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  1. 100% agree with everything you say. Sometimes the Revell boxing is more expensive than the ICM original kit itself, so shop around. Also make sure which version you want. I like the interceptor version, which is the MiG-25PD. That one is sometimes a bit harder to find.
  2. 1/32 EA-6B 1/48 TU-22M 1/48 P-3 1/48 E-1 Tracer 1/48 MiG-29K (carrier version) I had more, but they've been announce such as 1/48 Su-30MkM and Su-57. Bonus request 1/48 E-152
  3. Nice Capture Terry I actually like that they did this with two seams, as now I don't have to worry about sanding down and working around that detail that is mean to be at the center line. Also, the other option for the canopy has no seam.
  4. Agreed, I missed the TA-4J, but it's going to be re-popped this year or early next. Yippie :-)
  5. Really like the effective of having cleaner gear doors than the rest of the belly.
  6. The video above, love that at 13:32. I've always wondered how to create this effect so easily.
  7. Well, at what point does it become a stash? When you have more than one unbuilt kit in your collection? Some kits get rather rare to find, but on the other hand, kits released now are often better than the old ones.
  8. There you go, two F-16 experts helping you here. Jake is a well known F-16 expert and I'm an editor over on F-16.net. Can confirm you and Jake are correct. Not really a 1980's jet here. This photos was taken after 1992 and aircraft arrived in Florida late 1989. The photographer is a friend of mine, Mike Kopack Sr. He might know the date the photo was taken. Mike used to be a prolific photographer and model builder, but he's likely not on this forum.
  9. Sorry Zacto, you're not corect on the bottom photo with vertical stabilizer. I've seen photos of this exact model on facebook from a different angle, the leading edge is actually down (to pitch nose up) and the camera angle is from the side not straight down (otherwise you would not see the side of the vertical tail). It is an illusion that the shape does not match. If this is what you mean.
  10. But shouldn't have to for such a touted fine kit. Remember the GWH F-15 had a few such issues and later boxings of the kit fixed that. Now it's the best F-15 in 1/48 IMHO. Edit: Also, I can't scribe as fine as some of the modern kits relief detail. So not so simple for me :-)
  11. Well said, we don't know what will be in the box in the end. Although I've not seen evidence some of the issues have been fixed. My main concern is the aerial refueling door seems to high in the front. I was hopeful all the recent delays (delays after we saw the decals) were to fix these main issue. My ultimate concern is whether I will even get an AMK F-14 from Sincere hobby or even a weapons set. Early people were promised a weapons set, but the language lately was that all pre-orders are getting it. Not sure anything any more.
  12. I was just wondering the other day what the decal quality was out of the box, thanks! Excellent build, the interior of your exhausts was well done. Love the markings. What Mr Color paint number was used for the overall gray?
  13. I have a Hasegawa A-7 and Corel Draw. I can try and help as well. We can contact each other off board. One of my email is c130.net (at) gmail.com. But I may not be a around the next few days.
  14. Certainly a dramatic trailer. War movies are so hard to do very well. The mistake Hollywood makes is to try and make a love story (which can be done well, but rarely executed), but the best is to capture the combat drama and the fellowship.
  15. Clearly the aftermarket decal simply copied the very wrong decals from the kit. Even copied the incorrect yellow boarder around the "Stinger" wording. If you can, you might consider scanning the decal and scaling it larger for tail code and the squadron marking. Use a computer to scale it as width just needs a bit more while height needs a lot more. Then print your own decal. Printing the white part of the wings is the only part that wont work here. But for the wings you could stencil a set of wings. Edit: I also now see white in the eyes and mouth. :-(
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