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  1. There's a product called EZ Line and I think some by Uschi Van der Rosten (forgive me if I completely butchered that one). If you watch some of the YouTube videos posted by Plasmo of his WWII builds, he shows how he attaches the Uschi antenna lines.
  2. That's what I was thinking. There are a few 800 NAS photos from that time period and I've seen the same thing that you have. There was another Hellcat Mk. II that was supposedly painted a lighter shade of blue (roundel blue-white mix). Is there any historical basis for that one? I'd like to do one of those but I want it to be something that actually existed and that there are some photos of. Thanks for the info!
  3. I don't know much about Fleet Air Arm Hellcats and my references don't cover them really well. Freightdog makes a sheet that has a Hellcat from 800 NAS that has a checkered cowling. I can't find any photos of one painted like that. Does anyone know of any? Thanks!
  4. Oops. My apologies. I obviously missed that. I was hoping to see test shots or something but they didn't have any. If it's decent, I would like to do Alex Vraciu's Fury from VF-51 and one of the -3Ms from VF-121 Pacemakers.
  5. Oops. My apologies. I obviously missed that. I was hoping to see test shots or something but they didn't have any. If it's decent, I would like to do Alex Vraciu's Fury from VF-51 and one of the -3Ms from VF-121 Pacemakers.
  6. No. There was no test shot, no sprues, and not even any box art on display at the Nationals in Chattanooga. I only heard vague, second hand excuses and that's about it.
  7. I do this with almost all of my masking and I recommend it as well. I've never had a problem doing it this way.
  8. Yes, I had the control stick thing too! It came with a Hornet and I think a few target trucks. My Uncle bought that for me for my birthday. All of them flew many missions back in the day. It brings back a lot of great memories! Hopefully you can at least get him the Blue Angels Hornet and they can have as much fun as we did back then! Maybe even your control tower can once again see service.
  9. I remember those! The F-14, F-15, F-16, A-10, and Harrier come to mind. I remember when I got the Hornet. Force One made an air base that had a lighted runway and control tower and I remember when and where I got that too! The only ones that they made that I wanted but never had were the B-1 and SR-71. The Hornet is still around in Blue Angels markings. The gift shop for the National Naval Aviation Museum has it: https://navalaviation.com/toys/ba-force-one-1064.html I don't remember how much my parents' paid for those things back in the day, but I'm sure it was nowhere near $25.00.
  10. Oh yeah, I forgot about Tamiya's line! I haven't used the ultra thin curve tape before but if it's anything like their other tapes it will do a great job.
  11. Honestly, for that I'd go with thin strips of tape to get the outlines down then fill in the areas outside with more tape. The thinner the strips, the more of a curve you can mask. You can either: A- cut some masking tape with a straight edge and a hobby knife or B- I think it's Chartpack that makes tape that narrow. I personally think that masking tape would do just fine and you wouldn't have to buy anything else. I would start at the bottom of the nose and work up. Have two pieces of tape cross at the point of the scallop. Mask one side and make sure you're happy with it then do the other side to match. That's just my two cents. Hopefully it'll at least give you some ideas.
  12. That is truly nice! I look forward to seeing it in person.
  13. Atlantis just re-released this one with the X-15
  14. Along with the Tiger there were shots of a Frogfoot on the same surface/background. Someone pointed out that the aircraft was still sitting correctly even though the entire right main landing gear was missing! Me, personally, I would go with these being recycled CAD images with a new background. I could always be wrong, but that's my two cents from what I saw..
  15. Hi! In regards to the F3H Demon book, that one will eventually make it into printed from. As to when, I don't know. The thing with the Demon (and the Cougar book too) is that with the pilot reports and all of the squadron markings and history they're huge books. Bert and Rock have to figure out how to break them down to fit the page limits of the printed books. There was talk of doing a separate colors and markings for each which would help with the page count. But again, the how and when have yet to be determined. I had to ask about the Tomcat Colors and Markings. That one will not be released in printed from. They said that with over 700 color photos it would be much too expensive to print. I hope that answers your question. Chris
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