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  1. I have found the Army Aviation Museum to be very helpful, : https://www.armyaviationmuseum.org/ Haven't tried here, but the Army Medical Department Museum may be helpful: https://ameddmuseum.amedd.army.mil/index.htm Website of the guys who actually used the surgical pod in Vietnam: https://15thmedbnassociation.org/Photos/15th-Med-Bn-Photos5.aspx There are pictures of the pods, and at least one of the rear end with the door/ramp open. Same open ramp picture, plus one with a surgeon at work here: Information about its use about halfway down here: http://www.15thmedassociation.com/Saber/Saber2004Mar-Apr.html
  2. Reasonable offers will not be refused...... Joe
  3. Might want to edit the header....and I'd buy a 1/48 CH-54, too.
  4. Anybody doing/have done Monograms 1/48 B-29 as a 'Silverplate' and have a turret and gun retainer (parts 37 and 38) they didn't use and don't need? Happy to pay a little for the parts and postage. Joe
  5. Looking for the turrets and rockets from the Revell A-26B Firebomber 5524 (if you built it as the firebomber ). Happy to pay a reasonable price. Joe
  6. Has anyone any information on this one? How is/will it be different from their earlier 1/48 H-21?
  7. Okay, I need to correct myself. My fingers were typing before my brain was engaged. 1) The Airfix kit is a repop of an Italeri kit, but NOT the ACH-47. The Airfix kit out of the box is a CH-47D...squared off rear pylon (a separate piece for the aft section), wide chord rotor blades, hole in the leading edge of the front pylon (but included in the kit is a piece for the front of the pylon without the cooling hole). It will NOT make an 'A' version. 2) The Italeri ACH-47A WILL make an 'A' version, but the rectangular openings in the rear of the fuselage will have to be corrected. I'm cross kitting one of each kit to make an 'A' without having to scratchbuild the fuselage corrections of the Italeri kit, Using the Airfix fuselage with the italeri tapered aft part of the pylon and the Italeri blades. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.
  8. http://www.printscale.org/product_230.html
  9. It's a rebox of the Italeri ACH-47 kit. It lacks the armament of that kit, but does have inserts with circular windows for the two rectangular openings for the ACH's aft gun postitions, It has the tapered aft pylon. As such, it will build up as a CH-47A only. Joe
  10. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/it/pages/it_2779_parts1.shtml The kit for sure....look at the pods. The real F has pods that have similar shapes.
  11. The 'F" fuselage has had some changes made to the front and rear of the pods along the sides. As it is, it cannot be used as a B or C without work on those pods. I don't know the reason for the changes, unless it has something to do with the bulged tanks on the E and G models. There is a ACH-47A on ebay for about $80.00 right now. Fill in the aft gun position, add passenger seats from Eduard, and you're done. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Italeri-2647-scala-1-48-ACH-47A-ARMED-CHINOOK-kit-elicottero-birotore/372502719375?hash=item56bae46b8f:g:eC8AAOSwUalb7VTJ
  12. It's back!! Thanks to any and all who resolved the problem.
  13. Another disappointed ATT user, Julien. Will try reaching out to them.
  14. Italeri did both a 1/72 and 1/48 ACH=47A Armed Chinook. Both can be made into a straight approximation of a standard CH-47A with some work. Biggest mod will be filling the hole in the aft side for the gun station. Blades are pretty close, and the pylon has the tapered aft part. Here's a link on how to fix the window: .https://modelingmadness.com/review/viet/us/kol47a.htm Trumpeter also has a CH-47A in 1/72, scaled down from the 1/35 kit Italeri did a 1/48 and (I think) 1/72 HC.1/CH-47C which can also represent a CH-47B. All have some features which are incorrect but that most people wont notice, and will build to an adequate 'Hook'. I don't think any are in production right now, but most show up on ebay, and the 'buy,sell,trade' forum here have some. And of course, ebay. Hope this was useful. Joe
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