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  1. I used all kit-provided decals riffraff. I was amazed they worked so well considering their age. I believe the roundels may be wrong for this paint scheme, they are accurate for a bare metal aircraft but all my photo research suggests the outer gold/yellow ring went away when they adapted the camouflage scheme. I decided to go ahead and finish mine with what I had rather than let it sit in the box another year. So far no one has complained about it yet so I'm happy with my choice. Ha!
  2. This one has been halfway built for about a decade, I finally got around to finishing it up. It's a pretty good kit considering how long ago it was released. Lots more pictures and comments at: https://www.kgwings.com/mirage_iv/mirage_iv.html Hope you enjoy, Keith
  3. I apologize if this is the wrong forum, it seemed like the closest option to me. I finally posted all the photos I took at the IMPS North Central Texas Scalefest 2014 show in Grapevine, Texas, USA. Lots and lots of finished kits: www.kgwings.com/fieldtrips/scalefest14/scalefest14_1.html Hope you enjoy, Keith
  4. I lost the decal sheet for this kit last year, but Revell was kind enough to send me a new sheet saving it from certain shelf-doom. It's a very nice kit overall if you can find replacement tires. More photos at: www.kgwings.com/hmmwv_m997/hmmwv_m997.html
  5. Very nicely weathered Mike! You really made the best out of that solid mesh by adding the tarp and using excellent painting technique, it's difficult to tell in these photos that they're solid. Keith
  6. I just finished posting my LS model Pitts Special S2A in Rod Ellis' Canadian Reds Display Team markings. It's a pretty nice kit, easy to build and fun to fly around the room. Keith Lots more photos and information about the kit at www.kgwings.com
  7. Here's my 1:72 scale ZV Models East German Fuel Tank Truck. A very enjoyable little build. Cheers, Keith You can find lots more photos and text here: www.kgwings.com/ural_375d_tanker/ural_375d_tanker.html
  8. Thanks Tony! Coming from an expert chopper builder as yourself that IS a TRUE compliment!
  9. It's a deal! If you take your time maybe I'll have an AH-6 to add to the fun. Keith
  10. Thanks and here's a size reference for you: I was also struck by how quick and agile this little bird appears to be in this movie! Keith
  11. It was always out of my budget too but I completely lucked into this set! At Scalefest this year I picked up a Pucara kit for a mere $10.00 and this Airwaves set was tucked away inside the box as a surprise bonus! So keep your eyes open for a bargain. Keith
  12. Looks like a great kit and you've done a fine job with it! I'm going to have to pick one of these up for myself. Thanks for sharing, Keith
  13. Well it's no show stopper but I'm calling this project finished. This is the ancient Airfix kit with Airwaves white metal parts and a bit of scratch building. Despite a poor fitting canopy and some overly simplified parts I still managed to have fun with it. Lots more photos and details about the build are posted here: http://www.kgwings.com/scout_ah1/scout_ah1.html Thanks for looking, Keith
  14. Thanks! I downloaded that movie from Youtube a few days ago and watched it for the first time. The Scout scenes are pretty good! Keith
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