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  1. no one knows when the kit will be available outside china? thanks
  2. ok it's very nice ! but why no raised details in the cockpit? to keep the price down ? or well quinta studio will do the rest? or what?
  3. you right sorry !! just f14 A late version ! and i would like to convert in B version ! thanks
  4. Hi all i have te recent tamiya F14 A plus or late version as stated on the box lid ! it's possible to do an B version straight from the box or still needs some aftermarket goodies ? thanks for your help
  5. the most waiting things now is to see the sprue !!hope we can see it in January
  6. the worst kit in the world????????????utter trash to some people !!! and what about the dead kittyhawk then?
  7. as far as i know there is only one color used on the mig 25 ! turquoise !!!! made by Akan and AK COLOR as well from MRP brand
  8. i have both kit !kinetic is less busy then minibase some problem around the nose for kinetic ! but minibase aimed at a product with an high levels of details and i hope don't lose any of the little pieces ! in fact i have solded my kinetic ! i hope to buy another minibase
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