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  1. I once read, but not sure if it is true, that there was some sort of "partnership" between Zvezda and Quinta : Zvezda would sort of simplify their cockpit designs, allowing for room for Quinta to pitch in. And you have many other brands which will "cut" on the design of certain parts (complex ejection seats, wheels with plain hubs and missing tire grooves, etc) knowing that many modelers will anyway end up purchasing resin equivalent.
  2. I have no idea if the Tomcat parts are better but check out the printed parts from the "improved" SIO release of AMK's MiG-31 kit : https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/07/in-boxed-mikoyan-mig-31bmbsm-foxhound.html?m=1 Facets almost everywhere. Cheers, Stefan
  3. The mouldings look exquisite and very precise. I see a few areas better treated than on the Minicraft otherwise nice kit. Will place my order for 3 kits end of the month. https://ua-hobby.com/products/1-144-douglas-dc-8-32-swissair-x-scale-144002
  4. Why not something in the lines of... supporting a manufacturer? Of course it is personal but here in Switzerland, the Kinetic F-16 is basically USD20 more expensive than Tamiya's. Will I buy it? Absolutely, because I want to support Kinetic whose progression in moulding quality and recessed detail finesse improved immensely in the past 6-7 years IMHO. I will also admit being a big fan purchasing the same subject released from different manufacturers. Of course it is still a F-16 but the differences in tooling is still something interesting to study when you have all 2-3
  5. And this is IMHO proved with their recent and delightful 1/48 IA 58 Pucará kit, a beautifully fitting kit with lovely fine details. I have the feeling they have improved on the details finesse on this F-16 kit. These guys are really giving us great subjects and I can see their game upping with every release. Cheers, Stefan
  6. Hi, I would rank the modern range from Aoshima as good as Tamiya, if not slightly better. I have their 1/24 Pagani Huayra and Lamborghini Countach LP400 kits, the moulding quality is flawless, the detailing is a prowess, beautiful surface finish, perfect fit and high part count. These comments apply IMHO only to their most recent new tools because many other kits are from an ancient generation and the drop in quality everywhere is very perceptible vs Tamiya. Other gems are from the Fujimi Enthusiast range (Porsche 356, 911, Ferrari Dino, Lamborghini Countach
  7. It's yours, I will mail it Friday 26th latest. Cheers, Stephan
  8. Oh, sorry, I do not have the Revell kit but I am certain the AMP parts would adapt without a problem. Cheers, Stephan
  9. Hello, I have the parts from the BRILLIANT AMP kit but will not be using them as I intend to build it as a DC-10-30CF. PM me your address and I will put the parts to the mail in a matter of days. Cheers, Stephan
  10. 2 weeks ago I received from HLJ my FoxOne 1/144 P-1 resin kit : undoubtedly the nicest 1/144 resin kit I have ever owned (and I own quite a few Authentic Airliners resin kits). IMHO, the price asked is totally justified, the casting is splendid, the recessed details are petite and consistent, extended slats and flaps are included, even the flap tracks (and canoes but this is obvious) are provided, detail parts are phenomenal. The decal sheet is laser printed and includes white pattern backings : this may be the cons with this kit but the rest is stellar.
  11. Ask an IT guy or a mod to check my IP number, I am not Uncle Uncool, I am just enjoying a thread I feel (personal opinion) you pollute.
  12. Great datas Nino, I just hope you do not delete all these in a few days. Cheers!
  13. I like the riveting detail on the exhaust petals, I understand this is possible only with a split exhaust in 3 or 4 parts, or slide molding. The joint line is visible but with some careful adjustments, it could be almost invisible. Yes, as is, the results are impressive. AFAIC, no need for resin for the exhaust cans, seats and cockpit IP/side consoles and gear wells. I cannot wait !!! Cheers !
  14. At first, I thought the airbrake-spine photo was to show how fine the scribing was... until I saw the separate airbrake part 😱🤤. Until now, IMHO, Tamiya was the best with this sort of fit, here it looks like GWH has a slight edge, absolutely amazing.
  15. Anyway, aside from the few things that could (or not) be improved (there is a point where it never stops and a compromise has to be made), GWH's way of documenting all the improvements they are bringing to their kits is very intelligent, transparent and perhaps some sort of way to gain customer loyalty, and the details and process are mightily interesting. As much as I worship Tamiya, they are sadly totally secretive about the designing process. Here, with GWH, you are amazed BEFORE discovering the kit. MUST HAVE !!! Cheers ! PS : appears Nino de
  16. Man, I have generally not much interest in Sukhoï fighters but this level of accuracy or dedication to detail is the reason I will most certainly purchase all of their Sukhoï kits. These are gigantic steps ahead of the Hobby Boss and Kinetic kits which were not bad kits after all. Cheers !
  17. Awesome 👌 ! I see no reason to purchase resin seats, the part definition is so beautiful, I cannot see Tamiya doing any better... except perhaps for transparencies. Amazing work ! Cheers !
  18. Amazing details and molding finness ! I have seen many 1/32 side consoles with far less details. When I see this, all I want to do is use my fine brushes and dump Eduard's colored (and way too much pixelated) PE. GWH sure rock !!! Cheers !
  19. Hello, The Fly kit you mention is nice, it features fine recessed details, a nicely faceted windshield, resin antennas and photoetched parts but it suffers from slightly too big main wheels/too thick main gears/too fat engines and too thick wing root. It is not necessarily that visible but once I saw it, I could not "un-see" it. Anyway it still builds into a very nice DC-9-30 kit. The Eastern Express kit is IMHO the best, very refined, beautiful recessed details (but fragile nose gear and some flashes here and there), it improves on all the weak points on both Airfix an
  20. I read that the Kinetic was superior in accuracy but the AMK was the most detailed one. No idea who is right who is wrong, I have not checked. I have to say I am always impressed by AMK's molding quality and detailing, especially on the Magister kit. Lots of details that will not be seen once assembled but still nice to have them. If I were to build a Magister, I would go with the AMK kit, or the DACO 1/32 kit to be released this or next year.
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