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  1. Chriss7607

    Top Gun 2 Production begins

    Wow, ok then. I learned something new. Top Gun IS still around. I still think that a Top Gun movie without the Tomcat still isn't as cool.😎
  2. Chriss7607

    Top Gun 2 Production begins

    Hmm.. you know I don't honestly know how the Navy does air-to-air training once NSAWC was gone. For some reason I wanted to say that everything was combined with the Air Force, but I remembered VFC-111's F-5s. Are they aggressors? I don't think the old NFWS/ Top Gun insignia is being used anymore. I could be wrong. Either way, the glory days of cool jets blazing out of Miramar and Top Gun as it was are sadly past.
  3. Chriss7607

    Top Gun 2 Production begins

    Top Gun without the Tomcat is like having a bar with no booze- not many people will want to be going! It already has a bit of fantasy since Top Gun and even it's successor NSAWC are gone. The Super Hornet paint scheme is pretty cool though.
  4. Chriss7607

    Kinetic 1:48 F-16 and F/A-18

    I am building both the Hasegawa and Kinetic Hornets and Hasegawa's is much nicer. The fit is pretty much perfect. Kinetic's is over engineered and fits poorly, particularly around the nose and intakes. There are also shape and dimensional differences between the two. Kinetic's cockpit coaming is noticeably longer than Hasegawa's and the speed brake is also wider. Hasegawa provides better detailing in the main gear wells. The strong point of the Kinetic kit is that the cockpit is overall better but both have disappointing ejection seats. For doing a Blue Angels jet, out of the box Hasegawa's is better. A separate part is included for the blanked off gun opening and the line for the smoke system is also provided. That's my opinion.
  5. I know what you're talking about (at least I think!). It's included with the weapons in Monogram's 1/48 F-4C. I just checked the stash. It's even in the most recent boxing. The instructions just have it labeled "ECM pod", so I can't be of much help on a technical name for it. But, it matches your description: sparrow shaped but a little fatter, has antennas, and mounts in the forward sparrow recess. I hope this at least gets you started in the right direction! Chris
  6. Chriss7607

    SuperCon - Arlington TX - Pics

    I came away with a good haul of 1/48 F6F Hellcats for review models. I haven't had the Otaki kit in a long time.
  7. Chriss7607

    Midway remake

    Yes, it's a very good book. I highly recommend it as well. The problem with movies like "Pearl Harbor" is that there's so much revisionist history and outright B.S. that younger people watch them and believe that's how it really was, totally missing the factual events. Entertainment is fine, but when this counts as how one learns history it's not that good. That's just my opinion.
  8. Chriss7607

    Midway remake

    What? You mean you didn't like how the footage of the F9F Panther ramp strike was used when the guy crashes back aboard the aircraft carrier? 😋
  9. Chriss7607

    Kitty Hawk teaser?

    Oops, my bad. Apparently it is an early -3. I had thought that the -2 had slats and the -3 had a hard wing with a cambered leading edge. I was mistaken. If the late -3 did have a cambered leading edge, then it would require more than just glue the slats up to get a late -3.
  10. Chriss7607

    Kitty Hawk teaser?

    With slats that would be a FJ-2, not a -3.
  11. Chriss7607

    2018 IPMS NATS Contest Video

    Does anybody have any still photos or info on the Blue Angels F11Fs at 18:44? That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
  12. Chriss7607

    F-4A Phantom Sparrow Missiles

    I thought that was why the Blue Angels flew the Phantoms with dummy Sparrows- two were for ballast and two were for the smoke system.
  13. Chriss7607

    1/48 Monogram F-4J

    I'd be in for the Tomcat masks. That's one of the two VF-21 Tomcat schemes I want to do. I can mask it myself, but if I had something to make it easier that would be better. The color resin FOOD covers are very nice- I have a couple sets for my Monogram Blue Angels Phantom.
  14. Chriss7607

    KH FJ-3 Fury- At the nationals?

    I was just wondering from anyone who went to the nats if Kitty Hawk was there and if they had a test shot of the FJ-3 Fury or if it's still box art and CADs still. I'm kind of interested in whether they can pull this one off well.
  15. Box is open but inner bags are sealed. $47.00 shipped. U.S. and PayPal only please. Thanks!