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  1. SQLModeller

    Hasegawa 1/72 SH-60B Seahawk

    Thanks HeavyArty, I was debating whether to try and cut and convert the head and blades to make it look like they were folded. But as you say the rotor head and blades are wrong and the tail could not be folded so no point. I'm doing a navy diorama at the moment (currently have in the display case forum a KA-6, building a prowler at the moment and then an A6) can you suggest a good 1/72 Seahawk with folding blades etc?
  2. SQLModeller

    Hasegawa 1/72 SH-60B Seahawk

    Cheers rotorman!
  3. SQLModeller

    RAF Lakenheath photo thread

    Very nice pictures Gary. Do you know what this fin flash means? Is it just a different colour for each squadron?
  4. SQLModeller

    Hasegawa 1/72 SH-60B Seahawk

    Thanks Trojan!
  5. SQLModeller

    Hasegawa 1/72 SH-60B Seahawk

    Here's my take on the SH-60B Seahawk. It's an old Hasegawa 1/72 kit straight from the box build.
  6. SQLModeller

    KA-6 Tanker 1/72 Scale

    It's the Italeri KA-6D 1/72 model. Not sure how old the the product is, but I'm guessing 90s. I added no extras so all the tanks came out of the box, 2 on each wing and one more belly tank. I had to add loads of weight in the nose and the large decal on the vertical stabiliser was a bugger to get on! I'm currently building a 1/72 prowler, which will be followed by an A6 and then a S3 Viking. I have already done a Seahawk so will post a picture of this too. So as you can see I'm really into the USN aircraft at the moment.
  7. SQLModeller

    KA-6 Tanker 1/72 Scale

    Just finished and this is my first posting - hope the link works!
  8. SQLModeller

    Latest video in my Airbrush Series ...

    Great video - 1st one I have seen, so will go back and check out your others!
  9. SQLModeller

    Marine Sniper...they flying type

    Nice looking model - I normally use Tamyia tape for my seat belts, but I like the way the putty can be used to bend to make the belts look real. I'm going to try this on my next one - thanks for the tip!
  10. SQLModeller

    Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    I was unable to watch my ipad on the train journey home and found this strangely addictive!! When is the next instalment?
  11. SQLModeller

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    Very nice picture! Would love to build one like that - does anyone know if u can get a 1/72 version? Even if it was a civil version, I guess you could scratch build the rest...?
  12. SQLModeller

    RAF Lakenheath photo thread

    Really nice pictures Gary, loved the C2 greyhound.
  13. SQLModeller

    1/72 Hasegawa Grumman A-6A Intruder

    Looking very nice! I'm currently building a ka-6 1/72 - got it all buttoned up and as I was masking up the cock pit for spraying and the flight instrument panel becomes unstuck! It's now rattling around the inside of the cock pit.
  14. SQLModeller

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    cheers - thanks for the info
  15. SQLModeller

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    great photos Gary! I'm not an expert on the C-130, just wondering why that C-130P (?) has a vey square nose? Do you know whats unde there?