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  1. OK brothers,as I promised. I just finished skype video call with my friend,where he measured section B with help of his colegue,and the canopy was on the ground,removed from the aircraft,where I have seen with my own eyes that the B is 1000-1001mm,and A is 821mm.So there was no trust on words,I have seen it,there was no errors.So GWH-35 canopy is almost as perfect. Then it goes in 1/48: B=20,85mm A=17,2mm This thread is finished for me. All the best to you all, Goodbye.
  2. You told that: I have done matematics according to your's data, that 709mm in frontal section will be something that you are trying to achive,and it is also wrong,because you are telling that it is not just glass section.Since that is the side where your measures are going,linear constant with three check points,and to reasonable end point.Understandable? Look bro,you have made excelent Su-35 and his cockpit is great.I just want to tell you that you reecheck your measures before you put to production your Su-27 single seater.And since GWH is not sending any replacement parts an
  3. And since "the booklet man made the WRONG arrow on the page",and the glass section is 508mm,it means that everything else is correct?Is there any chance that you have made some other "WRONG's"? So it goes like this: Since glass area is 508mm,how it can be 709mm in front,I am talking only about glass area,without frame,is in it a little bit bigger?/Please explain,and let me have a reason to tell all those people who took measures that they are wrong.Thank you. P.S.And no...I don't trust in Yefim Gordon's books.And his datas.
  4. Not a problem,people make mistakes.But in modeling those mistakes are crucial. So here is a little bit of the look of section D on your Su-35: And Kinetic's Su-33
  5. Will you be kind to measure section D,which you have shown here?And to show as all,with ANY of 15mm comparison size element or object.At least any measuring instrument.ANY...
  6. Ok,so lets say that I am wrong,and all those mechanics and airmans. It is always a chance that we all made mistake,and that none of us took measurements correctly. Please measure section D on our model kit?And just show us here?If is just a little bit smaller than 15mm,you got it all wrong.
  7. Please delete also your posts where I put measure of V.2.0 where I put wrong numbers,that we not confuse people without reason.Thank you.
  8. I cant fix my kit bro, I cut it to much already,and when I tried to match it up with Kinetics part of fuselage,it just didnt falow the conture.I dont know I will try to fix back part of Su-35,and we will see.I am just angry for making myself a so much extra job on this kit without any need.And I owe apology to GWH...their Su-35 is great kit...and correct kit.There is a micro glithes here and there,but this is modeling,so we need to use our modeling skills at least a little bit.
  9. People have V.2.0 in their hands apready,basicly the test samples,and it is so much work put in this model kit.And ou boy she is fine....realy fine.IF God gave us,you will all see it soon on the shelfs,i can not say when,I dont have right to do that,but...one thing for sure is,you people will love it.
  10. My final words for GWH's Su-35 canopy is: IT IS CORRECT! DONT FIX IT,I have listen all kind of people and blow up mine.If you are crazy as me,just sand that inner area to get better omega shape 🙂 Happy modeling ,brothers modelers.
  11. You are right I need to correct that ,to not make people confused.What is even worsed i even measured also on GWH's same measure of 17,56mm,and I put inner glass measure on area where need to be sanded...sorry.i will fix it.Thank you for this.
  12. Yes, that was wrong,it is not correct,it is hard to handle so much infos at the short time and with deferent people in all parts of the world.It is not 929mm,it is around 843mm.Yes we have measured real thing.And all that infos had gone to the team.So I waited long time to see product,the first batch was wrong measured and backscaled in 1/1,and we on first samples have seen something else.In finalized products ,measure is 17,5/17,58mm,so it goes near 843 from the first point.
  13. Yes,now you see that front view of A of GWH is correct because it is practicly same as on Su-33,the real deference is only about 2mm on real thing.Canopy of Su-33 is only higher than on Su-27/35.And on lower level when you look on botom edge on both V.2.0 and GWH there is no deference.Everything just there as it should be.Fuselage on GWH Su-35 is correct,and if they made smaller canopy in those 5% it will be much much more noticable than it is when you look upper photo.
  14. I have just been told that B is a bit more than 980mm.And we will have to wait for that live measure also.
  15. trust me,when you grind down that narrow inside area,you will get it correct.My sources told me the live measures.I dont need anything else.And take a closer look what they have marked as D area...
  16. I think that the problem is that they didnt took real "live" measures.They have trusted to publications.If you know what I mean.For example check my post in thread about their new Su-27,section D 100% is not 508mm.
  17. I dont know why he didnt take photo of B,but A is enough for me.And,yes on GWH SU-35 there is narrow edge inside canopy,but this can be solved with tamiya polishing paste.I have done this before on model kits.It's easy pisy.
  18. No,I measured that area.You see the inner cross section is 0.95m on real aircraft,so that engine can be put inside,and engine AL-41F-1S is 93,4cm in cross section in widest area,not exhaust,only engine,and on model kit cross section is 19,8,near 20mm.The joint of system for trust vector is videst for 22mm in whole,so... So truth to say,maybe I got wrong data,but for me it is correct...Yes there is 0,2mm that section for rotation of exhaust is wider,but if you put aftermarket...everything is just perfect.
  19. Now what!? 🤪 I just killed my Kinetic's Su-33 to cut his area around cockpit to transplant on GWH's Su-35.Well truth to tell thanks to God Su-35 is correct.But my Kinetic's Su-33 is dead...
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