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  1. Yellow Wings Decals is probably the ones you're thinking of. If I remember correctly, they had an East coast and a West coast sheet.
  2. My apologies for the delay in replying. On the F6F-5, Grumman added small fairings above the intercooler flaps to help better blend the cowling in with the fuselage. I'll see if I can post some pics later to show you. I didn't know what people were referring to either until I found exactly what I should be looking for.
  3. The Otaki kit is still a worthwhile build. The shapes and outline are excellent and it has nicely done recessed panel lines. The cockpit is a bit basic and underdetailed though. Medallion Models did some upgrades for this kit (including a cockpit and separate flaps) and they are currently available from Starfighter Decals. The Otaki model with a little t.l.c. will still build into a nice 1/48 Hellcat model. As an aside, the only recent 1/48 Hellcat that I WOULDN'T recommend is the Hobby Boss series.
  4. Overall, Hasegawa got more correct than Eduard did. Hasegawa's cockpit is much more detailed and accurate out of the box. The wheel wells are also deeper on the Hasegawa kit. Eduard's parts breakdown is more complex with no added benefit. The centerline droptank is an example of awful fit and engineering. The flange around the center is missing, the forward sway braces are molded along with part of the top of the tank and the overall fit is sloppy. Worse yet, the support straps are half-molded onto the tank. The other half are photo etch parts which (somehow) are supposed to be blended with th
  5. So as it turns out thanks to some generous assistance, I am going to have a 1/48 Hawker Typhoon to build! I knew what markings I wanted to go with: the red spinner with yellow spiral and full invasion stripes. It took a little looking to pin it down, but I found that it was from # 123 Squadron. The only problem is I can't seem to track down any decals. Sprue Brothers, eBay, and Google have all come up empty. I don't typically do RAF aircraft so can anyone point me to a source for some decals? Thanks in advance- any help is appreciated!
  6. Hey, did I see somewhere that you needed a new canopy for this? I can't find it, so I don't know if I just imagined that. I was going through my spare parts the other evening and dug out an extra one that I have. If you need it, let me know.
  7. I just saw this reply. Thank you!! PM sent.
  8. If memory serves me right, neither of them did. I think that part of the mods that were done to B-29s in the 509th were the cuffed, reversible props.
  9. Yeah, that's right- I forgot about that. Now that you say that, the red anticollision light on the Skyraider didn't come around until like '62 or something like that so the Panther wouldn't have had one. I was trying to find photos of that and the -5 blow in doors but wasn't able to come up with anything. Thanks for setting me straight! I'm a little rusty on my Panther info.
  10. Yes he is on the wing, facing aft. The blow in door in question is also shown in the photo. It's directly above the large hole with all of the stenciling on it. Some, but not all, F9F-5s had the blow in doors with the angled lower edge. The Earlier -2 never had that arrangement. From what I can remember, the red anticollision light on the spine is on the centerline.
  11. There's nothing wrong with 1/48 for fighters and 1/72 for bombers! Perfectly acceptable combination.
  12. I was going to reply to this but others pretty much beat me to it! I was going to say that "best" really depends on how much display space you have. It looks like probably your best option in terms of quality, accuracy, availability, and size is the 1/72 Academy kit. When it comes to the Monogram model (and all of the others for that matter) finding one of the older boxings from the 70s or 80s is your best bet for negating some of the fit issues. I recently got the 1/48 B-25, now in the Revell box. The molds haven't aged well and many of the parts need extensive cleanup and tweaking to fit rig
  13. They're to help align the nose gear/ dive brake well properly. I also hate to tell you but your dive brakes are in backwards. The one visible in this photo should be on the right fuselage half with the actuator that you trimmed off facing forward.
  14. Converting the Monogram -5 into a -2 is possible with a little effort and, in my opinion, ends up better than what Trumpeter/Hobbycraft offers. If you don't want to do the staggered cut, a straight vertical cut ahead of the intakes will still work. The only thing with that approach is that the canopy has to be displayed open since it will shorten the decking under it. That never bothered me, so being the simpler route that was what I went with. The vertical tail has more than enough meat to be reshaped without any problems. I used the old 1/48 scale Detail & Scale drawings to get the right
  15. The Blue Angels Hellcats aren't really well documented. After all, they flew them for a very short time (June 15th to August 15th 1946) and at the time they had no way of knowing that the team would still be going all these years later. The actual color used was only vaguely described by Butch Voris, so in the absence of any color photos I would say that just about any glossy dark blue would work. Personally, I decided on the same can of Tamiya Navy Blue. If you warm it up for 15 minutes in warm water it will spray beautifully, leaving a very smooth glossy finish. It was revealed years later t
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