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  1. Thanks! I don't know. Didn't even hear about it......https://en.zvezda.org.ru/catalog/novinki/
  2. Hi gentlemen! It’s my latest build – Su-27SM3. ZVEZDA kit in 1/72 scale. This fighter 4th generation was manufactured by modernizing a production aircraft. Main changes – pilot cabin, weapon control system, optical electronic system and others It can carry various high precision weapons - different A-A missiles, A-G missiles, bombs, rocket pods and build-in cannon GSH-301. The main difference this modification is setting new engine AL-3F M1, reinforced airframe design, additional weapons points. Used aftermarket (resin AMIGO (RF/Chelyabinsk) photo eched set “Microdesign”)
  3. Great CAT! Well done, Roman! Знай наших!
  4. Great, Alexandre! This is auxiliary power unit. In russian - VSU (вспомогательная силовая установка) for starting main engines
  5. Superb! Looks nice! Well done Dragan!
  6. Amazing diorama Sebastijan! Top score!
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