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  1. Hi, Has anyone got any photos or drawings of how the AN/ASQ-81 MAD system is fitted on the the right sponson of the Westland Lynx. Thanks Steve
  2. Hi, I've not seen the photo in the Aerofax book but is this photo ok? :rolleyes:/>/>
  3. Thanks for the help Guys. :D All the best Steve
  4. Hi All I'm planning on building a Chilean HU-53 by cross kitting a couple of the 1/35 Dragon Hughes/MD 500's kits but I need a little help first. Can anyone tell me what the antenna is that I've circled in red is for please and do you know how long it is. Many thanks Steve
  5. I could think of a few more Helicopters that we need in 1/48 too. EC-120 Ec-135 Ec-145 Westland Scout A109 Family A129 Mangusta HH-3 AB139 NH90 Bell 407 Bell 427 Bell 429 AW149
  6. Hi Jorge There's another shot over on the page below and it looks like the radome folds up inside the fuselage. http://www.16va.be/page_mi-8r.html Hope this is of some help. Steve
  7. HMS Broadsword's Lynx was damaged by a bomb. http://nhcra-online.org/falklands/falklands02c.html
  8. Very nice and I can't wait to see the rest of the build. :woot.gif:/> My hat off to you Sir. :salute:/> Steve
  9. Many thanks Niels, it does look as though the cockpit was Blue on the Model D. The photo's of the Model G has a very interesting cabin heat too, never seen it entering on the right-hand side before like that. All the best Steve :thumbsup:/>
  10. Hi I fancy having a go at a Norwegian Air Force Bell 47D using the 1/35 Academy kit but I'm struggling to find any in-service photo's. I've seen the walkround photo's of the one in the Forsvarets Flysamling, Gardermoen, north of Oslo over on a Russian web site, but there's no shots of the instrument panel and I'm not sure if the cockpit originally was Blue as it is now, can anyone help please?. Many thanks Steve
  11. Hi Adam, Fujimi only do a 1/48 Wasp, I know there is a box of their's with a Scout on the front but its a Wasp inside. The kit itself, it needs a lot of work to get an accurate Wasp, about the only thing you keep is the fuselage and main blades. Here's a couple more drawing's All the best Steve
  12. From what Colin and Jon siad at Telford it should be next year, 2014. One thing to remember about the Airfix Scout is that it was modelled on the prototype and is smaller that the inservice Scout and there for the Wasp too if you convert one. All the best Steve
  13. Hi The 04422 boxing of the 1970 1/32 Huey came out in 1995. Hope this is of some help Steve
  14. Hi Keith, you did a great job on the old Scout, built quite a few myself and I have very fond memories of the her as my Father was REME/AAC and use to work on them in Aden/Malaya plus Germany in the 60's-70's as well as the Sioux. I think about the only thing you missed off was the counterbalance weights added to the skids when the SS11's are fitted. Great job and all the best Steve
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