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    1/350, 1/48 and 1/32 - mostly modern Navy and Naval aviation.

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  1. Jonathan S

    F-16 Crash near March AFB; Pilot OK

    Because it pancaked, the decent wasn't quite as fast and was probably cushioned as it fell through the roof. Glad everyone made it home that night. Think of that F-106 that pancaked into the field and was almost perfectly fine from the outside.
  2. Jonathan S

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 Gripen A/C

    I think it's one of their early works, so wont be redemption. The newest kits are certainly much better and there helicopters I hear are pretty good.
  3. If I were a CAD person, I wouldn't want to copy and mirror that gear till I had it just right. This will sell well for them. It's been so great to see so many Russian subjects being done in 1/48.
  4. Jonathan S

    so what's most popular models these days?

    If you mean of all time, that's very difficult to say as most manufacturers don't say how many kits have sold. I know Trumpeter sold a lot of 1/32 A-10s and was one of their more successful releases, but it's not THAT popular. If you want an idea of what's popular right now, a helpful tool is available at scalemates.com: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hot.php
  5. Genre: Japanese WWI ships with WWII modifications and 1980s jets, Russian and US. Scale: mainly 1/350 and 1/48 Favorite Manufacturer is Kinetic. Like the subjects they chose.
  6. Jonathan S

    lacquer coverage problem

    Peter Share some photos of your results, we can post-mortem examine the results and possibly give better advice. Advice given here I think has been correct, but blind without photos. If you have 185 in the stash, I'd be considering getting an air brush. Lots of free video's on how to maintain, clean and use an airbrush. Also, if you are using lacquer based products, either way, use a good quality respirator or be outside in breezy conditions.
  7. Jonathan S

    F-14A Canopy Question

    Be gentle when you work Mstor's above mentioned process as clear plastic is far more fragile.
  8. Jonathan S

    Hobbyboss 1/48 Su-34 vs. Kittyhawk 1/48 Su-34?

    another one just hit me: Either (I can't remember) the fan blades at the back or the front show to install after the engine is assembled, but wont fit once assembled.
  9. Jonathan S

    Hobbyboss 1/48 Su-34 vs. Kittyhawk 1/48 Su-34?

    Neither is great, but the Kitty Hawk is the best. I've enjoyed the Kitty Hawk building so far, but lots of errors in the instructions. Some basics to watch in the Kitty Hawk kit: 1) Attach the intakes prior to assembling the fuselage halves. 2) Many parts in the ejection seats don't have receiving pins, but build up really nicely with only a small amount of effort. 3) The HUD may be too tall to fit under the canopy. Mine was okay, but I shaved the base of the plastic base that holds the HUD. 4) The small intakes on each side of the spine show installation after the fuselage halves are together. They need to be put on before the fuselage halves are together. 5) The engine mounts are strange, they have extra pins or don't align correctly. Really study the instructions and you should be safe. There's a Su-34 building group on FB that has lots of helps.
  10. Jonathan S

    Love this "rusty tail" F-16

    Really like it, so bold to make an aircraft rusty looking like that. Wonder if this art was designed by a scale modeller? Will be looking for decals of this one. :-) https://theaviationist.com/2019/04/18/check-out-this-belgian-f-16-with-a-pretty-unusual-special-rusty-tiger-tail/
  11. Jonathan S

    Need resin tips, badly...

    Mr Surface can be used as a filler and primer, but never as a polisher. It's lacquer based, so toxic. I apply with a brusht and then use a cotton ball or Q-tip with nail polish remover to take away any excess once dry. Always where gloves. Perfect Plastic Putty is similar, but not as runny. And non-toxic, can even remove with water (so make sure sealed before you wash to paint).
  12. Jonathan S

    Need resin tips, badly...

    I've note used it as a filler. Not what I would recommend for a filler. I use depending on the seam being filled, Perfect Putty or Mr Surface. As for what I do use the Gator Grip for: Mainly PE, some canopies, and many landing gear doors. It's a fancy non-toxic white glue that dries clear. Check out my link provided as it shows it's use and technics.
  13. Jonathan S

    Need resin tips, badly...

    Think can only buy direct for this product. Recommend buying two bottles, one of each type as for me the shipping was the same for two bottles as one. Follow the teachings on using the product to best results.
  14. Jonathan S

    Need resin tips, badly...

    I use Gator Grip glue for many applications instead of CA. CA can be pretty toxic and have friends in the hobby who have developed allergies over the years to CA. Gator Grip for PE, some canopies, and many landing gear doors. Sometimes I'll use gator glue and then hit the part with a light touch of CA after the Gator Grip has dried. Just for some additional strength. Gator Grip can be found here: http://www.gatorsmask.com/gatorglueorder1.html
  15. Jonathan S

    Canopies turning cactus over years

    I'd use WD40 first. Apply to a que-tip and only clean the canopy, try not to touch the paint too much.