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  1. Offering a very nice older kit, Dragon's 1992 release of the He-162 Salamander in 1:48. Box open, and in fact missing a few detail parts. HOWEVER I will throw in a resin cockpit set from Aires which replaces some of the missing parts. The kit is unstarted and the original decals and photoetch are included. Canada Post rates are a little steep so I will let it go for $20 US plus shipping to whoever wants it.
  2. If anyone has the optional red & white nose art decals and the letters "PR" left over from Leading Edge's Western Canada P-51D's (decal sheet #72-80) I could use a spare set of each (see photo). Thanks in advance, rcaf*100 
  3. Hey D, let me know if this is still up for grabs. I may be interested.
  4. I've got you covered, Dutch. The version I have planned doesn't call for it, so the parts are set aside for you! rcaf*100
  5. J'ai lu correctement que vous avez deux cockpit CMK pour le P-40E en echelle 1:48?
  6. Does anyone have left-over CH-147D nose art decals produced by CanMilAir for Afghanistan ops? I would like to build CH147201 "Miss Behavin" for a colleague who was there and flew them. Willing to trade other RCAF spares in real good condition, including 1:48 paint masks for CF-188, number decals etc
  7. I have the following U.S. bombs & external stores in my stash left over from various plastic kits. All are unassembled/unpainted, unless otherwise noted. I have no need for them so I’m hoping they can go to better use elsewhere. Paypal is preferred payment method for shipping (to the U.S. starts at $6.75, FYI. PM me with your interests): 1:32 Stinger missiles (x4) w/ clear parts & pylons (dual-mount) AGM-114 Hellfire (x4) w/ clear parts & pylons (dual-mount) AIM-7 Sparrow (x2) w/ fuselage-mount braces Unguided 70mm rocket pods, 2x7 rockets each ALQ-87 ECM pod (assembled, not painted) 1:48 AV-8B wing tanks with pylons (x2) F-16 centreline fuel tank w/ pylon F-18 centreline fuel tank w/ pylon (assembled, not painted) 1:72 GBU-8 (x4) TVGB GBU-10 1000-lb LGB (x2) GBU-12 500-lb LGB (x4) Pave Spike Pod (x2) Pave Knife Pod (x2) AGM-88 HARM (x2) AGM-84 Harpoon (x2) AGM-62 Walleye (x2) AGM-45 Shrike (x2) AGM-12B Bullpup (x4) AGM-12C Bullpup (x2) SUU-23 20mm gun pod (x2) HIPEG 20mm gun pod (x2) Mk. 20 Rockeye (x6) w/ TER pylons ALQ-131 ECM pod (x1) ALQ-119 ECM pod (x1) ALQ-101 ECM pod (x2)
  8. I am working on a unique project that requires a couple of large float sponsons, would anyone happen to have one left over from Kittyhawk's 1:32 Kingfisher kit? I understand the kit has an optional land-based version with retractable gear. If you opted for that build, this thread is for you 😉 Will gladly pay a fee including all shipping costs for the main float. Thanks in advance!
  9. rcaf*100


    If you're the type of person whose interest is peaked by the rare & hard to find, you've arrived at the right thread... I am looking for this resin conversion set which depicts a couple of nicely cast floats for the Junkers Ju-52 in 1:48 scale. It was produced by Master X, a Czech manufacturer, and happens to be a near perfect match for a significant project I have in the pipe. I would be willing to pay well if someone has these to offer, and would be very grateful for any info that could lead me to it. Thanks in advance!
  10. rcaf*100


    Thanks Marc, unfortunately these are very different shapes.
  11. You have my attention...
  12. Not sure if my F-86 kit comes with any pylons, but if it does they are yours!
  13. Are you still looking for these?
  14. I have two fairly decent ones in my stash. They are yours if you want them. Mike
  15. PM sent for your 1:350 USS Los Angeles w/ DSRV
  16. rcaf*100

    LF 1/48 F-14D bombs

    I have a set of four resin GBU-12's on the way, happy to split it with you as I only need 2 of them. Let me know
  17. Turns out that Quickboost makes a nice resin pair of exhausts for the Tamiya D-9 kit.. with a little ingenuity I'm sure you could make it fit. I thought I had what you were looking for, dug through my entire stash and only found one set of exhausts for your Monogram kit. You're welcome to it if you want to use it as a sizing guide for the resin parts.
  18. rcaf*100


    Title says it all.. I have lots of unguided bombs & a few drop tanks from various 1:48 kits to trade for a pair of 500-lb GBU-12's and/or AIM-120 AMRAAM. Can also do PayPal. Thanks
  19. rcaf*100


    Thanks for the offer Dutch, I found an inexpensive resin set of 500-pounders. Cheers, rcaf*100
  20. Hi all, Does anyone own a copy of Part 3 of the recent series by Michael Balss? It offers a day-to-day account of German Luftwaffe aerial victories & combat losses. I am looking for info on an He-111 that was shot down on 30 August 1940 near Lingfield, just south of London. The 30th was a busy day with multiple losses on both sides; I am not sure but I believe this He-111 was part of KG 1 based on its AO (target was Farnborough in South England, the RAF records indicate it was shot down after bombing its target). Any squadron & marking info would be ideal. Link to image of book cover is attached.
  21. I think I have some leftover parts from a 1:350 USS Saratoga (conning tower, aircraft, radar bits etc.). Does that interest you? Regards