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  1. Chriss7607

    1/48 Italeri Spitfire decals

    The USAAF ones
  2. Chriss7607

    1/48 Italeri Spitfire decals

    Hey, does anybody happen to have the faded national insignias that have the dark blue border that they aren't going to use? As far as I know, no one has done a sheet with that style on it.
  3. Chriss7607

    P-51C 'Thunderbird' racer colors

    All sorts of cool history with the National Air Races! I actually looked up on Google Maps where Bill Odom crashed "Beguine". The house is still recognizable all these years later. I also met someone who knew Cook Cleland before he passed. Both the Bendix and Thompson races were very interesting. It must've been a thing to see!
  4. Chriss7607

    A6M-3 Hamp questions

    E-mail sent on the- 32 offer. That's great and I appreciate it! I started the new tool Tamiya A6M- 3 the other night. It's nice but I think it's WAY over-engineered for a 1/48 model, especially for an airplane as small as the Zero. My plan is to get the Hasegawa -32 and do the aircraft that I want, and eventually build the Tamiya model as-is. As for cockpit color, I think that Seawinder's suggestion of Model Master Forest Green, slightly lightened, will get me pretty close. Strangely, Tamiya's instructions call for XF-71 cockpit green from their color line. However, it looks more like the Nakajima cockpit green, not Mitsubishi.
  5. Chriss7607

    A-10 Thunderbolt II in 1/48 scale: What Brand?

    There used to be a pretty good LASTE update set that was done by Shawn Hull (?). I think it went oop and I don't know if anybody took it over. Someone else might know more.
  6. Chriss7607

    A6M-3 Hamp questions

    I got out both kits and compared them and I'll be darned! I never noticed that before. Thanks for pointing that out! This is also useful because a while back I got the 21st Century Toys 1/32 A6M-3 kit. It's, well... not really an A6M-3 (it has -5 wings)
  7. Chriss7607

    A6M-3 Hamp questions

    Seawinder- Thank you for all of the help and the link! I was actually going to originally go with the blue-black. I'm glad that I don't have to spray any aotake! From the link that you provided, it seems that the wheel wells weren't aotake as well. I never knew that. There was one thing that I forgot about. While I was working on the older Tamiya kit, I noticed that they put a tailhook on it. I didn't think that the Hamp was carrier capable. I thought that they were all land based, primarily in and around the Solomons.
  8. Chriss7607

    A6M-3 Hamp questions

    Thanks for all of the help so far! I got the older Tamiya Hamp to do as a sort of practice run before starting on the newer, more expensive kits. It's not bad- about on par with the Arii/Otaki Hellcat that I have. Because it's simple and because of how it's broken down, I was able to subassemble it to where in a short time I have something that looks like a Hamp. It may or may not have been involved in a dogfight with my Eduard Hellcat... Anyways, I have one more question: what color should the interior of the engine cowling be? The only worthwhile walkaround I could find was of the Air Force Museum's A6M-2. They have theirs painted the aotake metallic blue. Would this hold true for the Hamp and -3 in general? Then again, they painted their cockpit the tan/khaki and not Mitsubishi cockpit green. Thoughts?
  9. Chriss7607

    Best F9F panther in 1/48??????

    No, but I do have the kit ones if you want one. I also think that the FM F9F-8 Cougar comes with two vac canopies if you think that might work.
  10. Chriss7607

    Best F9F panther in 1/48??????

    I have spares of both. Let me know which one you want and I'll dig it out.
  11. Chriss7607

    A6M-3 Hamp questions

    Well, that answers that question. Thank you! It's very interesting since Japanese warplanes are not my usual subject. I only know very basic differences in Zero variants. I also did a little looking and it seems that a F.S. equivilent for the Mitsubishi cockpit green is 34102 Medium Green. I just want to make sure before I paint anything. Like I said, up until now all I had ever heard of were the Nakajima green and the khaki/ tan color. Thanks! !
  12. Chriss7607

    Best F9F panther in 1/48??????

    Trumpeter or Monogram?
  13. Chriss7607

    A6M-3 Hamp questions

    Thanks for the replies! Sorry that it took so long for me to get back. I would have gone with the Hasegawa kit if it was available. I like their Zero line. When I looked on ebay, the Hasegawa Hamps were going for pretty much the same price as the new Tamiya kit. What happened is that Tamiya's box says A6M- 3/3A and from what I was able to find from sprue shots online, the wing tips were separate pieces. I thought that you could do a -3 (clipped wings) or a -3A (rounded tips) out of the box. Obviously I was mistaken and that's not the case. I don't know that much about the Zero. It seems that I've opened a can of worms. I've never heard of Mitsubishi cockpit green. I always thought that Zero cockpits were Nakajima green or a khaki/tan color. Is there a Model Master enamel paint match for it? I got a 1/32 Tamiya A6M- 2 for Christmas, so this will be useful later as well.
  14. Chriss7607

    What'd Santa bring ya?

    You and me both! 😀 The 1/32 Tamiya A6M-2 Zero is still cool though.
  15. Chriss7607

    Merry Christmas!

    To all ARCrs, wherever you may be, whatever your plans are, I wish all of you the very best! Thank you for all of the help in 2018! A toast to us all!