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  1. Appears to be good marketing to fill the void left by expensive US fighters. How many smaller countries can afford a limited-capability uber-expensive F-35? Gene K
  2. Weapons sets are scheduled for August release. Gene K
  3. Well ... here's another fresh/brash squirrel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IANwb_qT1gg Gene K
  4. Good stuff, Andrew D. Thanks. Gene K
  5. GeneK


    Yes, we do need one on ARC! I would be pushing it alongside you. GEne K
  6. Thanks, Dave! Tommy Thomason is a modeling treasure. Would be interesting to see the Tamiya roadmap for future versions ... but that'll never happen, right? [quote=eraucubsfan] I am a lucky guy in many ways [/quote] I'll say! Gene K
  7. That would save me some serious wing chopping. The Tamiya kit offers two options for the intake at the base of the leading edge of the vertical stabilator. I had a web page explanation and illustration saved, but can't find it on my away-from-home laptop. Which model had which intake? Gene K
  8. Sorry you experienced all that, but for me across the decade, Sprue Brothers has consistently been at the top of my "Responsive Dealers" list. They usually have my orders in the mail in the afternoon of the day I ordered ... to the point that if I attempted to add to an order shortly after I placed it, it was already packed. As fast as their dispatch is, however, I think they started using "Sure post" which means three days are added to the delivery time as USPS drags things out. Gene K My Tamiya F-4 went out this morning from SB.
  9. clumsy, Thanks for the description of the Koku Fan issue. I don't really need it ... but I just ordered one from ebay. Gene K
  10. Thanks very much!! Are there other Michigan ANG Phantoms in that issue (is it worth searching for to purchase?)? Gene K
  11. Maybe I am too, but I can't get my mind to accept your conclusion that the painting, as improbable as it seems, isn't on the inside. Nice riddle, thanks. Gene K
  12. I thought I read that Tamiya stipulates that distributors, stores, etc, can't/shouldn't sell items until a specified worldwide release date. Is that not correct? Gene K
  13. Yes ... the accompanying text (which for some reason you can't view) states [QUOTE] A judge observes a weapons technician as he works on a 191st Fighter Interceptor Group, Michigan Air National Guard, F-4C Phantom II aircraft during weapons loading competition for the air-to-air weapons meet WILLIAM TELL '84 [/QUOTE] Yes, here's some more info on William Tell '84, including the Phantoms the 191st flew there: Yes Man
  14. Large mold parting lines on the Mk82s with fuse extenders? Test shot. Gene K
  15. OK, let's try this: https://nara.getarchive.net/media/a-judge-observes-a-weapons-technician-as-he-works-on-a-191st-fighter-interceptor-e51597 or this:
  16. A good selection of photos: https://selfridgeairmuseum.org/product/f-4c-william-tell-final/ and https://oldsargesaircraft.blogspot.com/search/label/F-4C Six pack Phantoms (check out the links on the top of the page for more Michigan ANG F-4 Photos). Madcop, here's the Apple you referred to (William Tell emblem): https://nara.getarchive.net/media/a-judge-observes-a-weapons-technician-as-he-works-on-a-191st-fighter-interceptor-e51597 Gene K
  17. I think that should be 63-7475. To which decals are you referring that show the skewed walkways? I'm skeptical. Gene K
  18. You appear the one whose posts on this matter are not "very professional". I, for one, appreciate Gabor's detailed knowledge and his willingness to share it. Gene K
  19. Thanks, Gabor for that very specific data. Did you find that information in the referenced Koku Fan, and if so could you post the pictures here, please? Gene K
  20. https://tinyurl.com/56hb9dwc. Use Google Chrome/Translate if needed. Thanks, Gabor. Apparently good research on the part of FM, but I sure would like to see the pictures (plural since they say "some of the Michigan ANG aircraft"). I have a good selection of Koku Fan magazines featuring the F-4, but unfortunately not the Feb '83. At any rate, not a biggie ... but I hope FM also includes "the usual" outline of the non-skid walkways for the other markings in the kit. Gene K
  21. Thanks, Clumsy, but that is one of the absolute worst I've ever seen. Out-embarasses the example at The Air Force Armament Museum here in Florida and the one at Maxwell AFB in Alabama. No, I don't think there's any way in this universe that one could use that hellacious paint job as evidence of anything except a REALLY bad paint job. Gene K
  22. Appreciate your thorough analysis, Gabor. Gene K
  23. Gadzooks ... I sure hope they correct the wing walkways before Craig B has a coronary. Gene K
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