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  1. Chief Snake

    Can MRC's 1/35 UH-1C be made into a UH-1B?

    Oops, my bad. Winnie wants to do a HAL-3. Chris M
  2. Chief Snake

    Can MRC's 1/35 UH-1C be made into a UH-1B?

    If you go to the HAL-3 web site the serials of all the UH-1's they flew are listed. Some have the modex number too. They flew UH-1B, UH-1C and UH-1M aircraft. Chris M
  3. Chief Snake

    Can MRC's 1/35 UH-1C be made into a UH-1B?

    This information is correct. The blades had issues, sagging and chord width. Putting a wire in the mold was not effective, the molds would flex and the wire would show on the blade surface. I just completed the same build you want to do, a HAL-3 Seawolf. There is a boxing of the Seminar kit that is supposed to be a UH-1C, it's the B kit with a couple of new frets that give you the tail fin, bigger flat top elevators, the tropical filter and modified cowl doors. They do not change the main rotor, the instructions have you leave some parts off. I used the fin, the filter and the cowl doors on the B body. The blades are incorrect in chord, I modified the blades out of an old Dragon huey kit. Chris M
  4. Chief Snake

    AH-1G with M-35 loadout

    A picture you see is only as good as the moment it was taken. Two days later it may have a new marking applied... Chris M
  5. Chief Snake

    AH-1G with M-35 loadout

    The white blade was a measure taken to alert an aircraft at a higher elevation that there was traffic below. There are variations such as one three foot wide white stripe on each blade. Another practice was to paint the top of the synch elevators orange. Some of these practices were dictated by higher commands while others were instigated by the unit commander. Chris M
  6. Chief Snake

    1/32 UH-72 Lakota Medivac Markings

    Werner's Wings makes a resin detail set that gets most of the needs done to make a 1/32 scale UH-72. They also make decals for the UH-60 to be marked as a Medevac. They are 1/48 scale but proportionally the decals work very well on the 1/32 scale UH-72. I used both and was very pleased with everything. I also purchased a very comprehensive photo etch set from France called RFLIGHT and sold by Renaissance Models. It is called EC-145 but many of the parts enhance the detail of the Revell kit no matter what you make it to be. They do have a web site-http://www.renaissance-models.com/ Chris M
  7. Neither of those would make a fix. The relationship of the position of the scissors to the head is correct. The arms of the scissors are reversed, the only fix for that is to make an entirely new scissors assembly. The dampers are correct in their "clock" position but there has been discussion as to their height on the mast. Some folks say they appear a bit too high. Since the control tubes in question run correctly from the scissors to the stabilizer they appear awkward only because the lower end of the control tube is moved aft to attach to the scissors arm. Anything done to the dampers would not impact that fault. The whole mast and rotor assembly has been made with errors of misunderstanding and imagination. The head has the pre-cone as it should but the blades have a pronounced droop to them that are far from reality. And the fact that no setting for the transmission to be installed leaves one to try and guess how the correct position for the entire thing can be determined. In my opinion these fault are the biggest detractor for an otherwise decent kit to work with. Chris M
  8. The scissors were produced incorrectly, a flaw by the production team. They are reversed so the connector points are on the wrong side. That makes the control tubes appear in such a severe angle. It's a shame this happened because they were supplied with excellent references by Ray and Floyd. Chris M
  9. Chief Snake

    Air America Huey's

    I had not thought of the tab being able to remain "stationary" as the elevator moved. I have to agree that this could very well be the case. What ever impact the movement of the elevator had on the wire must be minimal or it would not have been done. Pictures of the opposite side of these aircraft do not exhibit any kind "tab" on the elevator. Must have been a one side application only. Since the wire seems to be missing on other pictured aircraft kind of makes me think the application may have been temporary or it didn't function well enough to be retained. The single wire may have been subject to tension created by movement through the air. If it broke because of this it could account for them being removed and the antenna switched to the tail boom where it was supported by the posts. The forerunner of the ARC-102? Necessity is the mother of invention. Chris M
  10. Chief Snake

    Air America Huey's

    It would be foolish to put a tensioned wire on a moving part. The movement of the elevator would harm the wire and likely the wire could impede the movement of the elevator. Look again at your photo and follow the wire as it passes over the elevator near the tail boom. Follow it along that line and you can see it in the dark band of paint and that line goes precisely to the area where the U shaped antennas ( VHF/Omni) would be. I'm a bit skeptical that it would terminate on the tail skid, continue on the angle of the line and it passes below the tail boom before it could reach the skid. As for a tab or something at the end of the elevator, it's clearly there but why is a great question. I have never seen that before. Chris M
  11. Chief Snake

    Air America Huey's

    I doubt very seriously that wire is attached to the synch elevator. Movement of the elevator would change tension on the wire and surely break it. Instead I believe it passes over the elevator and connects to the tail boom were the military U shaped antennas would be fixed. Chris M
  12. Chief Snake

    KH 1/35 MH-60R Seahawk

    No huey. Just the current art from the AH/MH-6J with the words changed. Chris M
  13. Chief Snake

    Looking for a UH-1D Decal sheet

    I have that sheet. I have used one of the Battalion crests and the B Company squares. I do still have the A Company triangles and the C Company circles. I don't anticipate using them. If you need those I can just mail them to you. I think you should know that these are very delicate decals and prior to using them they should be over coated with a decal film liquid. Chris M
  14. Chief Snake

    USN H-60 question

    I am pretty sure the small square is indeed a form of gps tracking. It was called Blue Force and that sure looks like a known antenna for it. Not sure the round one is the same type of thing, might be. Chris M
  15. Chief Snake

    REVELL 1/35 UH-1C ?

    The original MRC/ Academy instructions also show the seat armor sliding panels installed up-side down. May also be a carry over to the new release. Chris M