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  1. Help! I recently acquired one of these kits second-hand and the RAF GR.3 nose cone halves are missing. Does anyone have them to offer? Thanks in advance
  2. If anyone has spare black 1:32 honeycomb style "No Step" markings, I have run out and could use a few more. Thanks
  3. At this point just looking for some 1/2" Dark grey letters & numbers with pale grey shadow. Thanks
  4. Would anyone have a few spare stencil decals lying around for any 1:32 F-15E Strike Eagle? I am mostly in need of the aerial refueling cover panel (light gray decal), the rescue pull handle decal (black), and ejection seat logos (black). Those are the main three but if anyone is gracious enough to offer their unused stencils I would reimburse accordingly. Thanks, rcaf*100
  5. Gwen, Good to know! I did not think that was still an option. (As far as I know Revell/Monogram and Airfix have both discontinued replacement parts service). Thanks, Mike
  6. Some people love ‘em, some people hate ‘em… if you want to get your hands on some Hobby Craft classics or other unique items please read on! Various other brand kits and aftermarket parts are available, some hard-to-find items, details below. All items are complete/unstarted unless otherwise noted. Photos upon request. Prices are in USD; items are shipped from Canada (starting at about $6.50-$8.50 for small items to anywhere in continental USA). Paypal or e-transfer within Canada; I can only accept Paypal for items sent to the USA or overseas at this time. Thanks for looking!
  7. Rod, Thanks for the offer. I'd really rather not split up a full kit just for the window part though. Would be a shame for such a nice kit. -Mike
  8. Excited to announce that some U.S. orders also qualify for free shipping! First 3 U.S. based orders for most items (exluding large kits or package deals) will get free shipping if paid between Sep. 30 and Oct. 15, 2022. Don't wait, this is strictly first-come, first served basis for any qualifying items.
  9. Partway through building a second-hand 1:72 H-19 kit that I picked up and realized that one of the square side windows is missing from the box. If anyone has one from a junked kit they are willing to part with, it would be much appreciated. Italeri has multiple versions of this airframe, either #1206 or #1215 or #1267. Thanks, rcaf*100
  10. Gents, I realize the thread is a bit dated, but does anyone have info on when the lightning bolts would have been used? It seems they disappeared from CAF Rescue & Transport aircraft sometime in the late 1980's or early 90's, based on my hasty internet search. And yet they are back on the Cormorant/Otter etc present day... Any info on actual phase-in/phase out dates would be appreciated. Thanks, rcaf*100
  11. Looks great! I've been wanting to tackle a similar build. Are those the IPMS decals? Also wondering if you used any aftermarket. Cheers
  12. I might, I bought one of these recently but can't recall which markings it came with. I can dig it out of the stash if you still are looking.
  13. Davevw, If you're still looking I may be able to help... It is a partial sheet from the Hasegawa kit.
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