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  1. Looking good! I was hoping you hand't abandoned this puppy. I'm also building a "sister" kit of this, an AFV "Mig-28" to go along with some Tomcats down the road. Being my first airplane model, and 4th overall build since I've come back to the hobby, I've been keeping a close eye on some current and previous F-5 builds. Keep it up!
  2. First shot at the exhaust. Didn't turnout too bad, just needs a coat of semi-gloss clear coat.
  3. Started to migrate everything inside and get ready to temporarily attach the canopy, get it masked up.
  4. Got around to do some painting on the seat. Think it's about done, still getting used to micro details....definitely a change of pace from 1/35 armor. ~cheers
  5. QB seat has finally arrived! Looks awesome.
  6. How much was it for this "tuneup" and what exactly did they do/change out? I picked up an HP-CS second hand and would like to have it looked over.
  7. I ended up buying a bunch of MMP colors to do a test run on a AFV F-5. So far I really like them, they go on smooth and don't seem to clog/dry up on me. Their primer though, tends to clog a bit on my 0.3mm Iwata, so you have to constantly wipe the tip. This is using their recommended ratios. Additionally, MMP really seems to not get along with Tamiya ultrathin. The slightest contact between the two causes the paint to fail and peal. Also bought some Alclad colors, aluminum, burnt pale metal, jet exhaust, clear red, green, blue colors, and their thinner and primer. So
  8. Busy work week, so haven't had really any time to work on this puppy. Good news is that other than the cockpit, this thing goes together nice and easy and the only "issues" that I experienced were "user error" variety. How this happened? Good question, I think I just blacked out for a second. The right intake (on the left lol)....this thing was bad luck from the get-go. Clipping it off the etch sprue, it plinked off into the twilight zone, so I let out a colorful adjective, a sigh, rolled back my chair back and get on all fours to start my grid search. Good news, I found it very
  9. In other news, while the glue was setting, did some internet perusing and came across his gem....a video of Sundowners at an Airshow in Key West, FL a couple of years back. Some jaw-dropping flying and some good "modeling material." https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/watch-this-f-5-squadron-give-the-blue-angels-a-run-for-1769911437 -- scroll to about middle of the page. Anyway, back to the workbench.
  10. Got the chance to plug away at the cockpit a bit yesterday. Still Waiting for the Quickboost seat to finish it off....though I think I will keep the seat and the canopy mechanism out of there until closer to the end of the build to make it easier to mast things off for the main paint job. After scouring the internet, I think what helped me the most was firing up DCS World in VR and "researching" the cockpit from there...gotta love technology. Also, shameless plug for DCS, but I can't wait for their Tomcat! Anyway, enough jabbering, here are some shots of the progress (
  11. Thanks for the feedback fellas! Quick followup question...what do you guys suggest for the color for the radar scope (preferably from the Tamiya line)?
  12. AFV F-5E/F (MIG-28) 1/48 This is going to be my first attempt at scale model aircraft in probably the last 20 years. I recently got back into the hobby (after I found an unfinished Tamiya Tiger I from almost 2 decades ago...which then led to 2 more Tigers, a Panther, and a Stug build) and now I wanted to get back to where it all began. After recently seeing Top Gun, for only god knows what time, I figured this would be the perfect place to start. I initially wanted to dive right into the Tomcat, especially after seeing the new Tamiya kits, but I decided to slow it down
  13. Good stuff! Any input on the Alclad? I've never come across any of their stuff before yesterday, but their metallics look really nice (at least on paper/screen). Also their armored glass green looks nice for the f14 canopy(front). Anyone using Mission Model paint?
  14. So long story short, I got back into modeling earlier last year and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Things have changed a bit since my childhood... So many options. I've been primarily building WW2 German armor and that's what my paint set revolves around. With the release of Tamiya's F-14 kits (love this bird) I decided to dip my toes into aircrafts, which brings me here. What colors would you guys suggest to start with? My plan was to go with Mission Model (preferably) or Tamiya for non metallics, and Alclad for metallics. Given those 3 manufacturers, if one wante
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