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  1. Floyd, I believe you saw my FB post? Plenty of needed resin for the kit too. Regards,
  2. If historical accuracy is important, it was not a DShK gun but a Breda Safat salvaged from their Ba-65 aircraft. Yes, I made it even more difficult to model except... I have only seen the gun mounted on staged inspections and parades: Doesn't look like the Russian gun...
  3. You don't want to wait for the Hobby Boss release this year?
  4. Italeri's kit has a simplified 3 in (76mm) gun breech. Better detail is found in the Tamiya M10 kit (although Academy's rendition should suffice for viewing through the hatches). Since Italeri kits are relatively cheap (usually under the Testor's brand) it is what I used. Regards,
  5. Why? The Tamiya angles are off on the tail surfaces. Regards,
  6. Well, the kit wasn't designed to have gear up... it is fighting me (but it does build as intended very nicely regarding fit). Yes, I am keeping all the items not used for my Italeri kit such as the cockpit tub, the extra K-36DM seat included, instrument panels, and (thanks to this kit being wheels up) landing gear bays, struts, and wheels. You know you're not the only one who chops and kit bashes older kits to make them better! This is in reference to your ICM spitfires. ;) Regards,
  7. Building it for my son... was thinking Indian MiG-29UPG but it would be a lot of work and I think Trumpeter is planning it as a future release. Regards,
  8. I did get the Trumpeter MiG-29SMT. It is a very nice kit but they only included one Kh-31P missile. Also, while the new sprue tree has the correct cockpit tub, Trumpeter wants you to use their tub (also included) from the 9-12 kit. Other than that, it is a fine build so far. LOL, I wanted to try this drag images function (not that I was going to post photos of the sprue trees - lesson learned there) but found myself limited to 102.4kb (not much at all!). Regards,
  9. That explains the excellent fit! Thanks,
  10. Wow Ken, this is not an aircraft I am interested in but i always look in since I may miss out on jewels like that ejection seat! Since they have it on a separate sprue tree labeled K-36, I truly hope they will offer it separately because, as stated, that seat is simply fantastically detailed! Regards,
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