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  1. Thanks to all who have offered their help. I'm back working on trying a couple of things while I wait for the white inkjet paper to arrive. Since the decals I made on the clear paper turned out pretty good, I'm going to see how laying one over the other as Ed suggested works. The colored part (the crossed sabers) is pretty small and the outline complicated so alignment will be iffy, I think and an edge will probably be noticeable unless trimming the top layer slightly smaller so as to 'step down' the edge might help. In the meantime, a neighbor is letting me use her computer with Corel. Good thing I'm not being charged for the learning curve time. Some mighty fine looking models in your pics. Remember Pearl Harbor!! Larry
  2. Thanks to all for your responses. Using the Word program that is on my ancient Apple computer I was able to work up a sheet with various sizes of the two images I want to put on the model. All strung out in a row across the very top of the page to limit waste. I printed them on clear inkjet paper and they came out looking good. After letting them dry for about an hour, I applied a couple of light mist coats of Krylon Crystal Clear acrylic coating and let them dry over night. So far, so good. My test piece had black and medium grey areas that I have glossed with future. Now what I was afraid of happened. Both decals disappear on the black (didn't have an area painted with the green that is on the aircraft--figured that the results would be the same). They both showed ok maybe a little 'faded' on the grey. I adjusted the color density on the printer to the max, but the results were the same. Ed, I think I get the gist of what you suggest but I don't have Photoshop and I haven't figured out if Word will let me make a green square then drag the yellow sword image on top of it, and the same approach with the emblem on a black background. I saw a reference to a program called GIMP, and since this computer is on its last legs, I'd download that since it's free. (I know, there's no free lunch). Any thoughts? I think I could use white paper for the emblem, but the swords are too detailed to trim for the size going on the pilot/copilot doors. Maybe a simpler design for the swords that I've seen on many pics? Still, mighty small. Sorry, pics are too big for this file. I did load them as tests in the FAQ forum. Of course they have been downsized for the decal sheet . Comments and tips welcomed. Larry
  3. Thanks, Guys dnl42: Glad to hear that my inkjet won't affect the unprinted portion. It seemed reasonable that unprinted areas should pass through unaffected, but we all know what happens when we assume something. There is one small portion of the image that I'm going to have to paint white. My plan is to print and seal the decal(s), then trim to the edge of the image, apply the decal to the model, seal with a couple of light coats of Future, then mask and airbrush the white. The great thing about making my own decal is that I will have some to experiment with on a sacrificial model. MrEd: I don't have photoshop, but have found that the Word program will let me do just what you are describing. I'm using a Brother printer and the test images have come out with nice crisp lines and the colors look very good to my eye. This is on plain printer paper so I hope the color density is as good on the decal sheet. David: I have been wondering if taping smaller decal paper to a piece of regular paper would work. Now I know! Hope you are all able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. Larry
  4. I'm building the 1/48 Kittyhawk Huey for a neighbor and am making my own decals for the 1st time. I have the images all ready to print on an ink jet printer using Micro-Mark clear ink-jet paper. My question is: If I cut off the portion of the sheet with the images before coating it with Testor's clear acrylic lacquer sealer, can I use the uncoated portion of the sheet that has nothing printed on it for future use? The paper is a little pricy to discard, or does running it through the printer render it unusable. Thanks in advance for your help.
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