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  1. And you still have the same observations/conclusions after analyzing all those other views???? Gene K
  2. Looking for this kit (or decals): Italeri 1/72 F-86 Kit # 1426. Thanks, Gene K
  3. As I said a few posts above: ... the F-2A kits are still expected to ship to dealers at the end of May (31 May). That means dealers like Hobby Search and Hobby Link Japan will have them on hand to ship to customers in the first week in June. The F-2B is still on track for "sometime" in August. Gene K
  4. That Mr. Hasegawa (not the manufacturer) has a youtube channel where he and his crew frequently live stream model making techniques, product reviews, and builds of the latest kits. Appears he is affiliated/sponsored by Model Art, and has an association with Fine Molds' Mr. Suzuki, the president. In that regard, Craig, he did initial sample builds of the FM Phantom after interviewing Mr. Suzuki. By extrapolation, I anticipate he will shortly stream an F-2 build. And talk about short -- the streams sometimes reach over three hours in length ... but by using Youtube replays with Fast
  5. Shizuoka 2022 show: FM president talks about F-2A and F-2B from 3:19 to 7:25 here. Unfortunately, Closed Captioning/Translate to English does not understand the conversationalists.😏 Gene K
  6. Thanks for the link to your beautiful web site. The Google Chrome translate feature does a great job, so I can enjoy your detailed builds (I especially like your epic Crusader build!). Gene K
  7. The interpretation I get from reading the Fine Molds tweets is that the kits for dealers who preordered have been produced ... and are still expected to ship at the end of May. That means dealers like Hobby Search and Hobby Link Japan will have them on hand to ship to customers in the first week in June. The F-2B is still on track for "sometime" in August. Based on past history, both HS and HLJ will initially have more kits than were preordered by their customers, so there will be opportunities to get them ... but be nimble and quick, Jack. 😉 Gene K
  8. Quite a bit, but shouldn't be too much of a challenge. (From nice walkaround here ). Gene K
  9. How come, Murph? Looks like a creatively simple way to get all the pieces lined up. Gene K
  10. From FM Company Twitter: Also -- here's a link to the FM president announcing new tools, including the F-2A and B starting at 7:30. His frequent Japanese "UH" growl is hard to take, but Closed Captioning does an OK job of translating his main points. Interesting that he goes into his philosophy of why it's important for him to create a really good kit, despite the kit not costing much for modelers. Gene K
  11. Gregg, You're my PH ... Photo Hero! Gene K
  12. Yes, and that dynamic box art should help sell out that "limited release". Something else somewhat unusual is the deployment of Snakeyes in a climbing bank -- as the boxart apparently shows. Gene K
  13. Richard, Do you need to be on-line to use the Cricut software, or is the program (and your files) stored on your computer? Gene K
  14. I sure agree. Technology is up, and prices are down, especially for resin printing (versus filament). Gene K
  15. I too am dazzled by this amazing creation! What a creative and imaginative mind you have (not to mention the modeling skill). Appears there is still no dedicated 3D area on ARC? Gene K
  16. I use an airbrush to get into nooks where resin may be hiding - once after the initial swish bath, and again after the final wash before curing. Also speeds up IPA drying. Fantastic work!! Appreciate all the detail you are providing ob 3D printing. Gene K
  17. Use an airbrush to blow out excess resin trapped in small nooks. Once after the initial swish, and again after the final IPA wash. Speeds drying the IPA. Gene K
  18. Thanks. Available in US here at Sprue Brothers. Gene K
  19. I think you meant slats, Murph. Thanks for all the links! Gene K
  20. Same here -- I had set aside a B model Hasegawa front fuselage insert to use on the FM A model. Gene K
  21. New decals and great box art. FM is on an Iranian kick ? - https://www.finemolds.co.jp/FP/72936.html Gene K
  22. Looking forward to this one too, Craig. August release: https://www.finemolds.co.jp/FP/FP49.html (As an aside - Couple of Phantom and an F-14 reissue here : https://www.finemolds.co.jp/2022SHS-new.html ) Gene K
  23. Parts layout has been posted, Craig -- new? https://www.finemolds.co.jp/FP/FP48.html Gene K
  24. Gregg, Appreciate all the great hi-res photos you are posting! Gene K
  25. "Good stuff", Craig. Thanks! Gene K
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