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  1. Hi guys, I need some good instruction sheet scans or link with instruction sheet for this decals: http://www.coloradodecals.com/detalhe.asp?Grup=6∏=1443 Kind Regards, Davor
  2. And with another one.....hand brush stick painted.
  3. "What a piece of junk!? She my not look like much, but she`s got it where it counts, kid!!" Millennium Falcon, Revell Easykit Pocket, scale 1:285.
  4. Very very nice, great work !!
  5. New decals for sure and new paint scheme, I am not so sure aboute new tool!?!?
  6. T-65UEM Upgrade Engine Modification X-wing, Revell Easykit Pocket, scale 1:112. hand brush with hairy sticks painted.....bad photos again.....
  7. Very very nice, I like it so much. Fantastic colour scheme!!
  8. Hi, here are some pictures of new decals from "L&M Resin scale kits" from Croatia. The set offers decals for 1:72 WWII Croatian Air force (NDH) planes and involves legionnaire airplanes Bf-109 E and G of the unit JG 52. For Legionnaire Messer only tail swastikas and stencils are printed and German Crosses on the fuselage and wings are not printed because you get this in a kit box. As far as the numbers on the fuselage are concerned ,the producer put everything he could find, with the possibility that something is probably missing. All versions of the character of the Legion unde
  9. Revell Easykit Pocket "X-wing" ,box-scale 1:112.....hand brush with hairy sticks painted.....bad photos again.....
  10. Is there any news about this new Trumpeter Su-33UB kit??
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