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  1. That you have a nice Starfighter there, the paint job with free hand looks great. Well done sir!
  2. Wow! Love the Viper with all the panels full opened. Amazing work so far, so keep it up!
  3. Hi Ioannis, any news when the books F-15 Eagle and F/A18E/F Super Hornet in the UTS series will be released? Also I want ask you if could considering the possibilities to do also the books on the Rafale B/C/M variants,the F-35 Lightining A/B/C, and AV-8 B Harrier II /Plus Gr.7 Gr.9 Under The Skin? TIA.
  4. Janne, beautiful models that you have there! Well done my friend, happy new year and great modelling also for the new year as always!
  5. Wow! Congratulations, you got ten models build in one year only. I have one Tamiya Viper sitting on the bench from 22 mounth still waiting to be completed. You're truly a quality and fast builder, so I would to be like as you. Happy new year guys and good modelling to all!
  6. Wow looking great P-38, love that paint so weathered with all that chippings. Well done Sir!
  7. Ops sorry guys I forget ... Marry Christmas and happy modelling to all!
  8. Dave, thank you sir for your quick reply detailed review of this kit, your information is really useful. It is a pity that the kit does not include an IP for a Mirage 5- with MFD and other more updated variants of this beautiful bird, at least it seems that we can build an accurate Mirage 2000 C. So now I can't wait for the two-seater box to arrive, which should be impressive. In any case, this seems to be the only game in town to build a Mirage 2000 on this scale. Finally a small interest in this fighter neglected by the 1/32 scale kit manufacturers. Greetings.
  9. Hi Dave, do you know if there is a link to a complete review of this kit somewhere? TIA.
  10. Wow awesome work so far, those paint job and weathering on this cat seems so real. Keep it up!
  11. Ciao, ho due colori della linea MRP per la Mig-29, ma non fanno distinzione tra le varianti 9-12 e 9-13, i colori sono i seguenti: Camo russo originale bicolore su Mig-29. MRP-91 grigio chiaro MRP-92 grigio verde chiaro Spero possa essere d'aiuto.
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