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  1. I found a set of seats by true details. Very hard to find. But anyway thank you all for your help. Aim high
  2. Thank you for the info, this 1/48 scale. I just don't which one to use.
  3. Could anyone tell me if there is a better seat for the airfix B-57, the kit ones look real bad. I am doing a EB-57. Thank you
  4. Hi, if you go to shapeways 3D printing website & search for b-52 parts you will find the plyon covers. I got two sets, but i think they are for monogram b-52. But they will work on MC kit with a little work. Bomber looks great. You did a outstanding job
  5. Your wecolme, but let me say that i am not bashing phase hangars work. He does excellent work i bought other items from him and they great.also gt resin was going make intakes too but found them that it would be to hard to cast to the proper thickness to make them work and would cost to much. I just wish kh would have done them with the kit.
  6. I did be prepared to spend a lot time on sanding them down to fit inside of fuselage. I spend about a week on & off get them to just bearly fit, still not happy with them. Won't do that again. Not worth the money spent for so much work. Intake tubes walls are to thick. You almost have to get them paper thin to make them work with out worring about putting a hole in them. Just my opinion
  7. I sure would be in for 2 sets, will it include wing tanks? Keep up the good work.
  8. I ordered mine on 28 nov, got em yesterday say it was shipped by airmail. Great news long time waiting. Thank you MC
  9. Order mine last nov.got notify that it shipped today. Airmail
  10. Does any one know what is going with the correction set for the B-52G. I keep seeing they say this week then they say next week. Any news? Thanks
  11. NO, order mine in November! Wish MC would let us know if they have actually started shipping them.
  12. I agree it has been a real mess.now i wonder how long till we get get the correction set? I order the very first preorder B-52G and i am still waiting build it ! No more patients left. And no more excuses!
  13. Amen,waited a long time for this kit.thank you very much MC
  14. Really nice work, i believe the small windows in front of eng. Vents are the site gage for hyd. Fluid. I was crewchief on t-38a for 3 yrs. & we had same window to check hyd fluid level
  15. Great info,waiting on intakes from phase hangar to start mine.love your build will continue to follow. Thanks
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