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  1. Fai attenzione alla Sufa, quindi al Block 52 e al Block 60, hanno ruote diverse dal Block 40/42 che a loro volta differiscono dal Block 50. Inoltre, il blocco 52/60 ha la ruota anteriore con sezione maggiorata grazie all'uso dei serbatoi di carburante conformi (CFT). Quindi per il tuo progetto F-2 hai bisogno di un set di ruote specifico, Royale Resin crea un set per il Block 40/42, spero che ti aiuti.
  2. This is another MUST HAVE, so I'II get my copy from my local library as soon as it's available. Jake, so now how did you promise the next will be The Modern Harrier Guide?
  3. Simply outstanding! The paint job and weathering looks awesome.
  4. WOW in 65 hours I would not even be able to make the cockpit, that is really very nice. Well done!
  5. Nice the chippings effects on the paint in the wings and fuselage.
  6. WOW 586 Kits! And I believed to have a exaggered stock. Now I have about 100 kits, but also always too much for my building speed. lol
  7. Nice Flanker so far, now near to the finish.
  8. WOW! Painting amazing, the weathering process on the paint has really awesome look.
  9. Beautiful a different subject from the usual, that is not often seen.
  10. WOW! Lucio, you doing awesome progress there. keep it up!
  11. Nice start on this Hellcat. The engine seems great!
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