER & TER 1/48 I totally commit to get as much as you can. I did the same with the 1/32 stock of Hannants when the first arrived. Keep up with the quality of building, it's always a treat to see your progress. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  4. Looking forward to this one. Will certainly follow, have the one in my stash. For me the first time I will build a Phantom in 1/48 scale., when I finish my 1/32 scale projects(also Phantoms). I simply like the layout of this plane. Beasts. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  5. Oh my God. This one is different kind of 'walk around'. Look at this detail. Hope it is allowed to show, saying this is for study purposes only.. Lots of work to do Will keep me awake for some time this link. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks again Ben. All my goodies are on the way to Thailand, except for the plane itself. Decided to build the cockpit, for example, first. Needs a lot of change(will be a kit in itself). The centreline tanks I got from some sprue sales on eBay, year ago or more. Will check the link, but seems to be known. Thanks again for the research from your side. The F-4D is coming along very well now. Before the house moving she will be ready for paint. Almost fixed the blending of the intakes, with a lot of corrections, she finally is saved from the bins! Feeling positive and looking forward to the
  7. Hello everybody. To continue with the research I see almost every F-4F with a centreline tank. With the information I already 'have' by reading a lot about the subject, question remains if this is called the 'high speed', plus is it the same ashram the F-15? Thanks in advance, Robert Jan
  8. Hi Chris. The Phantom model from the last picture depicts a Norm 90 scheme from the GAF. I found it on Hyper Scale. My future project, as written will be a similar scheme. I think the answer was given, mentioning it could be a ALQ-119 ECM Pod. Version is a question not answered yet and also it's purpose. The F-4F Phantom (ICE conversion) is what you see. I've learned a lot after starting this thread, but have no clue on weapons and the warfare systems on such a plane, I'm a dedicated modeller who want to understand the detail, otherwise it makes no sense to me. Kind regards,
  9. Hi all. I found this nice F-4F build by Ingo Degenhardt on Hyperscale. What is the Pod called in the left front bay? Where did they use it for? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  10. Ok! Thanks for the information. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  11. Hi all. Question about the function of the 'belly strap' on F-4Es. From the information GT resin is giving F-4E/G had these. What is it and does the F-4F of the GAF have this? From the pictures posted earlier I can not discover they were used. Text from GT Resin: "1/32 F-4E/G Belly Strap. Fits both Revell and Tamiya Kits. The belly strap was used on all of the hard wing F-4E’s (about 1/3 of those built) when upgraded with maneuvering slats. All F-4G’s used these as they were converted hard wing E’S." I am a little confused. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  12. Hi all.what I can see from Legend LA3204 cockpit set for Revell F-4E phantom, is that the office in the back comes very closet that of the GAF F-4F. Some opinions on that?Took the advantage to download all Pdf. from Eduard to match the different displays and see if I can combine some to match up with the F-4F. On the other hand, I read a rather negative comment on the fit of Legends resin and PE from this specific kit. More expensive than the Avionix piece, but my skills in detail painting have to increase for that to pop out they it should be. Optivisor will be needed. K
  13. Also, does the AirDoc set for 73 Norm, and the 90 Norm F-4F provide stencils or not? Not clear on this when I see the offering on Hannants website. Norm 90 is out of stock right now, maybe discontinued. If so, are the 73 Norm stencils(if they are on the sheet) applicable for a Norm 90 layout? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  14. To continue, I send a message to HAHEN, located in Essen Germany, for decals of a F-4F Phantom II JG 71 for Norm 90. Look pretty good. But what about the stencils? Were German F-4's on every spot bilingual for, e.g. No Step or other warnings? Can I add the English stencils? Seen no specific sheets with stencils in German for the F-4F so far. Anyone familiar with this? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  15. Hi Ben. I got back to the F-4 because of the Beautiful and very well documented build log from Chuck, He did an after Vietnam F-4E based at Rammstein, he is a Canadian member I believe (think the build was from 2012 already). Learned about the tweaks for slats from this build. Think the AIM-9L will come from the Zacto Man, already have some D versions from him, look absolute perfect and accurate, with perfect decals and documentation. The Flightpath resin for the AMRAAM, I don't know, no experience with this brand , see what comes to my door. For the intakes I used the Rhino's on my F-4D, very
  16. Ok I found the Flightpath AIM-120s, Flightpath makes them and ordered a set. what AIM-9 Sidewinders were deployed for the late GAF F-4F? What I also want to know is the fact if the Avionix cockpit is worth the money for this build. Almost no other options on the market, except for the Aires, but is designed for the F-4J. Search continues, Robert Jan
  17. Hi all. This is what I have in mind to replicate. Wittmundshafen, Norm 90 F-4F. Real worn out by weathering conditions, love this picture. https://www.google.co.th/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiO3f--66raAhXF6Y8KHaI_BhwQjRx6BAgAEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.flugrevue.de%2Fmilitaerluftfahrt%2Fkampfflugzeuge-helikopter%2Ff-4f-phantom-die-letzten-missionen-fliegen-ist-handarbeit%2F575920%3Fseite%3D2&psig=AOvVaw1ROav0wCxSst0e6ywxlLYv&ust=1523272193529407 Decided to go with a TAM 60310 early version, which is stil
  18. Hi. Lots of questions answered already. Thank you all so far. I have no kit on stash but I want to build one in Norm 90 scheme. The grey shades are just beautiful. So what will be the best kit to start with as want to build in 1/32 scale. Revell has the nose job to fix, might be a minor issue but I prefer the Tamiya kits. For an early Tam 60310 kit I have to fix the wings and create the slats from scratch or use aftermarket. Correct me if I'm wrong, I am not an expert. So any advise will be welcome. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  19. Hi all, I wonder if anyone is familiar with a tweak list to convert F-4E Phantom to a F-4F. Phantom. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  20. What a huge pile of information for one question already! Thanks again wizards and professionals from the old days. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  21. Thanks for the link GW8345. Really useful. It is not that I want to replicate everything, just want to know why and how thinks look like/work. Part from the Tam kit are so basic, it simply needs some attention, not just adding detail from an Big E etch. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  22. Hi. I wonder if anyone has a good starting point to detail the launch rails for AIM-9B, (as found in the Tam kit for F-4 C/D). Are those rails correct? From a tweaking list I learned that the Sidewinders are hybrid, so to replace by AM or adjust in length and change wing section. No information on the rails though. No news good news? I don't know. Some information would be welcome. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  23. Like the 'go-to thread for Phantoms'. Guess there are a lot questions answered in other threads, but I still have the confusing matter of the BLU 27 with no fins. Have the kits from video aviation on my bench for a load out. All is inspired by the video shown in this thread.I want to make MER's prepared for missions. I have some Eduard sets to fill. To do it correct I need to know what to do with the caps. Are they 20º of - or not when building a Phantom F-4 D based in Thailand '68 / '72, Ubon or Udorn? There are more video's, like Noº 3, showing all MER's & TER's displayed. Great Diorama
  24. Hello again. Bought a Wolfpack Design kit with 2 SUU 23/A Falcons. I wonder, is the SUU shown on this picture, with the rear in changed position (upwards) technically different from the one I get in a double pack from Wolfpack Design. Is it an aerodynamic feature? Building the set there are 2 version, one with 'rear dome', the other one is flat and shorter. Are they from the same operational time set, e.g. both used over Vietnam, or maybe on other F-4's like E's from a different theatre? Also, about the paint scheme, is this a typical example used over Vietnam? Kind regards,
  25. Hi all. Update on the build of the MHU-83. Changed the front of the vehicle where cilinder and lifting boom are mounted. Made the cilinder from styrene tubing. Finished the panels with all the mesh added. Next will be the dashboard and some experiments for building the lifting boom, which is rather complicated design. Some progress pictures... Stage of the build. Needs some work, lights and more detail like bolts, etc. More sanding to come a some minor corrections on the mesh Will need some panel li
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