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  1. Cool pics, thanks! Is the top one of the last sent from Mog? I see a Tower Air 747 in the background. I didn’t know if it was ever safe enough for charter flights, especially in something that big. On a side note. You probably won’t find anything on the two mystery little birds. They weren’t 160th, or CIA. Primary signals intel.
  2. Are they the 2 birds with the rotors folded back and the two thingys on the horizontal stabilizers?
  3. I’ll scroll through the entire thread when I have some spare time, but what was nonstandard above the two in question? And were they MH’s or AH’s? He’s certainly be in a position to know if they were special in some way.
  4. Just stumbled across this forum and thread. My father in law was a little bird pilot in the 160th in MOG. (MH’s). If there’s anything I can ask him, let me know.
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