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  1. Unfortunately that picture is everything what I received from Italeri.
  2. 1. that is correct 2. I do not know, I suppose yes 3. at least for 40520 the boxart is correct According to me, the instruction sheet should look like this: A version - 315 is correct B version should be 543 (because this number is unused) C version - should be 520 as it was confirmed by Italeri It seems somebody during instruction sheet creation inserted the 315 twice (position 1 and 2) and consequently the 543 was moved to position 3 and replaced the 520
  3. Well, there is a difference between the box and Instruction sheet (the C version is missing on the instruction sheet) so I asked Italeri 3 years ago to clarify this. The answer from Italeri was quick with attached pdf file. So finally the C version is 40520 as is figured on the box - see attached mentioned pdf file.1375 RB-66B versione C laterale + numeri-3.pdf edited: preview of attachment was added
  4. The markings are placed on the side of the box. Decals are printed by Cartograph and the paint mask for canopy and wheels is included.
  5. Unfortunately, at least for me, the F-111D is offered in Gunship Gray only, the 2nd decals version is F-111F in usual four-tone camo. So if I don't want to have two F-111F (yes, I bought both offered kits) I am forced to have "D" in gray camo which is not so attractive. I hope somebody will release decal sheet.
  6. The instruction sheets for FB-111A (K35) and F-111G (02314) are identical, both are labeled as K35. The difference between these 2 kits is new decal sheet and paint instructions sheet for RAAF. On the paint instructions sheet is notice: Decals for K35 not included in this kit.
  7. Instructions https://academy.co.kr/1aden/product/01_plastic_model/01_aircraft/72/12563_USN_F-14A_VF-143/12563_ins.pdf
  8. Greetings to your wife. She translated the text exactly.
  9. Some pictures - sprues, photoetched parts, decals https://modelweb.modelforum.cz/2019/10/03/148-grumman-f-14d-super-tomcat-amk/#more-271041
  10. You can buy revell kit of F-14D with Grim Reapers decals. Maybe the price of the kit and standalone decals is similar. https://www.revell.de/produkte/modellbau/flugzeuge/militaer-modern/f-14d-super-tomcat.html?listtype=search&searchparam=F-14D
  11. The kit of C2/C7 is available in czech eshop, but you need to ask if they ship to the USA. Paypal is accepted. http://www.mn-modelar.com/en-detail-902047435-1-72-iai-c2-c7-kfir.html
  12. I found one sheet for 18,80 euro in stock at https://obchod.valka.cz/product_info.php/p/1071159 But you may ask first if they have really the sheet in the stock.
  13. Maybe this link helps https://www.1999.co.jp/itbig12/10122324t3.jpg
  14. Sorry for hijacking this question, I bought the Italeri kit F-111A (Hasegawa kits are very very rare and expensive) and I am thinking if the black color used for undersurface is gloss, matt or satin (similar to revell 301)? I saw some pictures of real planes partially on internet, partially in the books and it seems, at least for me, it is satin. Thank you for the advice
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