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  1. Ah, you got me!😁 Yes, I stretched the booster by 15 mm. Don't nail me down to this dimension, my quick calculations came damn close to this and the plastic tubes i used for the operation where already 15 mm long. The overall proportions of the Redstone looked right to me so I stayed with it.
  2. Pete, thank's for your reply! I know it wasn't the smartest decision to rebuild the Descent Stage 😅 and maybe it will turn out to be a dead end and I have to bury this project. But I found it to be a good opportunity to improve my scratch building skills and I will try to finish it anyway. The diameter of the Descent Stage in the kit wasn't a big problem for me, but rather the overall height of the stage, which is just about 4mm too low.... You're right, there's no "perfect" LM kit and in the end my model will have it's flaws as well...but as said by you, we all just do the best we can to make it look right!😉 Thank's for your opinion to use Vincent's blueprints, they're the best reference I have. Dan
  3. I used both decal set's from IndyCals and Tango Papa, individually choosing the one that looks better to me, ending up in a mix of both decal set's on the models. But anyway, an additional (better?) set of decals for the Man In Space kit would be very welcome for future builds. Hotdog, if you're planning to release a set of tile decals for the shuttle kit, you can be sure that I'll purchase a couple of them. I tried to find a set of the tile decals designed by Keith McNeill but it's impossible to get them. I contacted him once and got the information that they're no longer in production. So....a good set of tile decals for the 1/200 kit would fill a gap and will find it's customers!
  4. Hi folks, I just found Real Space Modelling to be a nice way to combine hobby (model-building) and interest (space) and made the way into this remarkable forum. I'm currently working on the Dragon "Lunar Landing" kit in 1/72. A first review of the kit and a check of my references revealed a lot of inaccuracies of the kit, the most obvious one seems to be the undersized descent stage. I decided to scratch build the descent stage (yes, it's small in this scale), using the impressing 1/24 LM built by Vincent Meens and the Blueprints provided by him as a reference. I'm almost done with the basic structure of the Descent Stage and some clues popped up that the basic dimensions of the stage may be wrong. I tried to compare the Blue Prints to other references available in the www, but that just confuses me any more. For example, the outer dimensions given in NASA LM Handbook Vol.1 (Source: https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/alsj-LMdocs.html): The basic dimensions are 13' 10'' x 12' 3'' = 58,5 mm x 51,8 mm in 1/72 scale The dimensions given in the Blueprints are 58,3 mm x 55,5 mm. I used the dimension from the blueprints, as I think that these are a trust-able reference considering the effort Vincent Meens put into the scrachtbuild. My question is, does anyone of you have additional references regarding the LM dimensions? I just want to check if my efforts are so far correct or if I need to build the Descent Stage again. Thanks in advance!
  5. Happy new year to everyone! Hotdog, really nice work so far, well done! Actually, seeing you building the "Man In Space" Kit made me register to ARC forums and this is my very first post here. It seems that we have the same project in our minds as I'm working on the "Man In Space" Kit as well and having the Hasegawa Space Shuttle in my stash to present it along with the models from the kit. I just finished the kit up to the Saturn 1B, I may post some pic's in an own thread occasionally. When I built the Mercury Redstone, I found some clues that the body of the booster is too short because it represents the military (tactical) version of the Redstone. The Redstone used for the Mercury Project had apparently longer tanks and I stretched the body with an adapted polystyrene tube. I'm in doubt about my references now, because I've never seen anyone else doing this "correction", you neither....😓 By the way, nice idea to add the A-4/V-2 to the collection, where did you get the decals for it from?
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