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  1. I'm looking for a set of decals for Bartel's Red 13 in 48th. Thank you
  2. Heck yea..... Great ideas and tricks guys. Thanks
  3. Yay..... I'd like to get my hands on a 1/48 again after I stupidly sold mine when I thought I'd be modeling no longer with having young kids.... ugh.
  4. Anyone have a spare canopy for a 1/48 F-4? I'm working on an Academy F-4J that I received without the clear parts. I don't care if it is correct for the specific model as long as it fits relatively well closed since I'll likely be displaying it closed. Anyone?
  5. Thanks for the great tips guys! This helps out tremendously.
  6. I've always been somewhat flustered at my attempts with aircraft due to seams when gluing the fuselage together etc. I'd like to greatly improve so I am going to ask you guys what you use as far as products and techniques to make your aircraft as top notch as possible.
  7. Hey there Ken, Did you get my PM? Haven't heard back from ya.
  8. Hi Ken, Yes I do believe that they are the same. Let me know what you want for em if you would. Thanks Jeff
  9. 10% discount? Where did you get a code? I'm looking at buying one but they are currently out of stock. You must have gotten the last one Larry....
  10. Thanks for the info guys.... I haven't sprayed any yet but hope to soon enough. Flow improver added to my needed list now.
  11. Glad I saw this post as I've recently purchased the modern aircraft set also and will be spraying it soon. I did also pick up the thinner and retarder just incase.
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