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  1. Thank you very much. It has been a challenge and a ton of people helped on the way. I would do sooooo many things different if I did it over again. Tons of learning to be sure. Thank you kindly. I have studied many, many photo's and tried very hard to replicate a tired war bird. Along the way many maintenance folks have helped me with this model.
  2. This is very smart Carlos. I will be trying the same thing. Great build. I also have a Corsair waiting to be built. And I will use your build as a guide. Great work.
  3. Lots of work has been done on this Phantom since the last time I checked in. It's really close to a wrap. Last of many goals with this model is to give my photography a leg up. Once I get the right step ladder built and other adjustments, I will put up some proper photographs. This model has been a real learning experience to say the least. So many things that need changed now that I know better. Another Phantom build on another day to implement all that I have learned with this build. The modification of including/creating the canopy deck on this R
  4. Thank you Sir!! I very much appreciate your kind words. It has been a real learning experience.
  5. Progress has been slow but productive. I finally figured out a path to the weathering for the war weary tail. Using Oils (burnt sienna, burnt umber, cadmium red, ivory black) a black and red brown wash, and Tamiya smoke. I re drilled the rivets and plugged them with a small piece of lead as noted in prior postings. After I sealed the base, post initial weathering, I went back with a bead tool to shape the lead plug. While I am sure there is a better way to do this, my initial push in to this lead down this path. In the end the initial shaping with the bead tool doesn't look t
  6. The exhaust and the cans have been a learning curve for me. I can not emphasize enough how much I have learned while making this model. My tool and product purchases have also been undergoing a considerable increase. All equaling a joy for the hobby as never before. I do want very much to make clear that I appreciate the many people, all over the world, that have have offered advice and knowledge both publicly and through PM's. Below is an example of the general reference I have been using for inside exhaust coloring. My book from Reid Air, The Modern Phantom Guide, has been
  7. Thank you. There was much fear as I stepped a bit to far in to the unknown for me on this one. I got lucky no major issues have been created by my own hand.
  8. Tony, Not a PITA. The shear amount of learning that has been created in terms of modeling and the Phantom is significant. In many ways leaps and bounds on a personal level. Its insight such as what you provided that has helped to make me model better. Your input is much appreciated. I can make the change pretty easily. The deeper I get, in regards to my Phantom knowledge base, the more I see things I have to change or adjust. Some of the information has come too late and I am not willing to go back and make the change. One thing is clear I do appreciate the air frame a
  9. Mark, Thank you for the information. I did break down and buy a punch set. Man no I have to try to be patient, not an easy task in my case. Thank you for the kind words and your input. MAJ, Black basing is really interesting. I hope you give it a go as I think it has real potential to add nuance to the model finish. There is plenty of UTube video to give you ideas. You kind words are much appreciated. Its been a real challenge and learning experience.
  10. Man'o'man am I getting a bit of a butt kicking. I have never worked with Alclad despite having it in my possession of many years. Just didn't have the guts to do any NMF work. Well, I have to say I love the product as it really works well, very well in fact. What I didn't count on is the primer showing every little tiny bit of CA glue that is in, on or around the custom made rivets on the tail....Sooooooo many little specs or CA that oozed out from under the rivet to make it look horrible. So.......Off it goes. I was planning on complete removal and starting all over again. I didn't wan
  11. I was getting ready to put some primer on the NMF tail of the Phantom. That's when I noticed that the rivets are all wrong, far too small. The reference picture verses what Revell did.......big difference. What to do? So looked at some other builds. The examples I found were few. Enlarging the rivets in the tail section would be a multi part process. I did choose to use the diameter of 2MM for the new rivets, not to scale, but I already had the 2MM drill and some wire or plastic round tube at the same diameter. I wasn't willing to place another order for a punch or more st
  12. Thank you very much. Its a first pass on many of these efforts. I haven't heard that in a few years. It has been a chore. Thank you for your kind words.
  13. That explains what I was seeing. I really appreciate your first hand knowledge. And for taking the time to impart that to me. As I have no real world experience its been hard to determine reality. The information you passed on will surely help focus on whats important. Thank you for your time and input. -SapperSix
  14. I am amazed how deep the hole can be when one is tracking down information when striving for a painfully accurate build. I have began to understand the pain of those we call bolt counters. The below work took a good bit longer than I had expected. Just to put a few placards on I kept finding different or incomplete information. The main wheel well cover had a multitude of varying examples. By the time I said "Screw it, get it done!" about 4 hours had passed as I tracked various references and online sources. The Eduard placards had incorrect colors for the afore mentioned placard for the
  15. Lots of ground covered over the last couple days. I have found myself with a bit more free time than usual and have spent some of it on the work bench. Lots of paint shading and detail on the fuselage. Many hues of of the camouflage were experimented with. In the end I am very happy and eager to see the final harmony of it all. In some areas I did get a little loose with maintenance wear and tear. More on that later. I spent some time looking at the flare dispensers for fit and finish. I noticed that after all the re scribing and riveting alterations and modifica
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