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  1. Here's a detailed virtual view of the Collings Foundation's B-24J, 'Witchcraft'. It's the only combat-configured B-24 still flying. http://vintagetin.net/B-24Witchcraft/J/
  2. I had the unique opportunity to do a virtual shoot of Tom Reilly's exquisite restoration of the XP-82 Prototype. Enjoy! http://vintagetin.net/XP-82/
  3. A virtual view of an Iraqi military R-300 'Elbrus' (NATO: ‘Scud B’) Surface-to-Surface Ballistic Missile with MAZ-543M Transporter Erector Launcher (TEL). It is one of the most intact examples of these ubiquitous tactical field missiles. http://nasatech.net/ScudSS-1B/
  4. Frank99

    1/200 Hasegawa Space Shuttle

    Here's a virtual view, inside and out, of the Space Shuttles during their final missions and Transition & Retirement. http://www.nasatech.net/SpaceShuttle/
  5. Frank99

    Revell Boeing 747 SCA

    Here's a virtual view of NASA 905 http://www.nasatech.net/SCA905/
  6. Frank99

    747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    Here's a virtual view of NASA 905. http://www.nasatech.net/SCA905/
  7. Here's a virtual view of the Collings Foundation's exquisite P-38L 'Lightning'. It's considered the world's finest example of a restored and airworthy P-38. http://vintagetin.net/P-38L/
  8. Frank99

    Bangabandhu-1 Launch

    The launch of the first Falcon 9 Block 5 booster is scheduled for May 10, 2018 from SpaceX's refurbished Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The window opens at 4:12 pm EDT and closes at 6:22 pm EDT. The launch will put up the first communication satellite above the nation of Bangladesh in geosynchronous orbit. SpaceX will place the comsat in a geosync transfer orbit that allows the satallite to raise its own orbit to 22,500 miles in altitude. http://nasatech.net/ntBangbandhu1_PAGE.html
  9. Frank99

    Great resource photos

    Here's a detailed virtual view of the Space Shuttles: http://nasatech.net/SpaceShuttle/
  10. Frank99

    More great resources

    Here's a virtual view of the Space Shuttles: http://nasatech.net/SpaceShuttle/
  11. HERE'S A DETAILED VIRTUAL VIEW OF THE SHUTTLES: http://nasatech.net/SpaceShuttle
  12. TESS clears the catenary lightning wires on Pad 40 as it begins NASA's Planet Hunter mission. http://nasatech.net/ntTESS_PAGE.html
  13. When the S1/S2 separation occurs, within a couple of seconds the cold gas (pressurized nitrogen) RCS fires up to rotate the booster ~180°, orienting the engines into the direction of travel for the boostback burn. On exceptionally clear days you can see the nitrogen plume (it's quite extensive and fleeting as it warms up in the sunlight) from the RCS. While there could be a nitrogen gas contamination issue because of the proximity of the separated vehicles, I wonder if that is the case because the payload is still in its fairing and environmentally isolated.
  14. Frank99

    AFSPC-11 Launch

    The United Launch Alliance, a 50/50 business relationship by defense contractors Boeing and Lockheed, successfully launched the AFSPC-11 classified communication satellite for the Air Force. The Atlas 5-551 is the most powerful Atlas variant with a sea level thrust off the pad of 2.4 million pounds. The Atlas 5-551 vehicle consists of a 5-meter diameter fairing, five AJ-60A solid-fueled boosters and a single engined Centaur upper stage. http://nasatech.net/ntAFSPC-11_PAGE.html Next up, the launch of NASA's TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) on a SpaceX Falcon 9 Full Thrust block 4 booster. http://nasatech.net/ntTESS_PAGE.html
  15. Frank99


    Here's the Collings Foundation's two Mustangs, 'Betty Jane', a 'C' model razorback and 'Toulouse Nuts', a new 'D' model. http://vintagetin.net/P-51BettyJane/ http://vintagetin.net/TP-51DToulouse/
  16. Frank99

    Cockpit 360 views

    No one cares that you got knocked down 99 times. They care that you got back up 100.
  17. Frank99

    Cockpit 360 views

    Over 50 aircraft and spacecraft hi-res virtual tours. http://vintagetin.net
  18. Frank99

    Aircraft & Vehicle Picture Resource Links

    Here are detailed, high-resolution spherical panoramic views of over 50 vintage aircraft and spacecraft; some are historically significant vehicles. http://vintagetin.net Here's a site with almost every launch, landing, test, clean room views, probes and manned vehicles that was launched or processed through Kennedy Space Center or the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station from 2000 on. http://nasatech.net
  19. Frank99

    Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan

    Here's a detailed virtual view of the WWII bombardier and gunnery trainer for the bombers of the era. http://vintagetin.net/AT-11Kansan/
  20. Frank99

    Sikorsky UH-19 Chickasaw

    Here's a detailed virtual view of the Air Force's rescue chopper from the early 50's. http://vintagetin.net/UH-19Chickasaw/
  21. Frank99

    It's about FAC'n time

    Here's an OV-10 Bronco detailed to the State Dept for drug interdiction. http://vintagetin.net/OV-10DBronco/
  22. Frank99

    Canberra Parking

    Here's a virtual view of an historic Canberra that participated in Operation Robin in 1953 http://vintagetin.net/Canberra/
  23. Frank99

    B-17 pictures

    Here's a detailed virtual view of the Collings Foundation's B-17G, 'Nine-O-Nine' http://vintagetin.net/B-17Nine-O-Nine/G/
  24. Frank99

    OV-10A Bronco "Black Pony"

    Here's detailed virtual view of an OV-10 'Bronco' used by the State Dept for drug interdiction. It's airworthy. http://vintagetin.net/OV-10DBronco/
  25. Here are virtual views of Pad 39A with its Shuttle infrastructure and virtual views of the Shuttles on the pad, in the VAB and OPF prior to their last missions. http://nasatech.net/ntSubPad39A_PAGE.html http://nasatech.net/ntSTS-133MISSION_PAGE.html http://nasatech.net/ntSTS-134MISSION_PAGE.html http://nasatech.net/ntSTS-135MISSION_PAGE.html