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  1. Love it, what a great looking collection! I'm really asking myself now why I decided to improve the kits in this set and still trying to remove all the faults they have. I have the Saturn V on my desk for month and can't get myself to build it... The set looks awesome, even straight OOB! Question: Where the tile decals of the shuttle included in the Lindberg kit?
  2. Sounds good. Just asking because I took the long way and completely re-built the descent stage from scratch using scale drawings - and it was exhausting.
  3. Great progress so far. I'm watching it closely because I already built that kit and took many efforts to compensate it's inaccuracies. Any thought's about the size and shape of the Descent Stage?
  4. Straight and clean build so far! Funny, I started building this kit a while ago and planned to do a similar presentation. One on the ground (maybe in landing configuration together with a F-104 chase plane), one in air. The build is currently on hold due to other ongoing projects but I'll have a close look on your progress, I may take some inspiration out of it. I am curious how you will create the missing decals, I also have the problem still before me. Cheers
  5. Okay, this is really cool! But...why is there a starting helicopter in the video on your phone??? 😄 Like I said before, fantastic work with the Decals. Could you explain the steps from picture to printed decals please?
  6. Great job on the decals. Great to see that you used different washes and that you considered the sealed panels, never saw a modeller mentioning that! Seems like your ride is well maintained, it looks very clean ;-)
  7. Good question. I got different explanations for that, but the most reasonable for me is this: The axles are offset to get the wheels closer together and to spare some space in the wheel wells. The wheel's wouldn't fit into the wheel well with a linear axle, the outboard (or lower wheel, in retracted position) would protrude out of the lower wing surface, making it impossible to use the inner gear doors. To go into the details: There are hydro-mechanical anti-skid units (yes, hydro-mechanical, no electronics involved) inside the axle bores. Imagine, it's basically 1960s technology and I guess,
  8. I promised pictures from the main landing gear, especially from the "misaligned" main wheel axles. So, here we go: LH Main landing gear. I draw red lines for the axles and yellow lines for the wheel positions. Even better to see with both main wheel removed. And a close up shot, you can see the off centered inboard and outboard main wheel axles.
  9. It's not a big deal, you could leave like it is and nobody will ever notice it. This is just one of the peculiarities of the Hawker, besides some others. If you're interested, I'll try to take a good picture of it in the next days.
  10. As an aircraft technician who worked a lot on Hawker Jets, I want to say: Awesome work, I really like your attention to all the details! There's one thing that caught my attention. On the real aircraft, the MLG wheels are staggered in its alignment, with outer wheel axle offset from the inner wheel axle. Seems like this is not considered in the model? Regards Daniel
  11. I'm looking for Falcon 9 dimensions as well to create a 1/200 scale Falcon 9 Block 5 Crew Dragon model. I wish there would be some accurate scale drawings of it but I didn't find any. Sure, you could find some dimensions of the Falcon 9 but they vary from each other. I took some research and will create my model based on this sources: https://www.spacelaunchreport.com/falcon9ft.html Vehicle Components Falcon 9 Block 5 Stage 1 - Merlin 1D Fuller Thrust Version Diameter (m): 3.66 m Length (m): ~40.9 m (est) not incl I/S (not sure if this includes the M
  12. Wow, this is just awesome! And another nice presentation what is possible in 3D printing, really nice.
  13. Ah, you got me!😁 Yes, I stretched the booster by 15 mm. Don't nail me down to this dimension, my quick calculations came damn close to this and the plastic tubes i used for the operation where already 15 mm long. The overall proportions of the Redstone looked right to me so I stayed with it.
  14. Pete, thank's for your reply! I know it wasn't the smartest decision to rebuild the Descent Stage 😅 and maybe it will turn out to be a dead end and I have to bury this project. But I found it to be a good opportunity to improve my scratch building skills and I will try to finish it anyway. The diameter of the Descent Stage in the kit wasn't a big problem for me, but rather the overall height of the stage, which is just about 4mm too low.... You're right, there's no "perfect" LM kit and in the end my model will have it's flaws as well...but as said by you, we all just do
  15. I used both decal set's from IndyCals and Tango Papa, individually choosing the one that looks better to me, ending up in a mix of both decal set's on the models. But anyway, an additional (better?) set of decals for the Man In Space kit would be very welcome for future builds. Hotdog, if you're planning to release a set of tile decals for the shuttle kit, you can be sure that I'll purchase a couple of them. I tried to find a set of the tile decals designed by Keith McNeill but it's impossible to get them. I contacted him once and got the information that they're no longer in
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