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  1. It's fun. Give it a shot. http://www.arcair.com/Gal5/4601-4700/gal4687-B-29-Shred/00.shtm They're are better articles, but this will give you an idea.
  2. Next time I'll let you know when we're coming out!
  3. Hi Chuck! Listen, it was great meeting and speaking to you. I've gone through your stuff and let me say... you are one of those sick bastards I could never compete with! lol!
  4. There was a guy at Maple Flag who was an ARC fan. We had a beer there... Your son was with you... you here?
  5. Jack, Jack, Jack my friend.... I forgot all about your part... it's in my desk drawer and I will start it this week and get it to you! lol! I was so happy to finish that friggin' F4, I forgot about it! Although I didn't finish the F4 until pretty much the end of February... about 3 months longer than I estimated. Larry
  6. This is my good-intentioned, well meaning, friendly advice... If you have made the commitment to build then make the commitment to buy an airbrush. I recommend gravity fed dual action. There is going to be a lot of different opinions on this and you can make your own choice. Mine is dual action, gravity fed. You can get a decent one for $100 or less, of course now you need to buy a compressor. This is another story, cheap one $50 - $100. Good one, around $250. Save, save, save. They are worth it in the long run. If you plan on buying canned propellant to power your airbrush for the first few
  7. I guess the part I find the most humorous about this is people are constantly say to me... "Wow, I just don't have the patience to build something that takes 3 months to do" or something like that... and all us here have probably heard the same thing... give or take. Yet when I think about all the patience it really does take to make a good model, it make me snicker when a guys here says "I'm too lazy to scrap the paint off" which AT BEST might take 30 seconds to do, and most likely 10 seconds! 4 hours to make seat belts out of tape and wire... no problem. Scrapping paint off... THAT's too muc
  8. I don't find them superior, just easier. Enamels are really no problem, add a little thinner... spray away, no adhesion issues... never turn to a yogurt like goo on the end of your airbrush... I love them really. I use the acrylics for a few reasons... (a) Guilt-ed by the masses (B) I find the paint finish nicer © allows me to use enamels as washes, which I really, really like.
  9. Hi Cobus, If I may suggest... you will get a lot out of this PDF download. Go to http://www.2shared.com/file/8704001/fd67e639/Master-P47PDF1.html type in 151555 as the password and click on the BLUE download button. Larry Let me know if you find it helpful...
  10. I used Blu-Tack to fill the wing root gaps on a plane about a year ago. After filling it, I used a piece of bamboo dipped in hot water to smooth over the gap. Painted the kit and to this day, you can't tell... no cracks, nothing... so far. But boy it was easy to do and hasn't shrunk.
  11. I have never found a reliably method for MM Acrylics lol! I really dislike them. I swear up and down over MM Enamels, but use Tamiya Acrylics... alcohol and a few drops of retarder, decent prep work and nooooo problems...
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