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    Sci Fi-Aircraft-Boat-Armor models, HO scale trains, 28mm figures, Reading and playing with flight sims and FPS video games.

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I'm a retired First Class Aviation Ordnanceman with 20 years in the US Navy. I was ships company on the USS Saratoga CV-60 working on the flight deck as filling an ABFAN billet. I later requested and was granted permission to train in the Aviation Ordnance rate. Every rank I tested for and was awarded was done strictly OJT. I had wash out of Avionics A school in my first year of enlistment and had to wait until I entered my fifth year in my contract. As well as serving in the Fleet from the end of my third year on I had a three year Reserve commitment phase in my contract. Reserve wise I was attached to VP-65, VP-0919 SAU, HAL-5, VFA-305 and HCS-5 at NAS/NAWS Pt Mugu Calif and NAWS-9176 assigned to station weapons at NAWS China Lake Calif. 


In the reserves I ran the Ordnace Shops of VP-0919, China Lake and HCS-5, Line Shack in VP-0919 and HAL-5 (well as assistant LPO and Training Petty Officer but I was usually the one left holding the bag) and Ordnance LPO in VFA-305. My favorite have to be HAL-5 and HCS-5 as their missions were SEAL Team support and C/SAR. Those units flew the HH-1K and HH-60H respectively.  I had the opportunity to service, fuel, handle and arm nearly every aircraft in the Navy from 1979 to 1998. While it's hard to say what are my favorites if I had to choose I would say the HH-1K, HH-60H, P-3A-C and F.A-18 when it comes to my job as an AO and the F-4, S-3, EKA-3 and A-6E as far as cool goes. 


As a civilian I once worked for Beechcraft's Air Center One FBO at Meadows Field as a line rat. Let's just say it was an experience. The only interesting thing that happened during that time was the Army using our hangar to house the then YOH-58 Kiowa Warrior. Made friends with the Bell Textron tech reps and Army aircrews. Even weaseled a couple of Huey rides from them. Other than that I spent 26 years in civil service before retiring with a bad back and now have the time to pursue a hobby that I have enjoyed since I was eight years old. My first kit was a 72 scale He219 by Revell. At this point in my hobby career my interests lay in What if's, Sci Fi (No Star Wars or Star Trek and Mecha) I tend to take inspiration from an old comic book called "Tigers Of Terra", the anime and manga "Area 88" as well as the Ace Combat video game. I try to create dioramas that tell a story, very important if entering the Sci Fi or What If realm. Unfortunately nothing lasts very long as I have two grandsons under the age of five and several cats. That said, I think I enjoy the build and creating the story more than looking at the finished project.  

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