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  1. Chief Snake

    1/35 UH-1A

    I made a UH-1A using a Seminar UH-1B kit. Some fitting issues with the interior but you can get to an A model with it. Cut short the rotor mast, change the balance weights to the drop down type and change the details of the stabilizer bar and the exterior is more like an A. Inside, the pilot seats are different. Not hard to scratch build. Chris M
  2. Chief Snake

    V-22 Osprey decal/details research

    My son flies the MV-22B with VMM-161. The USMC aircraft are painted with FS36320, Dark Ghost gray- FS36375, Light Ghost gray- FS36237, Blue Gray. Color tones are muted and can be difficult to see delineation at even short distances. Lumps and bumps are no-tell, no-pic items at unit level however some are on both USMC and USAF V-22's and are shown on publicly released pictures. Xtra Decals makes a sheet, 48-119 that is quite accurate for common markings. Individual unit markings change with any decision the unit commander may entertain. USAF CV-22's have some different color schemes, some are common to the MV-22B while other are totally different. Chris M
  3. Chief Snake

    Cobra Company 1/35 UH-1B Backdate set #35008

    Resin casting runs the gamut from simple stuff from Alumalite or Micromark to high tec two part systems. Most products from Smooth On are for more advanced casting that requires vacuum and pressure at various points. Even those products that don't require vac or pressure are for explicit purposes and can be frustrating to use. More advanced measures for making blades are expensive and some like Hi Def printing have to be reinforced at the hub because that is where the weight gets concentrated. I have taken the Panda/Dragon series of UH-1D's or UH-1N's and modified the blades for the UH-1B's I have built. Takes a little time but it's not hard. Vacuum forming could require making several layers of plastic that have to be laminated. Good Luck! Chris M
  4. Chief Snake

    Cobra Company 1/35 UH-1B Backdate set #35008

    This set was discontinued by Cobra Company because the rotors were incorrect (wrong chord width) and the resin would droop unless it was reinforced with a stiff wire. Trying to insert a wire into the mold become a real problem and coupled with the other factors did not prove to be viable. One may certainly try their hand at fixing this but It will be daunting. And yes, Mike West has the masters be he also knows of the problems so it may affect whether or not he revives the set. Chris M
  5. Chief Snake

    Osprey replacement cockpit and fuselage glass

    That list indicates that MRC has taken over distribution of Italeri. While MRC has a great history of supplying replacement parts, it's no indicator of what Italeri will send. Chris M
  6. Chief Snake

    1/48 MV-22 kit question

    I actually did get windows from Hobbico/Italeri. I asked for them by sprue number as clear window sets. Trouble was the sprue number was the same on all the window and canopy parts. What I got was two smoke tinted window sets. Don't know how else to get them to understand. Chris M
  7. Chief Snake

    MV-22 in '80's USMCR markings

    The 503 kit which is a Testors boxing has two hard to deal with issues. The yellow windows of course and the fact that is produced as a preproduction aircraft. There is a noticeable difference on the top of the wing, compare the 2622 wing top with the 503 one and you will easily see the problems. There is a fix for this in the Cobra Company MV-22 detail set. Chris M
  8. Chief Snake

    MV-22 in '80's USMCR markings

    Getting clear window pieces from Italeri will not happen. I requested those parts through Hobbico and when they arrived they were the smoke grey ones. The clear ones were introduced when the Japanese one was produced and any remining clear went into certain kits boxed with HMX-1 decals. The kit number is 2622 which is the same for two kits. There is one difference I found that identified the boxings with clear parts, the box it self. Rather than a glossy finish on the box it has a matte finish. I have seen this to be true on several occasions that I had to examine kits at model shows. That's not to say it would not happen with the glossy boxed kits, but haven't seen it. Chris M
  9. Don't fret over finding the TwoBobs sheet, it did not have any of the small stencils provided. The dark colors were are also substantially darker. Nice decals though. Chris M
  10. Chief Snake

    USN Seawolfs

    Strictly speaking, no. The rotor is depicting the 540 system used on the UH-1C. The tail is from a UH-1B. One or the other has to be replaced to be "accurate". Chris M
  11. Chief Snake

    USN Seawolfs

    It would be more helpful if you decide the type you want to build. There are many add ons and kitbashing that could be done if you are willing to spend a few extra dollars. If it were me I would start with the Monogram Huey Hog kit. From there you can make the additions or deletions to get to the type you want. The Monogram kit is sort of a hybrid of UH-1B and UH-1C. It has the wrong main rotor for a B model, it's more like a C model. To fix that I would rob the rotor system from an old UH-1D kit made by AMT or ESCI. There are two fuel filler ports on the kit, right and left side. The right is correct for a B model and the left for the C model. Delete the appropriate one with some model filler. The tail is for the B model. The C model tail correction was made by the old Cobra Company. It allows you to go either way with your model. B Model had tail replacements done with C model tail booms but they kept the same synchronized elevators. If you wanted to go to a C or M model the Cobra Company resin set gets you there, including new sychn elevators. The tropical air filter comes in the Huey Hog kit, the old bell mouth would have to come from a much older Monogram UH-1 kit, I think it was depicted as an Army Dustoff. It also may have a rotor system that is closer to a B model one There are also some bell mouth UH-1's made by other companies that you rob from the kit. A Fujimi kit maybe?? The weapons provided are decidedly Army systems. The rocket pod is not right for the period and the M-60 guns were swapped out for M-134 mini guns, although some of the earliest ones turned over by the Army may have had them. The Seawolf guys had many variations of weapons they used. You would have to target one illustrated aircraft to scare up some of the right weapons. Lots of pylon variation and lots of door gun variations. The old Cobra Company resin set is now the property of Lone Star Models as they bought all of the masters. Check to see if it has been brought up again. Chris M
  12. It is a term used to define the tracking accuracy of a main rotor blade. Tracking attempts to make the rotor tips travel in the same plane as they make a revolution. When the tracking starts to vary a little "bump" can be felt by the crew of the aircraft. A 1 to 1 rev is a very normal measurement. That is as the blade makes one full revolution the tracking difference makes one feel a bump, gentle, but a bump. What Mr. Boyer is referring to is that the weight of the armor panels affected the travel of the blades for some reason and caused the blades to increase the tracking plane to a level that was uncomfortable. Chris M
  13. Chief Snake

    AH-1G Squatter Swatter

    The choice is yours. Either way could be correct depending on what type of weathering you choose. A newly painted aircraft they would definitely look flat black. An aircraft that was some time out of painting would have those panels beginning to fade to a grey-black look. An aircraft long out of painting the panels would be more to a grey color. The longer exposed, the more grey they appear. Many of the UH-1s I worked on had the walkway on the roof anywhere from black to a chalky grey, again the time out of being painted producing what you saw. Since those areas are on the top of the surface of any walkway the sun beats the heck out of the pigment in the black. Chris M
  14. Chief Snake

    AH-1G Squatter Swatter

    Those are walkway panels, they were supposed to be painted on in flat black which often faded to a very dark grey. The 1/32 Revell AH-1G kit of that aircraft provides those panels as white decals so if Mastercraft used that artwork as a reference they may have just perpetuated a mistake made originally by Revell. Hugh mills flew that AH-1G for a short period of time. He browses this forum and may be able to answer your observation with first hand knowledge. Chris M
  15. Chief Snake

    Can MRC's 1/35 UH-1C be made into a UH-1B?

    Oops, my bad. Winnie wants to do a HAL-3. Chris M