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  1. Thanks for everyone’s help with this. In the end I found a reasonably priced E and went with that. It’s on the proverbial slow boat. Of course not long after that the local hobby shops opened back up and they had a kit. Oh well I look forward to it I enjoyed the first one I built so I can clear more of my stash while I wait. Andrew
  2. Dave, Thanks for taking the time to reply. That is all stuff I can work with. I definitely like to use the KA models exhaust nozzles. Again thank you!
  3. Since the GWH F-15I is more easily available to purchase and a little cheaper could I use that as a F-15E. Of course have to use the decals and proper paint for a USAF E. Tried to find info if they are basically the same airplane or not and didn’t find any definitive answer. If it is minor modding needed I can take care of that
  4. I had emailed the crew over at Furball aero and they thought November the decals would be out. Anyone heard an update. I have the C and the E mostly done just need the decals for me to finish. BTW the Great Wall F-15s are really good builds. Went together great with little work needed hiding seams
  5. Thanks Stephen, Thats great news! Thanks, Andrew
  6. Thank you for the reply. Was hoping for 1/48. I should have mentioned the scale. Thanks, Andrew
  7. Does anyone know if there are decals available or in the works for the Lakenheath F-15E D-day anniversary scheme? Haven’t had any luck with searching the net. Thanks, Andrew
  8. This is excellent. Must be a lot of fun to share the hobby with your daughter. I will be following the progress. Andrew
  9. WAD3

    Dish soap

    I gave it a try after reading the thread and it pretty much tells what not to do. No idea if it helped but what I was trying to do worked. Happy about that just not sure if it would help or not on something larger. Thanks for you replys Andrew
  10. WAD3

    Dish soap

    I see from time to time people talking about adding dish soap to paint and once adding it to pastel and water for weathering. My question 1 Why? 2 how much? 3 to water and paint mix or thinner and paint mix. Also willing to watch or read any videos or articles to get these answers. Thanks Andrew
  11. Thanks Gary. Nice video of it on you tube in the hangar with a P-47 that must have inspired it. Would love to build a F-15E with those markings. So rare when USAF paints up a fighter like that. Even though I’m a vet of the USAF I’ve always preferred he way the US Navy fighters are painted with their CAG jets.
  12. Anybody get shot of the F-15 E that is painted in WWII striping?
  13. WAD3


    I want to build one of the Great Wall Migs. I want to do a Cold War Soviet MiG-29. Did the Soviets use the 9-12 and the 9-13 or just the -12. Thanks Andrew
  14. Does anybody know where to get 1/48 scale fighter pilot helmets that could be carried by a pilot figure or be displayed on the aircraft? Thanks Andrew
  15. Sent a direct message to you.
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