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  1. Some people love ‘em, some people hate ‘em… if you want to get your hands on some Hobby Craft classics or other unique items please read on! Various other brand kits and aftermarket parts are available, some hard-to-find items, details below. All items are complete/unstarted unless otherwise noted. Photos upon request.


    Prices are in USD; items are shipped from Canada (starting at about $6.50-$8.50 for small items to anywhere in continental USA). Paypal or e-transfer within Canada; I can only accept Paypal for items sent to the USA or overseas at this time. Thanks for looking!


    Package Deals:  


    1) Hobbycraft #HC1650 CF-100 Mk. IV 1:48 Package (includes new decals, resin seats & wheels) -- $130 USD

    New in open box, with added beautifully crafted brand-new decals from Mat Nic, and highly detailed resin seats & wheels from Iroquois Models.


    2) Monogram/ProModeler #5926 He-111H 1:48 Package (Aftermarket Canopy, Stencil Decals, Paint Masks, Photoetch & Resin cockpit) -- $80 USD

    V-1 Buzz Bomb version of the He-111, all parts are included with some parts off the sprues. Kit box is warped but in good overall condition. 

    Original kit decals NOT included, but you won’t need them with all these upgrades! Box weighs over 2 lbs, and is not for the faint-hearted. Includes the following:


    He-111H resin cockpit set (by True Details),

    He-111H interior photoetch set (Eduard #49245),

    He-111H vacuform canopy (Squadron #9621),

    He-111H aftermarket stencil decals (by Peddinghaus),

    He-111H canopy paint masks & full set of national insignia masks (Montex #48146).



    1:48 Complete kits:


    Special Hobby 48104 Airspeed Oxford Mk I/II Commonwealth (includes kit resin & paint masks) -- $32



    1:72 Complete kits:


    Airfix A06304 USAAF Bomber resupply set (box is sealed) -- $25

    Hobbycraft HC1341 De Havilland Dash 8-100 (open box, bags sealed, tailplane is cracked but salvageable) -- $37.5

    Hobbycraft HC1395 DHC-3 Otter (open box, with original markings for RCAF & USAF) -- $15

    Italeri #112 Cant Z.501 Gabbiano seaplane (open box, some parts off sprues) -- $15

    Italeri #096 AS-532 Cougar (with canopy masks; main cabin assembled but unpainted, some decals for German markings are missing; French, Dutch and Swiss versions markings are untouched) -- $30



     1:32 Aftermarket Parts:


    Laser Advanced Tech #148533 P-61 Black Widow laser-cut cloth seatbelts (with photoetch buckles) -- $16

    Vector VEC#32004 resin Wright R-1820F engine (for BF2C/F3F/I-15/I-16 kits) -- $20       



    1:48 Aftermarket Parts:


    Aires #4212 resin He-162 cockpit set (for DML/Dragon kits) -- $15 (partial kit also available, no box, missing engine detail parts)

    CMK #4105 resin/PE Spitfire IXc/e gun bays (for Hasegawa kits) -- $15

    Eduard resin #648-155 GBU-12 laser-guided bombs (set of 4) -- $10

    Eduard #FE676 L-29 Delfin cockpit photoetch (color/self-adhesive for AMK kits) -- $4

    Fusion Models #4804 resin Bf-109G propeller set (for Hasegawa & Hobbycraft kits) -- $5

    High Flight resin Bf-109G-10 wing & flaps set, includes separate leading edge slats (for Revell kits) -- $22

    Pavla Models #S48010 Martin-Baker Mk.9B seats for Sepecat Jaguar -- $5 each/2 available

    Pend Oreille resin Bf-109G-10 control surfaces, includes rudder & elevators (for Revell kits) -- $4

    Redux #48002 resin & PE set P-40B (cockpit, control surfaces, wheels & exhaust for Trumpeter) -- $10

    Royale Resin #R053 F-101 Voodoo weighted wheels (for Monogram kits) -- $5

    SAC #48016 white metal F-101 Voodoo Landing gear (for Monogram kits) -- $12         
    SAC #48206 white metal He-162 Salamander landing gear (for Tamiya kits) -- $12

    True Details #48490 resin Bf-109G-1/4 cockpit set (for Hasegawa kits) -- $6



    1:72 Aftermarket Parts:


    Whirlybird #WBA72028 SA-330 Puma detail set (comprehensive resin/photoetch set for Airfix & Heller kits) -- $18

    Whirlybird #WBA72036 SA-330 Puma winch set (resin/photoetch set) -- $3

  2. 12 hours ago, Rod D said:

    I have a complete kit I am thinking of selling cheap.  It is the USAF float version, with excellent decals and all glass.

    PM me if interested and you can use spare parts.


    Rod D.




    Thanks for the offer. I'd really rather not split up a full kit just for the window part though. Would be a shame for such a nice kit.



  3. Excited to announce that some U.S. orders also qualify for free shipping! First 3 U.S. based orders for most items (exluding large kits or package deals) will get free shipping if paid between Sep. 30 and Oct. 15, 2022.


    Don't wait, this is strictly first-come, first served basis for any qualifying items.

  4. Partway through building a second-hand 1:72 H-19 kit that I picked up and realized that one of the square side windows is missing from the box. 


    If anyone has one from a junked kit they are willing to part with, it would be much appreciated. Italeri has multiple versions of this airframe, either #1206 or #1215 or #1267.





  5. Gents,


    I realize the thread is a bit dated, but does anyone have info on when the lightning bolts would have been used? It seems they disappeared from CAF Rescue & Transport aircraft sometime in the late 1980's or early 90's, based on my hasty internet search. And yet they are back on the Cormorant/Otter etc present day... Any info on actual phase-in/phase out dates would be appreciated.




  6. V-1 Buzz Bomb carrier version of the He-111, all parts included with some parts off the sprues. Box shows signs of age (it is warped but not torn). Original kit decals are NOT included, but you won’t need them with all these upgrades! Aftermarket sets are designed for the Monogram kit, which is made from the same moulds. Included with the kit you will get:


    He-111H 1:48 resin cockpit set (by True Details)

    Interior photoetch set (Eduard #49245)

    Clear vacuform canopy (Squadron #9621)

    Aftermarket He-111 stencil decals (by Peddinghaus)

    Canopy masks & full set of insignia paint masks (Montex #MM48146).


    This is a builder's lot and not for the faint of heart! You can have it all for $95 USD plus shipping, sent from Canada. Payment via Paypal. BIG BOX. 



  7. 1 hour ago, RCNFAN said:

    Yes there is a decent blkhd between the two. For sure grab the cockpit if you can but it will be decent with the just the seats as well. I took a Mk V and back dated it to a 3D, and pretty happy with the way it turned out. Always thought they were they best looking Mk. I used to have a set of 1/48 scale drawings for the Mk 3 but for the life of me cant find them anywhere.  I have one more Clunk in the stash to do, pretty sure I won't be seeing Kitty Hawk release one to go along with my Voodoo. Cheers Ray


    Ray, that's some impressive work! Especially the nose -- that must have been some challenging scratch work to undertake. It does look a bit tail-heavy though, would you recommend using a nose weight?

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