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  1. Hello, I haven't posted fr a very very long while. I'm running out of time, and some projects will never get done. So I'm cleaning my stash of unbuilt kits. I have for sale three sets of resin wheels for the 1/32 scale A-10 Wartghog. 15€ each. These sets were from Meteor Productions/ Cutting Edge resin. CEC32062 A-10 Bulged Wheels. I accept Paypal and I can ship worldwide. (I am in France). If you are interested, tell me where you are from , so I can get you a quote for shipping. It shouldn't be too expensive since the wheels can easily fit in a padded letter.
  2. Hi, The white paint isn't yellowing at all. The carrier film is yellowing. So I guess I should try to replace the decals, or paint it. It's the first time it happens to me. Thanks
  3. Hello, I completed a ship in july ( :) ) it is a US Coast Guards cutter, so it is painted overall white (humbrol paint). This week-end I noticed the decals on the sides of the hull are getting a bit yellow. How is this possible and is there a way to reverse it other than replacing the decals ? I protected the decals with Future/Klir. The ship has been stored in a closet, without sunlight at all. Do you have any idea ? Thanks by advance.
  4. Hello, Very interesting review. In the end, correction sets aren't as accurate as they pretend to be. In the end nothing beats a modeler with time and good reference material. What to do ? Buy a lot of styrene and do the job ourselves ? Time is often an issue. But I agree that at this price point, accuracy is required. Happy modeling.
  5. Hy, You should get the "Uncovering the Tomcat", from Daco publishing, you have pics of everything that is not classified. Try Primeportal on the internet too.
  6. Hello. On some photos here and in books I've seen "school buses", whether in yellow or in dark green/black. Are they used as crew bus ? By the way for a diorama, I plan to make a crew bus, does someone has photos of the crew buses used nowadays by the usaf please ? Thank you by advance. Tom
  7. Humbrol Gloss white is quite good. There was an article in a finescale modeler a few yers ago, on how to achieve "scale gloss", with a good layer of paint airbrushed on the model. http://www.humbrol.com/
  8. Good evening, You could easily get Humbrol paints. They are widespread in Europe. Some don't like them for camouflaged schemes, but on emergency vehicles it would be excellent.
  9. Hi, Get a good compressor. An airbrush will last for decades if you take care of it, this is a long term investment. I'm working with a Pasche Millenium, and I'm happy with it.
  10. Thanks for the information. For the paint, you should use lacquers. They will provide a better gloss once completed, since you're modeling emergency vehicles, they must shine because the people working with them usually takes pride in keeping them clean. Some car modelers even use "real" car paint. But it does not handle like regular modeling paint. Good luck with the resin. Wear a dust mask, and don't work in a hurry.
  11. Oven cleaner. (but try on a small plastic bit before)
  12. Very nice work. The fit problems reminds me of the time I built the Trumpeter A-10. Regarding SSb Resins, I saw their site (I should'nt have seen it, now it's too late), and they make two kits. But what about the engines and ladder showcased on their sites ? I know fire trucks are built on demand in real life, so none are identical. So if I understand, we buy from SSb the stuff we need to model a truck from a Fire Dep, and then we go on scratchbuilding ?
  13. Thanks for the links. The airwing tanks are sold out. The other set looks fine, but it's a G. I won't order the set because it's a lot of money for only using three parts. Since I'm not a beginner (although I'm new on this forum), I'll stick to my idea of scratchbuilding the needed parts. I've already found a few color profiles of the B-52H, this will help me for the wing tanks and the nose.
  14. Hello. Thank you for the advice. Well I've already ordered the Buff Master Design set on GreatModels. The engines look fine to me. I can't find the Airaves set anywhere. Is it out of production ? For the nose, I think I'll rework the nose from Buff Master ; and probably carve one wing tank then cast a resin copy. CE conversion set is far too expensive on ebay.
  15. Hi. Thanks for your answer. Well I mostly need B-52H engines for my Buff, so I decided to order the Buff Master Design set on GMW. I know this is for the Italeri/AMT set, but I guess I'll fit the engines to the pylons with some efforts. Many things have been said about these sets, so I'll see myself. For the nose section, I intend to have the nose open showing the radar, so it will be scratchbuilt. I'll scratchbuild the tail too since it is smaller on the H than on the D. For CE stuff, I don't want to spend that much on evil Bay, it's not worth such an amount of money. After all modeling i
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