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  1. Very nice - those Brengun air intakes look much better than the ones from the box. Were they easy to fit?
  2. Very nice - the orange colour did u mix it yourself or is it off the shelf? I'm looking to build some coastguard birds and want to get the colour shade right.
  3. Cheers jackman - yes it's the one with the raised panel lines. Didn't want to add too much "dirt" on these otherwise I feel it doesn't look right. Thanks for your feed back!
  4. Heres my version of infamous F14A Tomcat Jolly Rogers - 1:72 scale low visibility Hasegawa kit. Built straight out of the box with no extras. Little bit dirty, I used a thinned down mixture of tamiya black and brown paint to archive this. I think it came out pretty good hope u like it
  5. Excellent! Loved the black & white picture- very RKO!! Cant wait for the next episode!
  6. Yes! It's like watching those old RKO Flash Gordon episodes! When the next one! Also liked the F15 lizard camo!
  7. Here's my 1:72 scale US Navy A-E6 Intruder - decked out as VA-36 Roadrunners - 1993 USS T Rooservelt. It's the Tamiya kit built straight from the box. Heres looking from above Used the black basing then marbling effect with a pale blue grey Air paint, followed by Future for the varnishing. Went a bit darker then I was hoping for, but was overall happy with the colour.
  8. Again amazingly Good! Thanks for keeping me entertained!
  9. Again u have made my daily commute between London and Kent very enjoyable! Can't wait for the next one!
  10. Just catching up with your last set of photos Gary, again fantastic pictures! Loved the ones with the insignias around the wrong way, glad to see I'm not the only one who gets this wrong. Although mine are only on the models!
  11. Excellent photos Gary! The A10 is my favourite aircraft ever - brings back happy memories of cycling up to Lakenheath and Mildenhall as a kid and watching them come in. I am looking to build one in the near future so I will be using the great shots for reference.
  12. Thanks HeavyArty, I was debating whether to try and cut and convert the head and blades to make it look like they were folded. But as you say the rotor head and blades are wrong and the tail could not be folded so no point. I'm doing a navy diorama at the moment (currently have in the display case forum a KA-6, building a prowler at the moment and then an A6) can you suggest a good 1/72 Seahawk with folding blades etc?
  13. Very nice pictures Gary. Do you know what this fin flash means? Is it just a different colour for each squadron?
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