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  1. Some good work here plus some valuable reference shots. Will enjoy watching this come together.
  2. Set it up to hang all your sprues on if you have any room. Really beats the heck out of sorting through the box lol
  3. This is awesome! Can’t wait to see it.
  4. Have you tried a different brush yet? After reading the above it seems like the common item that hasn't been mentioned yet. Water is the common liquid to dilute it with. Are you using tap water or some from a bottle? If using tap water try some bottled water and see if that makes a difference (assuming nothing else works out as you've tried quite a bit of stuff already). Your prep work seems correct. Typically 91% IPA works good so 100% must be better 🙂
  5. Awesome build and tutorial. I’m planning my 1st this year sp watching with interest.
  6. Well I’m all caught up on this story now! Very nicely detailed and documented. Makes me wonder how i ever finished a model as a kid...it also reminded me of how frustrated I got when parts didn’t fit AT ALL. Cudos to you!
  7. Superb reference checks. Thanks gang! I will make adjustments and get these glued in shortly now.
  8. Dave, does this look like I’m measuring it correctly? It seems kinda vertical so I thought i better check and make sure. Matt mentioned you made a jig for it so that also makes me wonder if I’ve got it right?
  9. I drilled and pinned mine. Here it is using my handy iphone level app lol i hate finding new uses for this stupid thing. After a double check I’ll spot glue them before using epoxy to lock them into position. Let me know if you all see anything goofy in this pic?
  10. Yes, avionix, sorry guess it was late when i wrote that. Will edit it 🙂
  11. Can anyone tell me what the angle should be off vertical? I am modifying the old Hasegawa YF-18 model in 1/32 and in place of the kit vertical stabilizers I have the Avionix A tail mod that comes with their resin cockpit. Since they don’t fit in the existing slot the angle will have to be set but I cannot seem to find this piece of information so far. Thanks in advance! Chris heres a pic of the pins i made to align them and hold them in place while the epoxy sets
  12. Love the custom work. Hope you post an update soon
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