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  1. F-117? They visited Lakenheath so I am sure they were at Spangdahlem at some point
  2. Love that scene across the F4s and F16s
  3. What could it be? Something stealthy? Maybe a visiting Blackbird?
  4. If you want a smile Russ this is the link to the clip of the B-52 arriving at Duxford. Allegedly the shortest runway a B-52 ever landed on. It was never going to fly out anyway, and I hear that the impact of the landing added somewhat to the body side creases!
  5. Nice diorama & love the vehicles, stands etc. The B-52 always seems to have creases down the side. This is the Duxford one - it landed shortest strip recorded for a B-52 which didn’t help with the condition of its side panels And we had a nice bit of coverage of a B-52 at Mildenhall last year when one heading back had a double engine fire and made an emergency landing - as someone said at the time the dreaded 6 engine approach. So shots of the engine panels open shortly a after landing keep up the good work
  6. Like it! From the Lakenheath spotters area earlier this year
  7. Quick question Philippe, what decals do you use for your Euro One F-4Gs? Have an F-4G kit but only 2 tone grey decals for SP. I can only see Milspec decals online but they seem out of stock
  8. That back scene is excellent. Really brings it alive, and the HASes, aircraft, etc all excellent as usual
  9. Know what you mean. My interest is mainly RAF, so what lightline diorama from 70s & 80s would be complete without a Mammoth Major tanker? But no one does 1/72 or 1/76 (I think there may have been a kit listed on Scalemates but I can’t see it available anywhere). My interest is 1/48 and the same is true. I ended up converting a Corgi 1/50 Bedford civilian tanker in to an RAF one. This is it with a collection of kit & scratch ground equipment
  10. Built something that would look at home on your airbase Philippe. I went to RAF Bentwaters and the museum has a nice NF-2 Floodlight set. I wanted one in 1/48 but no one seems to make a kit, so a scratch built one with working lights Happy new year to you too
  11. Just finishing an RF-4C but in Alconbury markings. Will be driving past what is left of RAF Alconbury next weekend
  12. Wheels can’t be as bad as the ones that come with the old ESCI GR1
  13. First one to build as the Red Devil’s version? Bet it’s a tail sitter photo linked to planespotters.net
  14. Not seen a Kitty Hawk Jag build go smoothly yet but not tried it. The Airfix / Revell Jag is a bit basic, but not quite as basic as the Harrier GR3. Nice twin Jag build on Brit Modeller at the moment with lots of extra detail being added. Just starting a Revell Tornado ADV at the moment so looking for any build tips.
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