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  1. Yeah, Gabor is an "armchair general", talking and talking and talking not understanding that world can go on another year or two without Eduard's 1/48 Mig-21F-13. Many nice kits will be released before though by Eduard. None by "Gabor Company (very) limited" Im afraid.
  2. Very nice build. However, single color top camo, especially in AMT-4 is highly unlikely on this subtype and in 1944. Yes, it comes from Russian sources but they don't need to be necessarily accurate.
  3. Since you're talking about carrier based aircraft RDF was a must and as such had been installed by default. You can only expect aircraft from the land based unit having it removed.
  4. Idiot Gaston Marty a.k.a. Gen. Tlavok, Robertson etc. etc. has already "gave his blessing" and as usual without any supporting facts. Full of shoot not nice person who has never completed a single kit.
  5. US only, paypal only, S&H based on your zip code, please contact me directly at mholly_27@hotmail.com I'm in NJ, thanks for looking Mario 1. Azur Northrop Gamma 2E Bomber in China, $23 2. Choroszy Modelbud Breda Ba.27M China, resin, $25 3. Hasegawa F-15DJ Eagle “Aggressor” JASDF, rare/oop, $26 4. Italeri Bell UH-1D Huey + extra decals, $13 5. Italeri MH-53E Sea Dragon, $29 6. Platz Mitsubishi F-1 TAC Meet 1996 “Forest camo”, $22 7. Platz Mitsubishi T-2 “Aggressor”, $21 8. Sword Raytheon U-125A JASDF Air Rescue, $19
  6. You don't really need it. Cockpit oob is more than adequate, and if you close the canopy totally acceptable! Go ahead, build it.
  7. Purchase of multiple items takes precedence. US only, paypal only. Please contact me at hollym202@gmail.com I'm in NJ. Cheers, Mario 1/72 WWI 1. Choroszy/Modelbud B63, Macchi M-5, $25 2. Eastern Express (ex Toko) Hansa-Brandenburg D.I, $13 3. Eduard Fokker E.III, $9 4. Karaya Ansaldo A.1 Ballila, $23 5. MAC Distribution Phonix D.I, $13 6. MAC Distribution Phonix D.II, $13 7. MAC Distribution SPAD VII C.1, $13 8. Roden 024 Albatros Oeffag D.III ser.153 early, $10 9. Roden 026 Albatros Oeff
  8. Can trade for 1/72 WWI, WWII, helicopters or will buy. US only, I'm in NJ. Please contact me at hollym202@gmail.com TIA Mario
  9. S&H is additional, paypal preferred, US only. Please contact me at hollym202@gmail.com I'm in NJ. Thanks for looking, Mario S&H is additional, paypal preferred, US only. Please contact me at hollym202@gmail.com I'm in NJ. Thanks for looking, Mario 1/72 kits Hasegawa Yak-3 (all major parts off the sprues, no bag, kit complete), $9 Hobby Boss Mig-3, $6 Kovozavody Prostejov Lavochkin La-5FN CSR, $13 Pavla Fiat CR.42CN/J11, $13 RS Models 92013 Nakajima Ki-27b Thai/China/Russia, $18
  10. The more attractive camo scheme is of IJNAF standard D1 deep black green and H2 brown. Mr. Paint makes them in his new line of Japanese WWII. No mixing, the most accurate shades in the market, pre-thinned for airbrushing. Lower surfaces were in NMF contrary to the wide spread and decades lasting modeling "consensus" of "IJNAF grey". Tamiya and early issues of Hasegawa kits instructions have it wrong as well. None of the IJNAF land based bombers were painted on underside. Only control surfaces if they were fabric covered were painted in aluminum dope over primer (varied) or standard IJNAF J3 gr
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