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  1. Hello everyone, Looking (kinda desperately, hopefully not in vain) for the 1/48 Aviaeology PBY Catalina Stencil decal set (#AOD48S13), as I understand it, they were printed in 2016 but were withdrawn(?) for some reason or sold out. If anyone might be able to help me source a set, I'd very much appreciate it. Willing to pay via paypal and/or trade. Thank you!!
  2. You're very welcome and yes, it is rarely wonderful material. On a sidenote (though not trying to hijack this topic), the RF-8As and Marine F8U-1s featured in the video would be great schemes for the upcoming RF-8 set and (possibly) a future Crusader sheet too! 🙂 Take care!
  3. Thank you, and my apologies, didn't spot it earlier so thought I'd share it, looking forward to the sheet then!
  4. Any chance for 147622 to be included in the sheet? Lovely shots of it can be seen on this video: Thanks!!
  5. Hi all, Looking for the old Cutting Edge 1/48th scale set for the HC-130 Fulton Star Recovery Systems nose set (CEC48432), long shot, but you never know. Name your, hopefully reasonable, price! Can pay via paypal. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, Is there any one out there who has the decal set of Afterburner Decals, "Scooter Bandits Part 1" (48-037)? I'm not looking for the whole sheet, a partial would do just fine, and I'm specifically looking for the option for a TA-4J with Bu.No. 158465 operating with VT-7 in 1992 (a/c code: A765), it's the top one on the decal sheet. If anyone can help, please feel free to speak up! Can pay via paypal. Thank you!
  7. Niels, Thanks for your prompt answer. I hadn't seen many of these photos! http://www.airfighters.com/photo/63850/M/Israel-Air-Force/General-Dynamics-F-16B-Fighting-Falcon/981/ Here you can see there is an antenna aft of the other 3 aft the aft end of the spine, it's silhouetted by the bright background. Not sure if all F-16B had this. Thanks again! Edit: Maybe this could be a Peace Marble IV (in the 9xx range) aircraft peculiarity, as I haven't seen it sofar in the Peace Marble I (in the 0xx range) of aircraft (?).
  8. Hi all, I've looked everywhere without being able to find a close-up photo of the small spine behind the canopy on the IAF's now retired twin-seater F-16B Netz. They seem to have changed antenna configurations within their service life, as in later years, what seems like an additional GPS antenna, was added behind the usual array that most pre-Block 30 twin seater F-16s seemed to have. Any photos or references containing photos highly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for the old version M61A1 gun muzzle included in Hasegawa's early F-16 (A/B) boxings. It's piece G3. If anyone can part with it I'm happy to pay for it via paypal. Located in Athens, Greece. If you don't need the little sprue G I'll be just as happy to take it off your hands. Thank you! Dimos
  10. Hi all, Looking for the Rose turret pieces from Paragon's OOP 1/48th 100 Group set (48092). Partial or whole set would be much appreciated if anyone could spare it. Happy to pay via paypal or trade. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for the Eagle Strike decal for the Spitfire Mk.22/24 named "Last of the Line Mk.22/24 Pt.III" (Code#: 48212) I'm specifically interested in the 4th decal option in the set, i.e. PK596/RAT-L belonging to 613 Sqn. RAuxAF, so even a partial sheet will do (decals I'd need in such a case are (all except first times two) Nos. 10, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25) Able to pay via paypal. Appreciate any help and thanks for looking!
  12. louie came to the rescue, just wanted to speak out in public and say thank you for helping out and you're a really stand-up guy. Thanks again.
  13. Hi all, Long time away from the board, always nice to be back around. I ve been looking for the Model Alliance sheet on Afghanistan Airwars 2003-7 (MA48161), more specifically the decals for the RAF C-130J (C5), unfortunately without success. Any hint or help answered on here or via PM highly appreciated. Thank you!
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