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  1. Outstanding work. Thanks for sharing this project. Question, How did you like using Vallejo Model Air? I noticed Flow Improver, AB Thinner, Surface Primer. What are your insights in the proper use of these products and air pressure. Thanks for your time. Respectfully, John Ballman
  2. Very Well Done! Thanks for sharing this. JB
  3. Very Well done, Looks like Two Bobs have superb product. Thanks for sharing. JB
  4. Very Well done, Interesting Display. Thanks for sharing. JB
  5. Very Well Done, I built this kit about 35 years ago. Yours looks so much better. Thanks for sharing this. JB
  6. I was wondering if you were going to reprint the Missile Marking sheets. I have a few already, but they are raipidly being used up.

    Thanks for your efforts.



  7. Came across this looking for info. Superb Build thanks for sharing this. I have been studying the Falklands Conflict since 1982. Concerning the use of the AIM-9L supplied by the US. These were early production versions and were originally white instead of the light grays of latter versions. Also, due to the limited supply of these missiles each Sea Harrier would only carry 2 missiles plus fuel tanks. Range and Loiter times were driving the bus, This was simply a tactical decision by the RN. Haven't come across any evidence of Sea Harriers carrying more than two, even though they coul
  8. Very Well done, Construction and Painting first rate. Weathering very well done. Only thing I see is the tail decal Skull and Cross bones port side not level. Don't see a good starboard side shot. But my eyes may be off. JB
  9. I'm in with some big from Monogram.
  10. Definitely agree with PARCHE, draft markings are seriously lacking. You could get into Hull numbers for the Sail and Ship names for some out there who want that option. I would recommend printing a sheet that is similar to Mike Grants or Airscale A/C instruments, they give the Modeler out options. Markings varied from ship class into how many, locations, lengths. Having many options would be the key on one sheet. Hope that helps. John B.
  11. Super work, keep up this post. John B
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