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  1. Hello Phantom, any possibility that we can still arrange a transaction?
  2. Matthew83128, the image you linked is the exact one that inspired me, then Janissary pointed me to his excellent work here. I’m assuming that whatever Strike Eagle variant that the 20-year old Monogram/Revell 1/48 kit depicts (which is conveniently in my stash) has flown in a similar green/yellow primer configuration at some point. I’m going to attempt my first open canopy, add photoetch cockpit details, and try some plastic surgery to put the inlet cowls in the down position. Should keep me off the streets for a few months...
  3. Matthew83128, I'm planning to attempt a similar scheme based on F-15QA first flight images recently published. Do you know anything about the dark green shades - is it a primer, bare composite finish, or what? The yellow is presumably a zinc chromate type primer, but my google searches haven't shed any light on what the various colors and tones actually are.
  4. Janissary, I left some questions about paint colors used on your build over on your build thread. Sorry, I didn't read your post above about winging it thoroughly. Thanks, the images in your build and critique threads are great and give me a lot of ideas!
  5. Hello Janissary, I posted about wanting to paint up an F-15QA flying in a similar primer scheme earlier today. Do you happen to recall what colors you used for the green and jade panels, and the rudders? FS36118 on the rudders? What's the jade color on your refueling door? The QA also has a gray radome and CFTs, and I'm trying to figure out what FS colors those might be. Thanks for any info you might have!
  6. Yesterday I stumbled across pictures of a F-15QA test flight prior to getting painted, displaying a predominantly green and yellow color scheme. The yellow is probably some kind of zinc-chromatey primer, but the green almost looks like FS34092 from the old European One camoflage schemes. The radome is a medium gray, and the inlet interiors and CFTs seem to be a light gray. The rudders are a dark gray, perhaps FS36118 Gunship Gray? There is a jade-green panel over the left engine hump, adjacent to the flap. Are the light and medium gray areas using Mod Eag
  7. hello, looking for one of the twin seater EF-2000 Typhoon kits. I have the old Italeri but after starting it, it's just not up to expectations. Supposedly the newer Revell kit is better, if I can find one. Thanks!
  8. The F-16XL in the red, white, and blue scheme for the 1/48 Kinetic kit would be excellent!
  9. The decal doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere I've searched so far, but thanks for the tip!
  10. Hello, I'm wanting to do a 1/48 NASA TF-104G in the white overall or white top/light blue underside scheme with prominent blue stripes, but unfortunately I only have the Hasegawa kit with Luftwaffe markings. So, I need the fuselage length blue stripes with white N-number and NASA meatball logo on the intakes, and the three digit aircraft number and "NASA" yellow stripe for the vertical fin. I have reference pictures for two aircraft, N824NA and N819NA, but would accept numbers for any aircraft with similar markings. A pdf or xerox copy of the application instructions would be nice.
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