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  1. Hi, Pollie! It’s a pleasure to meet the author of this picture. I'm sorry I couldn't say before that it was yours. I only remember that I got it from a website where they talked about a Bulgarian pilot. It's a shame that you can't get a picture of those slides 😔 Yes. If MiG-21MF 52 was repainted after she was stored in the museum, obviously the stencils was not repainted. But what about White 55? It seems that she has no stencils… You are right. AFAIK there is no decals for Bulgarian MiG-21MF, except Eduard (HGW) decals. Only Bis, UM, M (613) and
  2. Hi, Pollie! In the instructions sheet for White 177, Eduard says that this plane has black stencils. Many thanks for the info about S6, S14 and S76 decals. I’ll appreciate if you can share those pictures with us. I have only two pictures of the left side for white 177. As far as I know, Only Model Maker Decals and Armycast have decals sheet including some Bulgarian subjects. Have you see Armycast decals sheets? I hope other manufacturers will produce decals for Bulgarian planes… Cheers! Miguel
  3. Hi ChernayaAkula! Glad you are making this same plane. Eduard's MiG-21 is a very nice kit to build. For the MF-75 version, the Bulgarian Air Force markings are IMHO the most interesting ones. I’m sorry but I can’t say where I found out that picture. Below you can find another picture of the same plane I found recently. I'm sorry I can't say the source of the photos, but I downloaded them and didn't write down the url. From here I apologize to the authors. Many thanks for the links you included in your message. They are superb pictures. But all of them are Mi
  4. Hi, all! I hope everyone is healthy and can enjoy our wonderful hobby. I am building a Bulgarian MiG-21MF-75, specifically white 177 included in the Eduard 1/72 box and Linden Hill Imports ‘Brothers in Arms 3’ decal sheet. My question is very simple: does that plane (white 177) have visible stencils? I checked many photos of Bulgarian MiG-21 MF and Bis. Some of them have black stencils, much less stencils than Soviet and Warsaw Pact aircraft. On other planes I don't see any stencil. I only have a picture of white 177 (attached). It seems that it
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