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  1. Looks great, Sukhoi Su-27! p.s. I also made the plane of his commander Milenko Pavlovich few years ago ... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235042327-mig-29-yugoslavian-af-vitesovi-172/#comment-3113392
  2. I also became the owner of this wonderful kit!
  3. Hello, gentlemen! It’s my next build in this scale. This time heavy tank – Pz. Kpfw VI Tiger I. Again small ZVEZDA kit. This tank known all. He was one of the best German tanks in the Wehrmacht and World War II. He had powerful armor and weapons. The model makes with some changes. My changes: - added all handrails on the tank hatches on turret and one on hull - added correct headlights and antenna - drilled holes in cannon and muzzle break - modified exhaust system - added hatch of turret on right side and make some elements PAINTING – AKAN enamel
  4. Release is scheduled for November 24
  5. Hello gentlemen! It’s my latest build – Soviet medium tank T-34-85. Small ZVEZDA kit in 1/100 scale (consist from 13 plastic parts, without decals). This tank is known to everyone and there is no point in talking about it. I can only say one thing, he was one of the best tanks in World War II. I had some changes in that model. My changes: - added headlight and antenna - added all handrails on hull of tank and turret - made the holes in the gun barrel and machinegun - modified all external fuel tanks - modified exhaust system PAINTING – AKAN enamel color
  6. New iinteriors QUINTA STUDIO...... http://scalemodels.ru/news/14930-svezhie-interery-kvinta-studio-48-jj-masshtab.html
  7. On the contrary, I don't like UAVs ))
  8. The single - seater version already will released soon after UB, said Gabor.
  9. Great! Definitely better than Kinetic.
  10. Added a bottom view..... It is already here are had 😀
  11. Thanks collegue! Just don't glue them
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