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  1. I would also like to know, especially seeing how I completely missed it! 😄
  2. I've seen things like that before, the kind of mix and match of components on Navy and Marine aircraft. Like STORM said, you just kind of have to go with what's on hand and will work. The F6F-3 at Pensacola was restored using the same tires it had on it when it went into Lake Michigan and the tread patterns are different on each side. Heck, the cowling panels are mismatched! I want to say that the left side is correct (has the fairing over the exhaust) and the right side must have been taken from a later airplane (no fairing).
  3. Ah, I see. I just missed it, that's all. My apologies on that detail.
  4. Not for the faint of heart, that's for sure! Temps hung around 104-105. It was just miserably hot. The parking at the venue is terrible: not enough of it and nowhere else remotely around there to try. If you got a space, you really couldn't leave for lunch. That is unless you wanted to repeat the search for a space when you got back. I also don't think there was a decal sheet this year. If there was, I certainly didn't see it.
  5. The new 1/48 F4U Corsair looked very nice as did the new 1/48 Airfix Sea King. Other than that no.. it was pretty quiet.
  6. Meaning my reply? I can guarantee that I'm neither a chatbot or A.I. I have spent nearly 20 years at the OC-ALC and have been around more B-52 components than I'd like. A couple of weeks ago Tinker had their open house and had a B-52 on display and I specifically looked at that area. The answer is still F.S. 36118 Gunship Gray. And yes, it can fade quite badly. If there was a reply that got deleted from an actual spammer that I didn't see, then my apologies..
  7. Well, they're two different airplanes. The top one is a B-52G and the bottom one is a B-52H. I can say for certainty that the bottom photo was taken here at Tinker AFB and the aircraft had just gone through depot maintenance and has yet to go through the paint hangar. The dark gray areas (including the one in question) are all fresh F.S. 36118 Gunship Gray.
  8. It has nothing to do with the MLG tires. It's the tailwheel. For carrier operations Hellcats had a solid, hard rubber tailwheel. For land based operations, a pneumatic Goodrich Silvertown tire was used. During the war early F6F-3s seemed to have treadless main wheels and later F6F-5s had diamond tread. Postwar Hellcats that survived as drones into the '50s had the hubs that were a single piece stamped unit (a wave pattern as opposed to the spoked). I would think that for a F6F-3K the land based set with the pneumatic tailwheel, spoked main wheel hubs, and circumferenti
  9. I did some digging and found that I DO have a complete set of Hasegawa Hellcat main landing gear if you're interested.
  10. Eduard by a LONG ways! The Hobby Boss kit is largely copied from the Trumpeter 1/32 scale model, complete with the serious shape and dimensional errors. Hobby Boss is not worth it if you're looking for a decent 1/48 Hellcat. On another note, I don't get on ARC frequently these days so I didn't see your post but let me take a look- I might have a spare set of Hasegawa landing gear.
  11. Funny and true story: An instructor at the same school that I went to for my A&P Certificate also owned a Mooney. Incidentally, the school did as well. One day while the Mooney was on the ramp, he insisted that it was IMPOSSIBLE to hand prop a Mooney and proceeded to grab the prop and pull it through. Sure enough, the engine started and with no one in the cockpit on the brakes it started down the ramp on its own! Fortunately some students were able to catch up to it, open the door, and get it stopped before it could do any damage. Yeah, that guy was a yutz. I have a
  12. Alfred Saurau's 'Yellow 6' with the eyes has always been a personal favorite of mine! I apologize if I misspelled his last name- Luftwaffe subjects and pilots are out of my normal subject range.
  13. I really enjoy watching the progress because it brings back a lot of memories. It looks really good so far!
  14. I remember Wings very well! I went there many times as a kid and later as an adult. I was sad when they finally closed. Maybe not the first hobby shop that I went to, but definitely one that holds a special place with me.
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