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    1/350, 1/48 and 1/32 - mostly modern Navy and Naval aviation.

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  1. Thank you for something definitive. I always figured was the case as the cockpit door half opened into the nose gear wheel bay. Didn't think this door could be opened during flight so figured no room for a sit down toilet. Again, for all you Su-34 builder fans on Facebook, check out our build group https://www.facebook.com/groups/284617025599276/
  2. You and I have the same problem it appears. I try to discuss with local modellers and I get a look as if I'm strange for having this issue. Let us know if you get the Tamiya brush and if it works for you.
  3. All the best on this. Keep posting, it will help keep you motivated. :-)
  4. Hobby Boss until we finally get the proper 1/48 A-10C many are waiting for.
  5. No offense taken. You and I have talked on a few threads, and appreciate your input. Just thought strange as you seemed quick to dismiss, clearly I was wrong. I'm not completely sold on the ionized water thing either, but thought it worth mentioning in case any one has tried this with success and could give input. The Tamiya brush appears to be the most cost effective brush on anti-static I've seen.
  6. I too am interested in the Tamiya brush, but to say the ionized water is "woo" - not sure the meaning there, but consider that the whole point is to ionize the plastic, both the brush and water can both work the same and both seem to be "woo." So try not to be closed minded. :-) I read that about the ionized water on a vinyl record forum.
  7. Recently read somewhere that washing with Ionized water can help. Mostly used for anticipated health benefits. If it's not expensive, perhaps worth a try? I do like the look of that Tamiya brush though as well.
  8. Agree, I've had the same problem. Mostly I just have to put the model aside for a while for the static to discharge on it's own. Usually a couple days. I wanted to ask this question recently as well. Wondered If there was a way to ground plastic models. I wanted to look into one of these:
  9. Thank you fellow Canadian :-) My issue isn't with AMK, in fact a part of me still think they will release this kit. They have issued 5 other kits in the past, had box art and decals made for the F-14. But Sincere Hobby to ignore any requests for store credit is alarming.
  10. 100% agree, people just like to dump on announcement that does fit their narrow criteria in what they hope/think should be released. I personal don't like any egg models, but I don't go around dumping on any release. Edit: I don't like the extra fine panel lines of Hasegawa and their brittle plastic. I'm hopeful for the CF-104 you will eventually release and hopefully a two seater. ;-)
  11. I just don't understand how no one seems to get worked up about how Sincere Hobby has taken so many people pre-order money an yet does not respond to email requesting refunds or store credit. That to me is the biggest issue here as AMK can promise anything they want and we're not out any money, but the lack of response from Sincere Hobby is becoming fraudulent. Or am I the only one not getting replies from Sincere Hobby?
  12. Although possibly some of the suggested fixes will not be changed when finally released, it might also be possible that if that was the case, that fixes aren't being done, we might have seen this kit released sooner. I can't imagine the frustration for AMK, they had a large supply of decals made for the release, box art done both at a cost with no return on investment, and to run into so many issues getting the kit just right.
  13. Neat, thanks for sharing. Which AMK kit would be used to build one? B/BS or the BM/BSM?
  14. I have Klear Kote by Alclad II, what's the difference beyond the name and that one is milky and other is clear? Thank you :-)
  15. It is a separate effort. Where are they filming Tomcats...Iran?
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