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  1. Looks great! Very similar ..........
  2. Don't worry Oliver! The time has not come yet ..... 😀
  3. Much cheaper here .....https://i-modelist.ru/goods/205/475/480/2975.html
  4. On this site has build Ka-52 with use that resin set........ http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic.php?t=76279&highlight=
  5. The model has already appeared on sale.......
  6. No. This is how the afterburner worked. Second nozzle is semi closed.
  7. Yea, they are competitors.... :)
  8. Now you can see that there are no rivet lines. IMHO - it makes the model poorer.
  9. Yes, you are right. But I heard that this model had some mistakes at the 3d design stage.
  10. OK! Understood, Solo. I think in my country (in Russia) this model will be cheaper. ;)
  11. Autumn ends, but there is still no model.😀
  12. Great news, Simon! I have long wished this chopper.
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