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  1. Jonathan S

    Luckymodel and stocking status of popular brands

    Yeah, been thinking the same thing, I've been waiting on a large order almost 6 months now just due to one item within that order. Thought it strange that they drop certain companies due to distribution problems, but seems to be very common for many items they carry. This happens so much that if they don't ship in 6 months, I request the offending item be removed from my order and just ship what they have. Been like this for years. I think waiting 6 months on something labelled 2 to 3 weeks to restock is generous.
  2. Jonathan S

    Prowler Nose Cone destroyed. Options?

    They are so quick. Once I inquired about a part and they shipped it to me without asking for a mailing address, they mailed it to my work. Had forgotten that it was part of the footer in my email. Glad it made it to me as I work in a bigger company.
  3. Jonathan S

    Alclad II white primer

    Thanks guys, my concerns of in the long term white primer turning yellow aren't founded, so great.
  4. Jonathan S

    Alclad II white primer

    Hi All I tried using Alclad II white primer for the first time for landing gear. Went on very well. So well that I see no need for another coat of white paint. Any other white paint will yellow against plastic, but this is primer. Am I missing something or anyone else confirming this as a good technique? Make sure well ventilated and wearing proper mask if you use this paint. Thank you, Jon
  5. Jonathan S

    Anyone with Modelcollect B2 - warped parts?

    Excellent, good to hear it worked.
  6. Jonathan S

    Anyone with Modelcollect B2 - warped parts?

    Heat a large flat area of boiling water. Heat the parts in the boiling water. Then remove and quickly place against a flat glass surface (I used the cold glass top of my oven) to press the parts flat. Always heat with boiling water, do not try and apply any other heat source direct to the part. Add a bit of salt to the water to increase the boiling temperature a bit. Experiment with some sprue tree parts first if you like. I would pay half price for this kit if this was the only issue as I could fix this.
  7. After wet sanding the stinger assembly on my Su-34, the dust collected in the rivets and seams. Even with a micro fiber cloth, could not get the dust out. Ultra-sonic cleaner got it out easily. Now just need an ultra sonic cleaner large enough for entire model aircraft. :-)
  8. Jonathan S

    How to install stretched sprue wire antennas?

    Thanks Dutch, was a real game changer for me this technique. Once you get the concept I've noted above, modify it based on what you are doing. Instead of the wall, I often run to a heavy fluid filled bottle. This way you can move the bottle instead of the model to give tension to the line you are running. I like to keep the bottle far enough away that if it fell over, it wouldn't hit the model. Once the second part of the line is anchored, release the tension to make it easier to cut the line. If the line requires one long line that hits several contact points, just keep going using same technique for each contact point. You see that mostly with ships that run lines from the bow, to main mast, to mast to stern. An issue I've found with stretched sprue for a antenna is that they some times have air pockets that stretch with the sprue and you can't tell they are there. If you have this, the antenna is very week but you can't tell it's there. I mostly stretch sprue for making wicks, a disposable tools to apply liquid putty (MR Surface). Stretch and then cut out the middle.
  9. Jonathan S


    Interesting, thanks for posting and keeping us updated. Make sure you read the whole post everyone.
  10. Jonathan S

    Heritagecon 13 in Hamilton March 24th

    If you live in the area, and that's you too Buffalo, NY. Highly recommend this show. It's large, great venue, lots of people, lots of vendors, lots of models on display. Attended last year and regret I missed previous years now.
  11. Jonathan S

    Heritagecon 13 in Hamilton March 24th

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada I'll be there too. :-)
  12. Jonathan S

    Prowler Nose Cone destroyed. Options?

    For ballast gluing, I use lead fishing weights and glue in place with CA. It's something you have to take a bit of care doing. as the CA can run everywhere if you aren't careful. For me because I normally only have the really flowing stuff on hand. :-)
  13. Jonathan S

    How to install stretched sprue wire antennas?

    I anchor one point first on a very long fishing line, far longer than you need. Once that glue is set (CA or fancy white glue) I run the long line to a nearby wall and tape that to the wall keeping the line slack during that process. Place that tape slightly lower than your final fixing point on the model. Slowly move the model away from the wall till the line become tight to desired level. Then lift the line up to where you want it and friction at the top will hold it in place. Glue and then cut the excess. I use nail clippers, fine scissors or cutting tweezers to trim. The nice thing is, it's as tight as you want, so you don't have to run the risk of over heating to tighten that you experience with stretched sprue. How or where you tape the long far end of the line will become more obvious as you get comfortable with this process. I hope my explanation makes sense. I hope it can be as revolutionary as it was for me. It took my rigging from a nightmare to being something I look forward to doing. This isn't my idea, but an out of the box way of thinking of this process. I use it to rig ships as well. My experience, we should only use stretched sprue for "Out of box" building.
  14. Jonathan S

    Prowler Nose Cone destroyed. Options?

    Yeah, two part epoxy is also a good idea here. I forgot about that one and even used that recently, yikes. Bondo is stronger than you think for a subject this size especially if using to build onto the existing part. But wouldn't use either to totally build a new nose.
  15. I've heard that if the bottles freeze, that can damage the paint. Not confirmed, just heard this. I find that Vallejo (especially a new nearly full) bottle requires a lot of mixing before using. I use a machine stirring first and then a jigsaw shaker next before using. I've both airbrushed and hand brushed Vallejo and found Vallejo is my favorite for hand brushing. Self levels and shows no brush strokes. I also really like the many options of grey right out of the bottle. Your statement of it being tacky is the reverse of my experience, I have to add a lot of retarder to keep it tacky when spraying. Otherwise it dries on your airbrush tip fast.