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  1. My buddy and I build models for this company. We will get more photos posted. Thanks for everyones feedback and honest critique. The only way to get better is to "understand what your doing wrong": than making corrections. I will update with more photos at different angles. We are Using this site to get feedback from the experts. Its one thing to know Aircraft and Fighters. Its another to be an F14 fanatic. For those that did not realize, there is actually an F14 Association. My favorite comment is from Darren "I love the sheer size of it, but since the Tomcat is my thing, the contour
  2. The F-14 Tomcat and the F-15 dominated the skies for an extended period of time. There are a lot of Aircraft to build, but there is something very special about fabricating a Custom Aircraft Model made from your bare hands. Scratch built Airplane Models are a fading skillset that we should continue to preserve. This particular model was built by a Model company called modelworks One of the challenging components of Fabricating models is maintaining the proportions, slope and contours. It take a trained eye to build a model the right way. Has anybody build a large Fighter Je
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