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  1. Hi mates, I started to build this fantastic car ( N° 7 Buemi/Nakajima/Alonso) A quick look inside the box: First steps, a black layer inside ... a layer of Tamiya LP-2 (White)... masking and a layer of Tamiya LP-5 (Semi Gloss Black) and LP-1 (Black)
  2. Hi mates, I have assembled this beautiful kit to make this model: ] I hope you enjoy my work 🙂 A quick look inside the plane ...
  3. Hello friends, this aircraft was flown by 921st Fighter Regiment „Sao Do“ (Red Star) in 1968. The first examples of MiG-21PFM were delivered to this unit during this year. Some sources say that this particular MiG was flown by Nguyen Van Coc, a fighter ace credited with 9 kills. The b&w photos of this aircraft can be interpreted in various ways. One of the theories says that green splotches were sprayed on the upper sides. The splotches were not sharp-edged and the surrounding area was also covered by the thin layer of the green color. This gave this area light-green appearance.
  4. Hello friends, this is my latest built. The IMAM Ro.37 A.30 was a two-seater Italian reconnaissance , a product of the Industrie Meccaniche Aeronautiche Meridionali (IMAM) company. Powered by the FIAT A.30 RA, a 600-hp, liquid-cooled V-12, the Ro 37 could reach a top speed of 199 mph (332 kph) at 13,120 ft (4037 m), could land at 67 mph (112 kph), and had a service ceiling of 21,976 ft (6762 m). The kit is the Special Hobby Ro.37 1/48 and is finished in a medium quality, grey soft plastic with recessed panel lines; the level of detail is modest. The kit contains a set of photo e
  5. Northrop N-3PB Royal Air Force 330 (Norwegian) Sqn. 21 Northrop designed the N-3PB during 1939. It was a single-engine low-wing monoplane, with a pair of Edo floats attached to the wings. The three crewmen sat in a row, with the pilot and gunner/ observer under the main canopy and the ventral gunner/ radio operator/ bombardier in a position in the lower-rear of the fuselage No.330 (Norwegian) Squadron was an anti-submarine warfare squadron manned by Norwegian personnel N-3PB-002 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr N-3PB-003 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr
  6. Hi modellers, This is a F-104G Starfighter of 3° Stormo, 132° Gruppo Grappa - Verona-Villafranca Italy 1983. Ejection seat by Pavla Model F104C-01 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr F104C-02 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr F104C-03 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr F104C-04 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr F104C-05 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr F104C-06 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr F104C-07 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr F104C-08 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr F104C-09 by Rodolfo Emme, su Flickr F104C-13
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