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  1. LF (Buy or Trade) Tamiya 32nd Scale F-51D Pilot Head (DD5), Goggles (EE1), and O2 Hose (DD6) from Tamiya's F-51D kit 60328. I am in NY, USA. Regards,
  2. Of course, I remember! Glad all is going well and the build is FANTASTIC!
  3. A quick update as I got Cold War Studios updated correction set for my second MiG-23BN and it is better than the first set!
  4. FINE work! nice to see you at it again. Regards,
  5. Roden's artist, Valeriy Grigorenko, was killed in front of his home in Irpin on March 04th, 2022. Chuk, you wondered about the uncropped artwork, here it is: Regards,
  6. Thanks to Dave Williams, I now see Kelik has a set which has very well done air vents (finally) and the fabric texture seems nice too: Regards,
  7. Thanks for the reply. I bought the MicroDesign products since I had two Cobras to update. Once I saw Floyd was using them, I did ask his opinion and we concurred on the MicroDesign being better. Of course, I am not tossing out the Quinta Studio items! That money was hard earned! 😄 I will be looking for the package deals. Kelik might be something to look forward to even though I have the leftover Eduard panel for the third (Special hobby) kit which already comes with PE. Regards and thanks again,
  8. David, have you seen my post on the AH-1G Late from ICM? I showed the MicroDesign panel which, to my eye, seems more accurate and almost as nice (Quinta's makes me hungry as it seems to be cake icing). I was unaware of the Metallic Details product, would love to see before buying (but their turned metal barrels are exceptional in quality and accuracy). Lightening holes are missing. Not hard to drill I guess: I've not heard of Aerocraft before.... as long as they're not Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC as in a sack of
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