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  1. Jonathan S

    EA-6B Specific plane markings

    Not sure what skills you have, options could include: 1) Making your own decal. Easy because it's black markings. 2) Making a vinyl mask which has become very popular 3) Commission someone to do the above two options.
  2. Steal away as this had run its course. Yes, it was the debris deflectors. This was my first Su-27 family kit. I'm so happy with the quality of the Su-27 family kits that have or are coming out, I want to build a bunch more. I'm currently working on the Su-34 and have purchased the Su-35 and Su-27UB. I want to do the J-15 and a Su-35 prototype (yet to be purchased). And lastly want a Su-30MKM kit. How cool would all these look on display :-)
  3. Thanks for the kind words as I only consider myself an average builder. Your aircraft are really nice too!
  4. Learn from my mistakes and success. It's a great kit, lots of fun to build. Not an easy kit to build due to the complexity of the real thing. Failures and tips: 1) I used MiG paint set which I feel was way off. The grey you use on the belly is Mission Model paint is not correct (not their fault) and wished I used a different color. Something with more blue in it. Recommend the AKAN set. I regret not going that route. 2) Use new and improved instructions you can download on-line from Kinetics web site. Newer issues of the kit may already have updated instructions in the box. 3) Use your reference material for everything. If you need a good walk around. Let me know. 4) Decals that come with the kit are fine, just as good as any aftermarket, but not as complete as they should be for stencils. Recommend Begemont decals. I used the kit decals. 5) The inner turkey feathers for the exhaust stick way too far out. So recommend removing about 3mm's worth of plastic from the inner tubes that hold the turkey feathers. (see photo below). This allows the inner exhaust piece to be pushed into the aircraft further. 6) The PE strakes that fit behind the main gear fit incredibly well. I'd recommend adding before painting. But do not push them in as far as they can go. adjust them so you can still fit the nose gear wheels. I cut away some of the plastic stubs that hold the wheels so that I could slide them in last and after the gear was largely painted/assembled. Have fun Camera warped some of the parts in this image:
  5. Okay, pinning it worked very well. Thanks for your help guys. Looking back it's one of those, jeepers, why didn't I think of this obvious solution before.
  6. Jonathan S

    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MKM Flanker-H, Royal Malaysian Air Force, 2015

    Congratulations on finishing this fine aircraft. Was fun to watch being built. How many months did you take to build this? Of these three colors, which did you use for the primary camo: MRP-181 Light Gray, Gunze Aqueous H335 Medium Seagray, and H331 Dark Seagray?
  7. Jonathan S

    Kinetic Kits Any Good?

    Sorry, yes, 1/48 on the brain, so thank you for the correction.
  8. Jonathan S

    Kinetic Kits Any Good?

    I'm confused, but that's not hard. Have I offended you Onigiri? I hope not, I do respect you.
  9. Jonathan S

    Kinetic Kits Any Good?

    Each kit can be hit and miss and best not always to just sum up one company against another. Recommend to the original poster to do research on each subject of interest. Or post a question on which is the best F-16C block 50 kit (be specific) on the market. Everyone (correction many) think(s) the Tamiya F-15 is the best on the market because it's made by Tamiya. Not the case, but they do have the best F-16C block 50. But if you want the F-16D block 50, well Tamiya doesn't make that, but are offerings Hasegawa and Kinetics.
  10. Jonathan S

    Collin (of Washington DC) is Outstanding!

    I had that happen but with decals that I wanted that were no longer available. I try and do things like that too, but a full kit through the mail is above and beyond. I've given away many kits locally in which I've lost interest in the subject. Especially recommend doing this for younger plastic modelers. Such a generous thing means you need to build it sooner than later. Don't let it sit in your stash.
  11. Jonathan S

    Glass Case RMAF SU-30MKM 1/48

    You did indeed do a good job. What paint did you use for the main camo? Michael's build thread on the Su-30MKM can be found here:
  12. Jonathan S

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    All mine have not been kitted that I know of in injection plastic. 1/48: P-3 MiG-29K Tu-22M X-29 1/32: EA-6B
  13. Jonathan S

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Really enjoying watching this. Going together so fast and with all that modification too! Wow, just wow.
  14. Hi Nate I don't track hours working on kits, but been thinking lately I should keep a log of the specific colors I've been using in connection on what I've been painting. Now that so many shades of dark greys, when I go back to touch-up, I cant remember which dark grey I used previously.
  15. Jonathan S

    Su-34 bits?

    What two holes need plugging for later production Fullbacks? Was it the ones on top of the fuselage near the motors? I noticed this and posted in a Su-34 Facebook group build I started up. Photo is of the Kitty Hawk Su-34. Is the kit correct for early Su-34s in this area as well? Should be some what an easy fix.