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  1. Edit: have them now It’s a long shot, but I’m trying to find TwoBobs set 48017 for the A-4 Skyhawk. More specifically, the Mig-17 silhouette option from the set. If anyone has it and wouldn’t mind parting with it, please let me know. Thanks, Ed
  2. I am looking for a main landing gear door, part number A9, for Tamiya Spitfire Mk Vb. Thanks
  3. Looking for either 48-134 "Silver Anniversary Bandits" or 48-099 "Kosovo Bandits". Doesn't need to be complete, just need to be able to build 1 jet. If anyone has the Grey Dragon from 48-134 that they want to part with, that would be a plus. Thanks, Ed
  4. I have to trade: 2 1/48 Revell A-6E 2 Black Box resin cockpits and a set of Fightertown Decals Sunday Punchers decals. I am looking to trade ALL of this for a single 1/48 Hobby Boss A-6E TRAM. Anything extra with the kit would be nice, but not necessary. Boxes on the Revell kits are a bit beat up, but the kits are complete and in good shape. I will also pay to ship from my end.
  5. Here is my contribution to the fleet.
  6. If you would have held off a couple days, you could have joined the "Iron Men, Plastic Ships" group build. I love what you've done here, though. I've wanted to do either Cusk or Tunny with the 1/72 Gato I've got in my stash, but as there is not a conversion kit, and my scratchbuilding skill are almost nil, I may have to go another route.
  7. I try to get a sense of the price based off eBay and what other similar items are here on the boards. I also include shipping in my prices. As for selling/shipping to Canada, I haven't really given much thought to it, but am not opposed to it. If I do ever ship anything to Canada, I'll probably do as Emil suggested, and drop the price by $5 or so, and ask for shipping to be paid, since I've been hearing some horror stories on the price of shipping to Canada.
  8. I'm planning on doing this kit, too. Along with Hobby Boss's USS Greeneville SSN-772. If you're planning on building the 688i version, I'd be interested in buying the parts for the sailplane sail. I have a second kit that I started as the VLS version, and had an accident that destroyed the sail for that kit.
  9. So, I saw the start date of January, is this official? It's not listed on the Group Build calendar.
  10. need your address for mail off the kit, leaving Friday for the Dayton air show and gone all week

  11. Hopefully, it won't take decades before this form of printing becomes affordable for in-home use.
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