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    Cleaning aircraft windows after painting

    My A380 has clear window strips. I also noticed that the date on the decal sheet is 2011, while on your picture it says 2005. Thanks!
  2. grillomartin1980

    Cleaning aircraft windows after painting

    Hi. Thanks a lot for your reply. I didn't know about aftermarket decals for windows. The 747-8 comes with plastic clear strips so I will try the paint-mask-paint method. I'll see if the A380 comes with decals or strips. Thanks!
  3. Hi all. I'm kind of re-taking an old hobby of building model aircraft. I finished my 787 Dreamliner (Zvezda) and found out that it was a painstaking job to remove the paint from the transparent windows after painting all the aircraft with enamel. I used an exacto knife to scratch all the windows and it took a lot of time. Now I'm building a 747-8 and, as you can imagine, that's double the work with the amount of windows that it has (I have an A380 queuing after it, too). So here's the question: is there a more efficient/easier way of removing the paint from the windows? Thanks a lot in advance!