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  1. Great! I'm only a reasonably close approximation of a skilled model builder, so that's perfect. 😄
  2. I have the Print Scale sheet with one sh-60b, mh-60s, and mh-60
  3. Cyber Hobby has this kit on sale for under 15 bucks, no offense to the Army but I'm a FLY NAVY kind of guy. So I'm wondering if I can get this kit looking like a Seahawk, or at least very very close? Reviews I read said it has 35 unused parts, maybe they're Seahawk parts? I already have the right decals in my stash, at under 15 bucks I can also buy some photoetch and still come out ahead. Thanks for any help Michael Lee Smith
  4. thanks Snake these are great, and the QL404 is indeed the model I'm making, those are the kit decals. Hope they're decent, never used Hobbyboss decals before
  5. Thank you Gino. I'm just going by what the box says the model is, a UH-1C 😉 It's definitely not an exact replica of anything, helicopters would be pretty hard to fly with no collectives and no pedals 😉 Basically bought it just for a test bed for some new weathering techniques. Assuming this imaginary helo was ever actually in Vietnam,. would there be heavy red clay dust around the skids and the lower part of the aircraft?
  6. Gents, I found a Hobbyboss 1/48 "easy assembly" kit for this helicopter at Hobby Lobby for 6 bucks on sale, couldn't pass it up. Turns out there are absolutely no color call outs in the instructions, except for "olive drab" on the USMC version, which, I'm no expert but it MUST be USMC Field Green right? And, not sure about the blades, were they black on top and olive drab on the bottom? Seems like I read that once, but not sure and couldn't find any info on it doing an internet search. Thanks in advance for any help! Michael Smith
  7. Lucky Model has taken good care of me over the years, I'm a happy customer, glad it worked out for you.
  8. Maybe it was the infamous BONDOBIRD, an experimental car that GM was trotting around to various car shows back in the day.
  9. Nope, but these things can take a bit of time here on Hyperscale.
  10. I can't find an email address for you, and your PMs are not being accepted, so can you tell me the prices for one of the Revell 1/48 Tornadoes, and these:
  11. I was going in that direction first but thought maybe anyone who would get it had probably died by now 😊
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