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  1. Gadzooks ... I sure hope they correct the wing walkways before Craig B has a coronary. Gene K
  2. Here's a photo of Cam Ranh airfield looking South down Runway 20. The great majority of the time, landings were on Runway 02 (to the North), so the mountains seen in the background were under the approach path. The highest peak is only 3500' however as shown here . Could you post the diagram once you get it from the historian, Raider? The F-4 ramp was the large rectangular area on the left in this picture. The wider runway was the main runway, and the smaller was PSP (pierced (or perforated) steel planking) at that time. Gene K
  3. "Inspiring". Thanks Gabor. Looks like the RIO/WSO/GIB should raise his seat. Gene K
  4. Condolences on your Uncle, Raider. Do you have any links or more details about the loss? Thanks, Gene K
  5. Outstanding, Craig. Thanks. Gene K
  6. You can get the F-4E manual from which the above came here. Gene K
  7. Curt, Turn on Closed Captions, then go to Settings, Subtitles, Auto Translate, and English. The translation is pretty rough, but you'll get the idea ... most of the time. Thanks for the link, Craig. Gene K
  8. These are the markings included with the forthcoming short nose kits ... as shown in this tweet Note the inclusion of two noses for the F-4D. Nice!! Gene K
  9. For others who may be waiting and haven't placed an order for this boxing, note the following FM "urging" to order now if you want one (rough translation): [quote] Of the four new products, only the "US Marine Corps F-4J fighter" Marines "" is a limited edition product. The other three types may consider the production of the regular version without a pilot in the future, but this "Marines" is a limited product itself. We do not currently plan to produce the regular version. Please be careful. [/quote] Gene K
  10. The flashed over holes for reinforced landing gear covers, as well as the other USN add-ons, like the antennas on the wing bottoms and the intake ECM fairings, have always been there since the first issue. [quote=ya-gabor] I did not feel important to start a guessing game on what is what on the new sprues. [/quote] Killjoy (haha). I've always enjoyed your and Craig's educated observations and guesses! Gene K
  11. I'm with you all the way on that, Andrew. As to the FM rationale for the vert stab insert, all I can speculate is that I dimly recall reading that there are some panel line differences in that area, but I think that was in a thread about the RF version ... sorry I can't offer anything definitive. The current fin insert is the worst of the three fit areas that I think could use refinement in this great kit (the other two areas being the fit of the top onto the bottom wings, and the spine insert). Gene K
  12. There are distinct differences between the USN and USAF hubs. The picture you posted is from the F-4J sprue below, and it shows the inside of the hub (as distinguished by the large hex bolt in the middle). The C model sprue will assuredly have different hubs. This is the inside of a USAF hub for comparison: Gene K
  13. Thanks, Gabor. Interesting that there are two nose cones. The P sprue with the left front fuselage is probably a sprue common to the J kit ... which means one can use that nose cone (after shaving off the J antenna) to model a slick nose D. Nice. Glad to see that the vertical fin is one piece since the insert in the the long nose Phantom kits is not a very good fit!! Gene K
  14. Thanks, Steve! Great the way it is now. Gene K
  15. Yes, please!!! But 'till then ... the Hasegawa B/N thin wing top fits nicely with just a little surgery (the wing root-to-fuselage fit is near perfect). The alternative to that is sanding down the FM wing (easy to do on the bottom , but the top will require fine re-scribing (beyond my skill level)). After sanding, the top wing gets a little thin in one area, but is not a factor in rescribing. The Has top wing replacement is simpler/cleaner, but I appreciate that not everyone may have a "spare" Has thin wing laying around. Gene K EDIT: Afte
  16. And here are the backs of the Instrument Panels: Gene K
  17. Thanks for the reply! I'm looking for the whole sheet as I'll be doing more than one of the aircraft on it. I'll redo the Col Yeager white tail codes to black since I want to do the camo F-4D he flew in support of the Pueblo. As an aside, I may have flown in that same aircraft in the same timeframe. Thanks again. Gene K
  18. Looking for this AM kit - will buy kit or decals only.. Thanks, Gene K
  19. Hmmm ... I may try the Hypersonic set: https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/f-4-phantom-stabilator-upgrade. Oh wait, I already have that fine set. Gene K
  20. So you're gonna split hairs and say Andy has an "actual" release version? So how does that answer stalal who, in the interest of ordering one (I assume), asked, "So has this been released in North America"? OK, well yes, for Andy, it has, but for us mere mortals, no it hasn't . If you've already ordered one from HobbyShop Andy, Electro, I assume you're aware of his closing comments at 18:02 in his video. Gene K
  21. No, not released yet -- as indicated by the white box (and by the commentary if you have a translation) this is an early "preview/test" kit issued by Tamiya to selected individuals. June release has been indicated by Tamiya. You can preorder at sites such as HLJ or HobbySearch. Gene K
  22. Thanks, Craig. What an impressive model!! Nice to see the reviewer speculate about future variants. Gene K For those not familiar with YouTube CC (Closed Captioning): Turn on by clicking CC on bottom right of the video, then click settings icon (gear), then arrow to the right of French (auto generated), then Auto-generate, and finally select language of choice.
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