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  1. Brilliant - I'm waiting for the KH kit, will see what the mounts are like, but I could definitely add some more to my stash of live resin gear
  2. G'day All Just joined the forum after seeing this post - A lot of good information. I just picked up the Kittyhawk AH/MH with crew, and will most likely do one of each (Star 41 & Barber 51) as well as an MH 60 (either Super 62 or 64) I'm wondering if anyone has some detail pics of the M134 mounts for the -60s that were i use at the time - I have detail pics of the external mounts use for both M134 and M2s but i'm not certain whether these were the ones in use at the time of Gothic Serpent. Also, base on the pics her & in other places, the crew included by KH aren't correct for the era - they have MOLLE plate carriers and fairly generic pouches - some work to be done on them! Stay safe & happy modelling Aidan
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