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  1. As Captain Obvious points out, FineMolds currently produces 1/72 long nose (F-4E, F-4EJ, RF-4EJ) as well as short nose (F-4C, F-4J) Phantom kits. So I've posted cut files for canopy masks for the long nose as well as the short nose models. These files (.studio3) are for use with Silhouette cutters, but I've also included SVG files that can be used with other cutters like the Cricut ... or one can print the SVGs and cut manually. I just recently found this excellent Scale Models Paint Masks site, and think there's great potential there for growth as more foks become aware of it.
  2. The post only four before yours quoted SWS as saying: Gene K
  3. Appears that's a pattern in his 26 total posts, Dave. Gene K
  4. Will be interesting to see if FM will eventually produce a B model. I assume yes, unlike the Tamiya F-16B hesitance. If no FM F-2B materializes, I'll be looking forward to conversions done using the Hasegawa B model fuselage top. Maybe parts for both the A and B model? Of course Gabor will point out that option will not optimize FM profits in the Japanese market. Gene K
  5. That's an excellent conversion! Note that ZM initially announced No timetable has been announced, however. Gene K
  6. That absurd statement is entirely in keeping with your Negative Nancy Syndrome. Gene K
  7. Thanks, Dave, for the info on Rex's passing. He left quite a scale-modeling legacy, among other things. Gene K
  8. Really sorry to hear of Rex's passing. Do you have a link to an obituary or other information? Thanks. Gene K
  9. Amen! Credit to you too. Looks like the artist also added an ECM pod to the right inboard wing pylon. Gene K
  10. The speedbrakes are NOT tied into the flap system. On the ground, the speedbrakes will start to droop/sag after hydraulic power is removed (and they can manually be pulled open further), so yes, speedbrakes can be modeled down ... to the degree you wish to show. The leading and trailing edge flaps work together - you can't have one without the other in either half or full flaps. If the flaps are lowered before engine shut down, yes, you can model them down. This configuration is not normal, but the crew chief (plane captain?) can ask the pilot to lower flaps (and/or speedbrakes) be
  11. FineMolds has just announced that both Phantom-complementary Weapons Sets have been delayed from August shipping to 22 Sep 2021, with the following explanation: Gene K
  12. The EJ and EJKai were re-released a couple of months ago, along with the F-4E. The EJ and EJKai are still in stock at HLJ and Hobbysearch, but the reissue F-4E is not in stock at HLJ. I haven't seen any announcements for re-re-releases. See here for HLJ and here for HobbySearch 1/72 Phantom stock. See the links above for the Eduard PE and a canopy mask set for the FM kits. Generic kit mirrors and seat belts are available from Finemolds as listed in the preceding links. Normal sources for Mk.5 and Mk.7 seats. Gene K
  13. Appears the 23 Aug ship date (factory to hobby shops) is on track: I am hoping the Weapons Sets follow closely. Gene K
  14. Interesting that you have that "statistic" (I'm part of that group). [quote=BillS] On the flip side, my heart leapt with joy over the ZM kit [/quote] Amen, Brother! Gene K
  15. Ship date for the F-4C has been announced here: 23 August. F-4J USN is shipping now from Japanese hobby shops like HLJ. Gene K
  16. The SUU-21 Bomb Dispensers were normally loaded with six blue BDU-33 (or four blue BDU-33 and two orange Mk.106 if a nuclear bombing range was available). The blue shapes simulated low drag conventional bombs, while the orange shapes simulated high drag nuclear weapons. Usual training configuration was SUU-23 on Centerline, SUU-21 on left inboard, rocket or flare pods on right inboard, and wing tanks. The Mk.76 was USN practice bomb similar to the USAF BDU-33. Gene K
  17. Hyperscale has an excellent correction kit. Rear fuselage is changed on new ZM long nose kits, while short nose kits remain as originally issued. Good review here. Gene K
  18. ZM has made it known they will, in fact, issue a late E. See this Old Man blog entry in which he says: [quote] For the long-nose versions, SWS has selected to recreate seven types: E (early and late production), EJ/EJ-Kai, F/F ICE, and G. [/quote] Why wait for a somewhat maybe perhaps possibility when a sure thing excellent ZM kit will be available in the near (?) future? Gene K
  19. To speculate further on possible Tamiya Phantom plans following the F-4B: Since the consensus appears to be that Tamiya is slow (or unlikely) to produce multiple versions of any aircraft, if I were Mr Tamiya, I would go all out and issue only one more Phantom kit ... while conceding the other models to ZM. That model would be the RF-4E since that was a Japanese mainstay for 45 years. A major (!!) reengineering of the Tamiya F-4B, or more likely, a complete new kit would be required. Since I don't really foresee a recce bird as a Tamiya possibility, I'm hoping for a Hyp
  20. It really is great to have a "resource" like Gabor!! Gene K
  21. Here's some fun speculation about future Tamiya 1/48 Phantoms, such as the F-4C/D: The Marking Stickers Sheet in the Tamiya F-4B kit has extra masks as shown below. The two "n" masks are the size of the F-4C/D Landing and Taxi lights, while the insets on rear canopy parts "o" and "p" are where outside rear view mirrors would mount. Gene K
  22. Of course the wait depends on how bad one wants a particular kit/kits (meaning how much one is willing to pay for postage). Before the current resumption of EMS and other less expensive shipping options, I selected FedEx and received my first five FM kits three days after they were available from Hobby Link Japan. Shipping was $35 to Florida ... expensive, but I rationalized that was only $7 shipping per kit. Ordering from HLJ using Private Warehouse is a great way to ensure you have a kit available as soon as it's released (providing you placed the order before "Stop Order" is de
  23. Dave Roof, I can't see your pictures (Chrome, Edge, and Firefox). Change host? Gene K
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