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  1. The images on the Kindle versions are in color and are pretty much the same resolution as the printed books. They can be zoomed in/enlarged as well. Originally all Detail & Scale did were e-books. I suggested that they do some sort of printed books again and the idea was turned down. Not long after that they started doing the print on demand format. I personally like the printed hard copies and many people that I talked to at the IPMS Nationals felt the same way. (I did a lot of their photography and wrote most of the new Hellcat book.)
  2. Thanks for the replies! I was beginning to get worried that no one would have any leads. Since it seemes to have at least been likely to have existed, I'll go ahead and do it as planned. Thanks again.
  3. I haven't placed an overseas order since the whole COVID thing started so I don't know whether it will be as fast as mine but I'm sure that they will do everything to help you. It's funny- I've only dealt with customer service from two model companies: Revell (USA, not Germany) and Eduard. They were complete opposites. Eduard was very friendly, prompt in communication, happy to help, and provided follow up. Revell... well, let's just say not so much.
  4. I checked my B-25 kit, which is the most current issue of the Monogram model and that part is in there. The instructions don't say what it is, but I'm still sure it's a gun gas extractor. You also asked about the strike camera- that's included as a new part as well. I know it's not the photos that you want, but I figured I'd mention that it's in there.
  5. I think that was a gun gas extractor for the field mounted .50s in the nose. I seem to remember it being included as a separate part in at least one reissue of the old Monogram model.
  6. My apologies for being late... I have dealt with Eduard's customer service before and the response was excellent! It wasn't dealing with short-shot parts, but if you send them an email explaining the problem I'm sure that they would be more than happy to help you out. Granted, it was before the whole COVID thing, but their shipping was pretty fast and they kept it up to date. Eduard has been the best company that I've dealt with as far as replacement parts goes.
  7. I have a question for the ARC community that knows a lot about WWII Japanese aircraft. Years ago, my Dad did a 1/48 Ki-61 Tony based on a color profile from a book. It was similar to the popular paint scheme of the one allegedly flown by Lt. Kobayashi but had a blue tail instead of red. Was there ever a unit that flew the Ki-61 in these markings, or is this just another example of errenous photo interpretation? I did a Google search but it didn't turn up much more than I already know. I have the Hasegawa model and would like to to do the one with the blue tail, but if it is histori
  8. I have the fuselage that you need (as long as I can have your late -5 fuselage). I have a couple of the -3 Weekend Edition kits and will swap you if you want. If you're interested, just send me a PM with your mailing address.
  9. I looked at the photos and I can say that that the masters started as a Lindberg Tiger. The center section is mostly what gives it away. The slots for the wing attachments are the same along with the too small and too shallow main wheel wells. Granted, the smaller aft sections have been added but it's still easy to tell which kit it started as. Even the stabilator attachment points are the same. Don't get me wrong, it's still an impressive effort especially with what he had to start with.
  10. I spend a lot of time in Pensacola, although sadly not recently, and have a lot of great friends down there at the museum. The Blue Angels have a great heritage and it's always a lot of fun to watch them fly. I don't think I could ever get tired of watching them put on a show! I think that the Tigers were some of the best looking airplanes ever to wear the Blue Angels colors. I just think that the F-11 screamed "1950s!". I really hope to be able to see the new Super Hornets and Fat Albert fly. I did most of the work on the newest version of the F6F Hellcat Detail & Scale. I add
  11. You're welcome! And now you have to add the Super Hornet to your list! 😄 I had the privilege of meeting Captain Bob Rasmussen who flew Tigers with the Blue Angels for a couple of seasons. He was a really interesting person to talk to. I asked why the short nose Tigers in 1958 had the angular, block lettering, for only that year. He said that it was a trial thing and that no one liked it so they went back to the script style lettering on the long nose Tigers in 1959. Incidentally, I thought the '58 paint scheme looked cool! Now that I think of it, I actually have the pai
  12. The Lindbergh 1/48 scale model is the prototype Tiger (when it was still designated F9F-9). There are MANY shape and dimensional differences between the prototypes and production aircraft. As far as general shapes and outline, Lindberg actually did a good job. Some sources say that it's underscale- it is not. They simply didn't take into account the differences of the prototype aircraft. That said, it would take a lot of scratchbuilding and conversion work to make it into any production aircraft but it has been done. Collect Aire did a resin and white metal kit. It represents a lon
  13. Lightning struck one of the Apollo missions during liftoff (15?). Not a fun phenomenon regardless of your flying machine...
  14. I wonder whatever happened to that. Sadly, probably tossed into a backlot dumpster. My favorite ball cap has an embroidered hula girl- my own tribute to "Tropical Tilly", the C-47 in the film.
  15. You're welcome! Glad I could be of assistance.
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